Chapter 1: Sleep-Away Secrets

Summary: The gang attends a sleep-away camp in NM over the summer and two specific people meet secretly after dark. (Oneshot)

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It was a scorching summer day. The burning sun shed its rays of warmth on every being that walked the site. The shining glare bounced off of every sunglass lens, and the concrete paving blazed hot to the touch, leaving a simmering print with every footstep. As the big fiery star watched down below from the sky, the sounds of rippling water, quick dripping footsteps, and birds up ahead filled the ambiance. Music blasted from hidden speakers all around, and the moist air was filled with voices… laughter, chitchat, screams and giggles, and singing. Some was beautiful and some was lousy. It was a pool party.

New Mexico Summer Sleepaway was the most popular summer camp in the state. It welcomed kids of ages from seven to seventeen, and offered crazy activities such as indoor swimming, outdoor swimming, horseback riding, teen clubs, movies, outdoor sports, dance, spa treatments, carnivals, and more. Today… well today was the perfect day for a pool party. Everybody from the ages of fifteen to seventeen were invited; boys and girls.

A dark haired girl lay in a lounge chair working on her tan. Her hair was long and wavy as it fell naturally over her shoulders, and her black square- framed sunglasses covered her eyes from the sun. She held an open magazine in her hands, covering half of the yellow bikini top she wore. As she saw somebody pass her by, she looked up and smiled, waving her fingers flirtingly at him. He nodded his head towards her, flashing a charismatic grin.

The boy kept on walking until he spotted the person he wanted to see. She was in the pool, waiting for him. He raised an eyebrow suggestively after seeing her smirk at him. He walked closer toward the pool, making his way to her. She was putting up her blonde hair with a clip as he got ready to jump in. She wore a hot pink, light blue and gold stylish floral patterned bikini and her perfectly highlighted hair was now up in a brown alligator clip.

Right as she brought her hands to her sides, he leaped into the pool next to her and she was splashed with water and chlorine. She let out a high pitched shriek at the sudden wetness flying at her and they both started laughing. He dunked his head underneath the water and came back up, wiping his hand up and down his face. He spit out a mist of the remaining water that had dripped onto his lips and she pulled away slightly, blinking as she got sprayed with it. He then smiled as if he was scheming something, while slowly moving closer to her. Her eyes and her smile grew wider as she backed up, screaming playfully. He kept chasing her through the pool until one or both of them got bored of it. Then she turned one way, turned to face him again and splashed him with the water. He shook his head with his mouth wide, shaking the water out of his hair and onto her. "Oh you're gonna get it…" He threatened, diving forward and causing her to scream again. She was giggling at the same time, right up until he attempted swimming underneath her. As he was about to come up, she dunked his head farther underneath. Next thing, he came up from underneath her, bringing her with him. She shrieked and giggled as he stood up with her sitting on his shoulders. The water beaded down his bronzed abdomen and dripped off of his white swim trunks as he stood, swaying with the giddy blonde on his shoulders. He held on to her legs for a minute and then picked her up from underneath her arms, tossing her into the water backwards and over his head. She screamed as she hit the water, him being able to feel it splashing against his back.

She came back to the surface, wiping a few strands of hair from her face. She put her hands lightly on either side of his waist from behind and spun him to face her; the moment he looked her in the eye she spit some water in his face. She wiped her mouth off, smirking, as he wiped off his face. "Ooo, who's laughin now?" She challenged him, laughing slightly to his face. He shook his head slightly at her and grabbed her little body, pulling it closer to him. Startled, she squealed slightly at the sudden force of him pulling her towards him. Their sopping wet and glossy bodies pressed against each other as he pushed her up against a wall on the side of the pool. It was a side that nobody else was on, so they were alone.

They breathed into one another as he pierced his blue eyes through her. The tips of their noses trickled water as their faces drew nearer. Closer and closer until there was no space in between and the heat of their bodies collided. It started out slow and soon their breath picked up faster. He tangled his fingers in her hair, most of it falling out of the clip, and she grasped the back of his neck. His other hand soon roamed her body, feeling her soft, slippery skin beneath his fingers. Now his hands traced every curve on her body, up and down her hips, then back up to her chest. He slipped a few fingers underneath the string of her bikini top, moving farther fairly quickly. Their lips never parted once… until they heard the call to come in for dinner. A signal was transmitted over a loud speaker, and they heard a faint voice saying "All teens out by the pool please return inside for dinner at this time". They held on lightly to each other's faces, resting on their foreheads and breathing in and out. The only words they exchanged before leaving the pool ground was to meet each other in the girls' cabins at 10:30.

The sun was lost now behind the darkness of the skies, and the nocturnal moon glowed in the black of the night. Crickets sang their song of rejoice as they could come out of the bushes and dance in the dusk. A shadowy figure crept on his toes through the dirt and the grass, making his way to the intended destination. He snuck up to a timbered cabin, windows blackened with a lack of light from the inside. He desperately looked around for a clever way to catch attention, biting his lip with an urging desire. His forehead shed small beads of sweat now, right as he heard a faint snap. His head quickly snapped to the side, relieved to see the person he was looking for. She stood there almost motionless, afraid to wake the others. But at the same time she was taunting him, one corner of her mouth turned up and the adjacent eyebrow arched. He breathed in hot air, as the yearning just got more unbearable. He stepped toward her slowly and she took him by the hand, leading him into a back entrance of the cabin. Each of them trying to stifle giggles, they past the other girls sleeping on their way to privacy. She pulled him by the hand; quick enough to get by, but leisurely enough that a certain brunette opened her eyes from her bed and laid eyes on the boy. She slightly frowned as she thought about their intentions.

