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I do hope you'll join me in the future for the next installment, as well as a Halloween special "W.I.T.C.H. Zombies" Now up. But lets get back to the gang shall we? It was really frustrating to see their teacher get off almost Scott free, so Matt's calling in a favor from no other than Captain Loone. (I keep hearing Robin Williams with a bad French accent when ever he talks) And he out for REVENGE…

Revenge of the Pigeons

W.I.T.C.H. and Matt gathered the next day to check on Sylla. He really didn't seem to remember anything about them being magical beings, or the late Mr. Riddle. Thankfully, they wouldn't have to see him again next semester. The old computer teacher was coming back from Maternity leave, so Sylla was being transferred to another school to take a more permanent position. He was moving halfway across the country, but no one felt satisfied.

"Can't we slash his tires or something?" Said Irma, as they watched him go into the local Starbucks to get a cup of coffee.

Cornelia rolled her eyes. "This coming from a police man's daughter."

"Exactly, I know how to get away with it."

The blond just tossed her hair. "Yeah, and keep him here longer."

Irma made a face. "Good point."

Matt also wanted revenge on their former teacher, but he had been in enough trouble last year because of Shagon. If only there was something they could do that couldn't be traced back to them. Suddenly, he heard the familiar bad French accent that could only belong to the local crazy pigeon, Captain Loone. "Alright, it has been quiet for some time, but now is not the time to relax! The enemy is planning something, something big! I just don't know what yet."

Spotting the pigeons in the tree, Matt glanced at Sylla's car, and had an idea. A wonderfully awful idea. "Captain Loony-I mean Loone, there's been a message from the front!"

The bird flew over, landed on Matt's head, and looked at him upside-down like he did the first time they me. "Well speak up lad, has the enemy made a move?"

Knowing he was looking ridiculous to the girls, and anyone else who happened to be passing by, Matt continued. "Not just the enemy THE enemy."

The bird turned his head right side up, and gasped. "Surly you don't me THE enemy!?"

"He's hiding in plain sight." The boy said, pointing to Sylla car. "That's his transport, he's planning on escaping any minute now!"

"This is the moment we've been waiting for! Thank you for your help talking human." And with that, Captain Loone flew off to ready his troops.

"Ah, Matt?" asked Will raising an eyebrow. "What was all that about?" Matt just put an arm around his girl, and smiled.

"Payback's a bitch, or in this case a flock of pigeons. Just sit back, and wait for the fire works."


"Alright men, this is it, this is the BIG ONE!" squawked Loone, as he eyed his troops.

"Pierre!" he called to his Second in Command.

"Ah, it's Peter sir."

"Yes, yes, whatever. Do you still have the runs?"


"Hooray!" they all exclaimed.

"Target his transport, but save some ammunition for THE enemy himself. Onward to victory, onward for France!"

It was quite a sight seeing a large flock of pigeons all dive bombing a car all at once. The clerk at the coffee shop found it very funny.

"What are you laughing at?" Sylla asked, as he paid for his coffee.

"I just glad that's not my car." The teenage boy said, pointing out the window. Sylla was taking a sip as he glanced out, and saw to his horror it was HIS car. He spat out his coffee all over a very large man with several tattoos.

"What's your problem?!" The man then grabbed him, causing Sylla to spill his hot coffee all over himself.

As he watched this poor man about to be pummeled, the teen was torn between calling the cops, or laughing. The man did give him a "C" in computers after all.


After finally escaping the large man, Sylla limped out to take a look at the damage done to his beautiful car.

"Ahh, my car!" The birds had done a number on the classic car that was going to take more than a bucket of soapy water to fix. "Uh, I left the top down."

From across the street Matt, and the girls were in stitches. "Oh I can't breath." Wheezed Irma trying breath between her hysteric bits of laughter.

"Oh God, it's everywhere!" Cried Sylla, causing them to start laughing all over again. "Ah, I just had the seats reupholstered too." The man wined, not knowing the second wave was about to come. From out of the blue, the pigeons returned with a fury, bombing the former teacher.

He tried swatting at the birds, but they were smart enough to stay above his reach targeting him with blow after blow of bird poo. After a good five minutes, the pigeons were empty, and retreated, leaving Sylla stumbling around in a daze. He had to wipe his glasses off just to see straight. He looked at his once beautiful car, then down at himself. "What the hell did I ever do to deserve that?"

Hay Lin, who used the wind to listen in giggled. "It's almost a shame he doesn't remember."

