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This is a little side story about Matt and the Regents and is kind of a prelude to my Heart of Earth story. Well maybe not that little. You don't have to had read my other story "Hating myself" but it is set in the same universe.

This story takes place after season two when everyone is back in school after the winter break and Z is for Zenith. So yes, that new teacher you saw at the end will be causing problems for our heroes. But while he has his eyes on the girls will he notice….

Matt's Unusual Morning

Matt groaned as he slapped the snooze button on his alarm clock radio. He barley got any sleep the night before. He had a lot on his mind. From finally freeing himself from Shagon, to battling off a super powered Nerissa, Phobos, Cedric and now this. He could feel it within him, a warm almost innocent and yet powerful energy, the Heart of Earth. Even though he only held one third of the heart himself, its presence was always with him. Not like the Demon Shagon, who took over his entire being bending Matt to his will, no this like the feeling of an old friend or a loved one always beside him.

The weeks after the defeat of both Phobos and Nerissa had finally given him time to think about his involvement with the Guardians and little Lillian, the true keeper of this awesome power. While accepting the role of Regent of Earth was sort of done on the spot, that didn't make the responsibility any less sever. Until Lillian was old enough to reclaim her powers once again it was up to him and the other Regents to make sure they didn't fall into the wrong hands. But most of all he felt an instinctual urge to protect the heart herself. Lillian, a child he barley knew was now under his protection. The whole situation was a little nerve racking when he stopped to think about it. But at least now he had a better understanding of how Will felt as the keeper of the Heart of Kandracar. He was almost glad that he only held a third of the Earth's power but while Napoleon was well versed in magic and could handle the responsibilities little Huggles looked to him for guidance.

At that thought the said dormouse leapt from his nightstand right onto his head. Startled Matt jumped up from under his covers. "Get up, get up! The nosy thing's gone off twice now." Still half asleep Matt turned off the alarm and rubbed his eyes.

"Alright already," he said muffled by a yawn. "You didn't have to jump on me though. I nearly fell out of bed." The boy threw on a heavy robe to keep the chill off as he made his way to the bathroom. Huggles, as always, trotted along after him.

"It's not my fault you didn't wake up the first time. Besides I had to get you up, you're always grumpier when you're running late." Matt could smell his mother's morning coffee drifting in from the kitchen.

"That smells good." He said as he started to brush his teeth thinking a nice hot mug would wake him up. Huggles perched himself by the sink careful not to get too close. He made that mistake once before, it wasn't fun. Matt was just rinsing his mouth out when the little dormouse stated.

"I still don't see why you wouldn't give me any to try. Is it really bad for dormice?" Matt nodded in reply when suddenly, now fully awake, he realized there was something very wrong with this picture. He spat out the mouthwash all over the bathroom mirror and then stared dumbfounded at his pet and fellow regent. "And you yell at me for making messes. You better clean it up before your mom sees."

Matt blinked once, twice, and rubbed his ears before making sure he was really awake. "Um, Huggles?"

"Yes?" He said not yet knowing what the problem was.

Matt braced himself almost afraid of his own question. "Um, when did you learn to talk?" Huggles blinked in surprise.

"What do you mean? I could always talk." And then, just like Matt, it dawned on Huggles that his master could understand him. "You mean you can understand me? Oh, goodie!" Oblivious to Matt's distress Mr. Huggles hopped around the sink until he got careless and fell in. Matt quickly fished him out glad the dormouse had at least calmed down a little.

"OK buddy, calm down. We both need to calm down!" He said more to himself than to his pet. "How did this happen, and am I the only one that can hear you?" He patted Huggles down with a towel trying not to make any comments about him resembling a drowned rat. Huggles shook free of the towel and shook himself off much to Matt's dismay. "Aw, now you got me all wet."

"Sorry, oh, but now that we can talk to each other, I mean really talk not like the pretend talk we usually do. I have so may questions about humans and the human world. For starters, where do babies come from?" Poor Matt felt a terrible headache coming on.

To be continued…

Next time, "If I Could Talk to the Animals" Matt's having a little trouble controlling his new power and the girls are all getting ready for the new VMJ Movie premiere. Matt doesn't know which is worse.

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