This is the sequel to 'Be Careful What You Wish For' . It takes place four months after that ended. The story doesn't revolve a lot around what happened before, it's got its own plotline, showing their relationship after the wish was counteracted. I'll try to update quickly, but in the beginning it might be a bit slower than BCWYWF. Not a whole lot though! Anyways, you know the drill, read and review.

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Chapter One: A Typical Morning

There was something about mornings that Casey loved. She couldn't put her finger on it. Mornings just made her happy. Maybe it was the start of a new day, maybe it was the fact that it gave her a sense of normalty, getting up and arguing with Derek over the bathroom, or helping Marti with her makeup. Those were some of the things that she had taken for granted before her wishing encounter had occured.

It had been almost four months since she had gotten back to her usual world; and she had never been happier. Her whole family had seen a bit of an attitude change in her since she had gotten back . From the moment she had stepped in through the front door that night, she had tried her best not to let herself get too angry with anyone in her family more than once a day. She valued them now more than ever. She recognized that they all had their faults, but they were still her family, and she appreciated that.

On one particular Friday morning, she woke up to the sound of Edwin arguing with Lizzie over who would get to go first in the bathroom.

"You got to go first yesterday!" Lizzie was yelling from the hallway. "And the day before that even! Besides, I'm a girl, we take longer to get ready then boys."

"That's the worst excuse I've ever heard." Edwin retorted angrily. "Girls only take longer because they are way too particular."

Casey groaned and rolled over, rubbing her eyes sleepily. As much as she loved mornings, the arguing between the younger two was getting just a bit out of hand. Yawning, she got up out of bed and stretched, looking around at the familar surroundings of her bedroom. She would never get sick of seeing familiarity around her. She knew that she wouldn't get into the bathroom just yet; as one of her younger siblings ( she couldn't tell who ) had just shut the bathroom door. She preoccupied herself by making up her bed and getting her clothes ready for school.

When she heard the shower shut off, she made her way out into the hallway in time to see Lizzie dart by in her pajamas, hair up in a towel. She smirked. MacDonalds always won the war over the shower. She stepped into the bathroom and was just about to shut the door when she felt someone step in behind her and shut the door. She felt herself being pressed up against the door and looked up to see Derek smirking down at her.

"I hope you don't think your getting in here before me or something." he said, raising an eyebrow at her. "Because that is so not going to happen. I won't let it happen."

"Oh, you mean like you haven't been letting it happen the other four mornings this week?" she asked knowingly, smirking at him. "Or was that just a fluke?"

"I decided to be nice." he said, shrugging. "But I can't do too much of that. I have a reputation to protect don't I?"

"Yeah, we wouldn't want it to get out that Derek Venturi is actually a softie now would we?"

"That stays between you and me." he warned her, trying to look threatening, but failing terribly.

Before she could say anything else to him, he leaned down and kissed her gently. They had been together for almost four months now, but his kisses still gave Casey the same thrill as they had the first time. She always felt her stomach drop pleasantly; a reminder of how right they were for each other.

Derek hadn't changed entirely now that he was her boyfriend. His favourite passtime was still annoying her, and the occasional insult was still thrown her way, but it all had a playful nature to it now, and they both knew that through it all, he meant well. He made up for it anyway. Casey would have never thought of Derek as a romantic, but he really was. He had a habit of saying the sweetest things, even if they were often accompanied by a self-aimed compliment or a sarcastic statement. He knew how to find a perfect balance between romance and their playful bantering.

Sometimes she had to admit that the Derek from her wish was a lot sweeter than the one she was dealing with now. He had this certain caring atmosphere about him back then that Derek didn't quite manage to capture now. But everytime she longed for the Derek from her wish, she remembered what had happened in the end, and found herself grateful that she had gotten him back.

Their parents didn't know of course. They were scared that if they told their parents, they would be seperated, so they had decided to keep it a secret until they were old enough to make their own decisions without their parents consent. Derek had decided that. When he had mentioned it, Casey had been shocked that he'd even thought that far ahead. After all, they were only seventeen. Was he really that serious about their relationship? She was, but she hadn't really figured that Derek was too serious about it yet. They'd never even said 'I love you.' She had never given it any real thought, but she did love him. She figured he had to know that. She just didn't want to be the first to say it, in case he didn't feel that way yet. She could only assume that he knew it.

Quite a few people knew about their relationship. Edwin, Lizzie and Marti all knew. Casey had told Lizzie, and Derek had told Edwin. Neither of them could really figure out how Marti knew, but she did. Neither Derek or Casey had told her, so they could only assume that she had seen them together or something. They didn't bother questioning it.

Sam and Emily knew about them. They were both totally supportive of the relationship, saying that they had seen it coming all along. Casey and Derek both highly doubted that, but they didn't argue with them on it. They were just glad that their friends hadn't been disgusted by the idea.

They had never really officially told people at school that they were together; they had just let people find out on their own. They didn't try and hide their relationship in school, which basically meant that by the time the first week of school had ended, pretty much everyone knew. News travelled fast in high school. Casey and Derek were just glad that the news hadn't spread back to their parents. They had managed to keep it hidden for four months, and that morning; as they were standing there in the bathroom, their parents were downstairs in the kitchen, once again clueless to the activities of their eldest two upstairs.

Derek was still kissing Casey, completely clueless to the fact that they had moved away from the wall and were now slowly backing up towards the door. Casey reached one hand up and tangled it through his hair to distract him as she reached behind him with the other and opened the door. Before he had a chance to register what was happening, she had broke apart from him and pushed him out of the bathroom.

He stumbled, before regaining his balance and blinking at her a couple of times, looking as though he still didn't have a clue what had just happened.

"What did you-"

"Here's a tip for you Venturi." she said as she tapped her fingers against the doorknob teasingly. "Don't let your gaurd down. That makes you weak."

Without another word, she had kicked the door closed, leaving a completely dumbfounded Derek standing on the other side, defeated. Turning the knobs to the shower on, she smirked and rolled her eyes.


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