Irma, who was now beat red, was finally able to catch her breath. "Oh, that was so sweet, I only wish I had a camera to preserve this precious memory."

Matt Smirked, and held out his phone. "Your wish is my command. I recorded the whole thing." The girls clamored around him to re-watch the horrid attack on their most hated professor.

"Oh, this is SO going up on Youtube!" Cornelia said, and then laughed again.

As the crowd laughed, Sylla got into his bird poo covered car, and drove off vowing never again to come anywhere near this town again, or to feed the pigeons.


After W.I.T.C.H. and the Regents left with Lillian, Halinor went to see her friend Luba. Luba was staring at the auromears deep in thought when the former Fire Guardian came in. "Something troubling you Luba?"

The cat lady glanced at her friend. "The Regent of Earth, the boy was here today."

Halinor was there for the whole fiasco, and didn't understand what Luba was so uneasy about it. "Yes, so were the Guardians, why does that-"

"You gave him HER ring!" Luba snapped, no longer looking at Halinor.

"I gave him the MAGE ring." she countered. "It was the Mage's long before it was Nerissa's. Mathew needed something to help gage his new powers. The ring was a tool of the light longer then it was for the dark."

"That boy shouldn't be near anything that she has touched, he is tainted!" At this Halinor became angry.

"That's only because he was bewitched by Nerissa, you could say the same thing about me. Am I tainted as well? Maybe I shouldn't be in Kandracar if I'm such a risk!"

Luba turned to the former Guardian, and sighed. "True you were bewitched, but he became a monster."

Halinor was normally calm in her old age, but she still had a temper that hadn't fully disappeared from her youth. "Nerissa used whatever weakness she could to enslave us. The fact that she had to use more power on him only proves his will was harder to break."

Luba's eyes flashed. "My point exactly, she used too much power on him. The demon still rests within him, the last thing he needed was something that could connect him with Nerissa!"

Halinor was quiet for a moment before speaking. "I think Mathew should be taught, and encouraged not pushed away."

Luba looked at her skeptically. "Are you talking about the Regent or Nerissa."

"Maybe I'm trying not to repeat the same mistakes we made with Nerissa." Halinor said calmly.

This only angered Luba more. "She killed your friend, and fellow Guardian in cold blood, she was beyond saving after that Halinor!"

The aged guardian calmly turned around, and started to walk out, but not without one final thought. "I wasn't talking about the time after that."


Hay Lin was relaxing after a busy shift at the restaurant. She had retreated to the basement to take another look at the book of Prophesy. She wanted to see if she could copy, and maybe recreate some the drawings in the book, there was a lot of hidden details that she wanted to get a better look at. Her Grandma had said not to rely on the book for answers, especially since it was incomplete, but Hay Lin felt almost drawn to it for some reason, however, as she tried to pull it down from the high shelf, she lost her footing, and fell to the floor.

"Ouch, that's smart!" She wasn't really hurt, maybe just a little bruise, however she gasped when she saw the fragile book's cover was now in her hand torn from the book itself. "Oh no, Grandma, and Caleb are going to kill-" but then she noticed there was something hidden inside the cover in her hand.

"What's this?" she carefully pulled out a hidden piece of parchment, and saw it was one of the books missing pages. She gasped at the picture, this was a page beyond the battle with Nerissa. She called Taranee as quickly as she could; the others had to see this.


Will, and Matt were taking a walk together enjoying a nice quiet day. "I'm glad we got to spend some time alone together." Will said, taking his hand.

Matt smiled. "I know it seems like every time we're enjoying a quiet moment together, something comes up."

"Well then let's take advantage of the time we do have shall we?" Will said, snaking her arms around her boyfriend as she leaned in for a kiss. Matt was happy to oblige when suddenly Will heard, "W.I.T.C.H. meeting at the Silver Dragon. Pronto!"

Will pulled away, frustrated enough to hit something. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me!"

Matt sighed. "End of the world again?"

Will blew a stray hair out of her face. "Taranee I swear, have you been hired by my mother to keep my hormones in check?"

"It's not my fault you're always making out with Matt." Taranee replied, as Will sighed.

"I never get to make out with him anymore its always one disaster after another." she wined, causing Taranee to laugh.

"Well then get down to the Silver Dragon. When your done you, and Matt can play spin the bottle all by yourselves." Will raised an eyebrow.

