First of all, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE REVIEWS! I know it's been such a god awful long time since I've been on here. The only excuse I have is life. Graduating school, the death of my beta reader… my best friend… my first love Axe (his real name was Justin… he died in a car crash…5 years later I still bawl thinking about him…) my brother having 5 (read it 5 KIDS!) for me to spoil, going BACK to school and becoming a nurse. Not really the career I would have seen for myself but I love it! Blood and boogers and tears make up my life now and that… keeps me happy. And people wonder why I talk to myself. Sheesh. I have been writing, quite a bit actually, but they're commissions for a website I'm on that I make money off of. You know… not safe for work pieces. Or just writing for the fun of it. Not really stuff I would post here. And when I do post it's on . (I am 23 years old after all… *sniff* I've grown up on this site…)

But I should get to the meat of this issue. I was bored at work today and decided to check my old writing accounts. I hadn't gotten emails for half the reviews I've gotten! So mad! (Got yelled at by my boss for yelling WTF?! Very loudly…) ANYWAY! Reading your reviews made me so happy! As I read more and more I got inspired. So I've decided, while I'm bored here, to write another chapter! I'm not quite sure what will be in it. Maybe a lemon, maybe just lime. But a lot of Train putting Sven through hell for the pain. ^.^ I owe all of you my gratitude for this inspiration, but there are a few who made it click.

xxasianicexx-your review got the cogs turning. Eve should have had a different reaction! She needs to have one! Therefore… I'll write her one!

Ruid-your review was an issue pointed out to me by the lord of sake in my life, my Mac-ster. When he was alive he was the authority on sake and when he found out I'd used sake as lube he gave me a lecture… one I did NOT want to hear. (I mean… gay sex and alcohol talk while getting a fighting lesson from my UNCLE?! EW!) He pointed out exactly what your review said, much to my shame. It's been a while but I'm pretty sure I wrote out a blurb for the next chapter about Train tearing into Sven for using sake and the pain it caused. (I've been told Dawn soap is also painful… not that I would know…) So my sincere apologies to both you and the spirit of my Mac-ster. I'm not changing it in the first chapter, but Train shall have his revenge in the upcoming chapter. SORRY!

There are others, but since this craptastic work computer doesn't let me keep more than one program open at a time I can't get their names. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Look for the next chapter within the week! Love kisses and lots of yaoi to you all!