A/N: Hey everyone… (Although I'm not too sure who everyone is anymore) I'd just like to say that I don't blame you if you've given up on me or if you're angry that I haven't updated. I think it's pretty obvious that I am probably the worst updater. Ever. However, I hope you all know that I do love to write. Well…. I used to anyway. Now that I look back at everything I've written, I realize how much I truly do love these stories… and how much I love Troy and Sharpay together.

I am truly sorry that I left you all hanging. To be completely honest, I don't even know who I'm speaking to at the moment. There probably isn't anyone left. All the great, true Troypay/High School Musical Fans have probably moved on like I've been starting to. And it kind of makes me sad.

I rarely ever come onto anymore, so, who am I to even talk? I don't know who's still around… who still reads and/or writes great Troypay fanfics… who appreciates them like we all used to….

So I have a proposition. All of you who were, and are still fans of my stories, (like The Diary Of A Broadway Star, Can You See Me Through My Tears, and Guilty Pleasures) who forgive me and would still like for me to continue writing them, I hope that you will review this note and let me know that there's even a reason worth writing for.

I also know that throughout the time that I haven't been writing, a few new people here and there have been reading and reviewing my stories, and putting me on their favorites/alert list, hoping that I update soon. I'm sorry to all of you who I have disappointed.

So everybody who still comes around this site and would care even the slightest bit that I come back and continue writing, please, please just send me a review. Anything. It doesn't matter what you say. I just want to know if I should even bother.

I miss this site.

And I realize that now, I'm making way too big of a deal out of this. And I should probably stop my babbling. Sorry guys.

Just… let me know. (:

And if it ends up that not many people care, and if I don't end up continuing to write here… thanks to all of you who have ever supported me and/or read my stories and enjoyed them. Nothing has ever felt better than when somebody enjoyed reading something that I enjoyed writing. Thank you to everybody who has been incredibly patient with me also. I've had a lot of fun writing. (:

Sincerely, Iris.