"You've been hanging out with Irma too much." As she ended the mental message, Will took Matt's hand this time to lead him to the Silver dragon.

"Come on, the sooner we get this over with the sooner I can lock us both in a closet together." Matt couldn't help but smirk at his girlfriend's suggestion.

"I can live with that."


Back in Meridian, Caleb was beyond furious. Someone had broken into his father's home, and ransacked the place taking everything of value. He balled his fist in anger. Who would dare rob the home of his dead father? Aldarn, and Drake came as soon as they heard the news, and vowed to find the thief, and lock him up for the rest of his days.

Aldarn put a hand on his best friends shoulder. "I know this is a hard time for you Caleb, but did your father have anything of value? If the thief sold something to a merchant, we might be able to find out who sold it to him."

The young rebel had to push aside his anger to think. "Father was a simple man he never had much…except." His eyes widened in horror as he realized what his father did posses. "Oh no!"

He bolted to his father bedroom, and pulled up a loose floorboard. He prayed it was still there. He pulled out an old wooden box, and tore it open. "NO!" It was gone.

"We have to find it! Let the queen know we need more men searching!" Caleb knew it was a mistake to let him keep it, but his father just couldn't throw it away. Even though he tried at the falls, he couldn't bring himself to part with it.

Drake looked at Caleb, concerned. "Slow down Caleb, what's missing that's so important?"

The young man looked much older at that moment with a haunted look in his eyes. "The former Heart of Meridian, Nerissa's prison."


At the Silver Dragon Hay Lin told everyone about the hidden page in the book, but Taranee was hesitant. "I'm not so sure we should be looking at it, what if it's something bad that we can't change."

"It didn't look bad to me." Hay Lin said, eager to show them the missing page. "Like all of the pages, it's not really clear, but it looks important."

After a bit of arguing, they decided to look rather than be surprised later. Hay Lin laid the page out on a table, and stepped back so that the others could get a good look.

They were amazed at what they saw. There was a woman with long blond hair that looked sort of like Cornelia in the center. But Matt instantly knew that it wasn't Cornelia, it was Lillian, grown up now the Heart of Earth. Behind her stood what looked like a different version of Huggles, Napoleon, and himself as Shagon. Upon the Lillian's brow was the same symbol he has seen in the earlier pages and that symbol was also on each of her regents as apposed to Nerissa's seal. The mark of the Heart of Earth.

Acting upon instanced Matt reached out to touch the parchment. As soon as he touched the page, it began to glow in a soft blue light as a message wrote itself onto the page. While the message was in the same dialog as the rest of the book Matt was shocked to discover that he could read it.

"I-I can actually read this."

Cornelia, who had recognized the same blue light from the time when Matt rescued Lillian, remained quiet. Irma on the other hand had no problem speaking out. "How can you read it that language hasn't been spoken in years?"

"I don't know, but I think it's a message."

Will looked up at her boyfriend. "A message?"

"Yeah, one meant for me." He studied the page as he read it aloud.

"The Kingdom of Earth shall rise once more, facing many perils along the way. The ultimate fate of the blue world however lies with in the hands of the "Heart of Earth" and To Her Regents Three…"


Matt had a lot to think about after finding that hidden message within the book of prophecy. Again, he was left with doubts of his control over his own fate, and if he had any free will at all. He called Napoleon to discuss the message since it concerned him as well. He also voiced his major concern that it was fate that made him fall in love with Will.

Napoleon just sighed, and rolled his eyes. "If that's what your really worried about then let me go back to sleep."

"But what if it wasn't really me that-"

"Look kid, no one can control who they love, not even fate."

"But-" Matt started, but the black cat cut him off.

"Wouldn't it make more sense if you had fallen in love with Cornelia instead? That would have brought you closer to Lillian, and your destiny."

Matt made a face. "I can safely say that I don't feel a thing for her."

"See, you fell in love with Will on your own. Case closed, end of story. Now stop worrying over nothing, I'm going back to bed." Napoleon hung up, and for the first time in a while, Matt felt a lot better, he didn't even have a headache.


Things were finally going back to normal for the time being. He even got seven minutes in heaven with Will in her closet. It didn't go past making out, they were both scared the world actually would come to an end if they went any further.

Speaking of things going back to normal, Matt had a sneaking suspicion that Cornelia had restarted the prank war. He somehow found himself on the "Hot Boy Bands" mailing list, and an official member of the "Vance Michel Justin Fan Club."


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