The sandy blonde of the girl's hair was nearly unseen in the dark. She giggled into his mouth as he kissed her lips, and she pushed him lightly into a wall, in a small unoccupied corner of the cabin. They each took in a sharp breath as he slipped her his tongue and switched their positions. Her back against the wall, she lifted a leg and rested the ball of her foot on the wall behind her. She gripped a bundle of his hair with her left hand as his slightly shaky right hand roamed her body once again. He was ready for his yearning to be satisfied. She moaned slightly, and pulled away for a moment to reach across the wall and pull out a bundle of a few extra blankets and pillows. She threw them down on the floor below them and pulled his face closer to her again. He rested one hand on the wall and continued to kiss her fervently, using the other free hand to feel underneath her silky night gown. The touch of his fingers on her skin slightly tickled her and her body shivered, letting out another small whimper. He lightly put a hand on her back and brought her down to the floor with him. Breathing into one another somewhat tranquilly one last time, the two prepared for a quickening of speed.

He reached underneath her night gown and found the elastic of her panties, lightly fidgeting with them for a moment as she kissed him with passion, pleading him for more. He pulled them gently down to her ankles, grazing the smoothness of her legs; then he made his way back up her leg, resting it on her right thigh. She took this as a gesture to lift up her knee, and she did so. He moved his way over from her thigh and into her, moving his fingers slowly at first. He briefly opened his eyes to look at her, in case she wasn't ready. Then he slowed down the kiss as he quickened his fingers, hearing her breathing in and out. She sometimes groaned slightly, careful not to be too loud. As she bunched the sheets beneath her fingers she bit on her bottom lip, wanting so badly to vocalize her pleasure. Her pupils rolled from the side of her eyes to looking straight at him. He looked down at her, almost burning a hole into her dark chocolate eyes. He kept on going, moving two fingers in and out rapidly, and she bent her neck back, her toes coiling. Muscles all over spasmed, and her arching back just fell to the ground. The both of them breathed in and out and he gently pulled away his fingers, wiping them on a blanket underneath him.

He kissed her softly, her lips responding tenderly. She lightly tangled her fingers in his hair again, massaging the back of his head. At this time, going unnoticed by the couple, the flirty brunette had gotten up to use the bathroom. She scurried past them, taking a peek and only seeing an outline of two shadowy figures fooling around on the floor. She stopped in the doorway of the bathroom and stuck her head out the door, knowing that they couldn't see her. She enviously glowered at the girl and her doings, for she herself had never been satisfying enough for this boy. She had tried and tried to get his attention and show that she liked him, but he would simply smile and ignore it every time. She inhaled softly and rolled her eyes, hurrying back to her bed since she couldn't make any noise.

She pushed him down on the floor and sat up, switching positions again. She stayed on her knees, one on either side of him, and tugged at the edge of his shirt. Successfully pulling it over his head, she threw it to the side and ran her hands up and down his tight chest and abdomen. He picked up one of her hands and kissed her fingers, letting one of them slip through his lips. She took her hand back and leaned over, kissing his bare chest. He watched as her light hair fell onto his body and he slightly licked his lips. She left light kisses in between his pecks and all the way down to his belly button, sitting back up and pulling at the draw-string on his shorts. She untied it, biting at her bottom lip as she pulled out the elastic playfully. She let the elastic snap back onto his skin, letting a small laugh slide through his lips. Pulling his shorts down to his hip bones, she slowly reached her hand down into them and found his erection, gliding her hand down it slowly. He bit his lip and bent back his neck as she had before, looking to the ceiling. She then gripped it a bit tighter and made her way back up and then back down, repeating this maneuver. She curved her back down, kissing his stomach some more with one hand on the ground to support herself. He slightly sat himself up to kiss her once, and then fell back down to fully take in the pleasure.

Silently wondering to herself how nobody had heard them, she continued giving him his turn. The two of them had hooked up and fooled around a few times since the beginning of the summer not too long ago, but nothing like this. It was all pretty much like the swimming pool affair they had earlier. But for a while, she has had her eye on this guy and knew that he would be her summer catch. She lately had been feeling that he could possibly be more than that, too. Nobody really saw it the way they did, but something between the two just clicked. They just hadn't bothered to expose their feelings around their friends; only acting like good friends and then privately meeting up. It was kind of fun sneaking around sometimes, but she just wasn't sure if that was what she wanted. He had been thinking about it some too, although it was even more fun sneaking around for him. Part of her wished that somebody would find out so they could get it over with and tell people they had feelings, but the other part of her, at that moment, was just dreading another bad reputation or bad name for herself. Especially if somebody were to catch them at this moment.

Suddenly, during her train of thought, he nudged her off of him and turned her over to be on the floor once again. Leaning over her, he kicked off his shorts. He leaned his head down and kissed her slowly, slipping her his tongue for a few moments, knowing what he was about to do. He stared her in the face, not quite as her cheeks were flooding red, and lifted up one of her legs slightly to the side. She gulped, not sure if she was ready for this, but she closed her eyes with composure. He moved himself closer and closer to her, and not after they got to make that final connection did he notice a flashlight coming from outside the window. A few twigs snapped, and the two of them shot up off of the floor. He stepped into his shorts and threw on his tee-shirt faster than he ever had before, he was sure. Then she rushed him out of the back door and around the cabin to run back to the boys' side of camp. She picked up all the blankets and pillows from the floor and sloppily threw them back from where she got them, rushing right after into the bathroom. She shut the door and leaned against the sink, breathing slowly in and out. She looked up to see herself in the mirror, face flushed and hair muddled all over. She brushed her nails through her hair and rinsed her face off with water, sighing as she looked at herself one last time. She reached over and flushed the toilet to make it all more believable, flattened down her night gown and opened the door to return to her bed.