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Naruto: WHAT:twitches all over: YOU GOT TO BE FUCKING SERIOUS!

Me: I am, You shall embrace the yaoi at one point naruto! Its only a matter of time!



Naruto: NO I WON'T!

Me: Hey, Like I said, Its only a matter of time :takes out a certain paddle from a friend: Naruto bend down.

Naruto: Why?

Me: Well, I learned this new magic trick and I want to show it to you!

Naruto: Okay :Bend down:

Me: This may sting a little:Slaps naruto HARD in the ass:

Naruto: OH GOD:falls down to the ground: OH MY FUCKING GOD! MERCY! MERCY:starts to tear up:

Me: Damn, I didn't think I hit you that hard! Here let me help:tries to help naruto to get up:

Naruto: NO! NO! Don't move me! Uh, GOD! I feel is bruising! Oh god! Check it! Check it!

Me: um, okay... :looks:... Uh, You have a really big bruise on your left cheek, sorry man!

Naruto: God, Medic!

Me: Uh, I'll go call the hospital again:Calls:

Naruto: Please...enjoy the story...AAHH!

Me: Sorry! We hope you enjoy! Don't worry naruto the ambulance is coming!


Me: Oh, and remeber please no flaming!


Now the Yondaime was thinking for once in his life. He was thinking of masturbation, but wants naruto to masturbate with him. "But how the hell am I...THE TENTACLE JUTSU!" screamed arashi as he rushes off to naruto. Which naruto was getting dressed only had red lace panties until his father came barging in. "DAD! I'M DRESSING!" whined naruto as he looked at his father who closed and locked the door. "Oh, Naru-chan, I need your help in something!" grinned arashi as he came closer to naruto who's left eye was twitching.

"Dad, this isn't going to be like last time with the clones is it?" asked naruto as he looked around the room to see if any clones were coming out. Arashi laughed but grinned evilly. "NARU-CHAN! Of corse not! But Papa, Has a problem and wants to masturbate! But I want naru-chan to do dirty thing while I do it!" whined Arashi like a little kid making naruto's eye twitch even more. "Dad, For the last time! I don't want to masturbate infront of you, while you masturbate since you know I suck at it" naruto said bluntly putting his hand to his hips. All of a sudden Arashi did a quick hand seal before smirking.

"Tentacle No Jutsu!" screamed arashi as he slammed his hand to the ground for smoke to appear. "Dad! (Cough)...WHAT THE HELL!" screamed naruto as now a fox that was a size of a golden retriever with A LOT of tentacle like tail stood there with a calm face. Arashi took off his clothes and went onto the bed signaling the Fox who all of a sudden turned kinda evil. His tentacle like tail flickered every where as he came closer to naruto. "DAMN IT! I CAN'T READ A SINGLE SEX MAGAZINE FOR MY DAD TO TAKE IDEA'S FORM IT!" yelled naruto.

Soon naruto found that his arms and legs could move and looked. Four of the fox tentacles wrapped around each of naruto arms and legs and soon another one wrapped around his chest lifting him into the air. "Uh, Dad! You can stop now!" yelled naruto as he moaned deeply when one of the tentacles brushed against his now hard cock. Arashi who was now pumping his dick blushed as just like naruto tentacles wrapped around him lifting him into the air like naruto. "Um, I didn't plan on this naru-chan" laughed arashi getting naruto to stare at him in disbelief.

But soon naruto couldn't ask when he felt something go inside of him. "AAHH!" screamed naruto as he looked down to see a tentacle going under naruto's panties and started to thrust in. Arashi was about to say something when he too felt something thrust inside of him as another tentacle wrapped around his aching cock. Soon arashi was place on the bed panting and moaning as the tentacle thrust violently into him. Naruto still in the air was moaning loudly until something was shoved in his mouth. Naruto opened his eyes to look at the now present tentacle thrusting into his mouth.

Since naruto was unable to get the tentacle out of his mouth, he started to suck on it. But screamed as he felt something trying to get into his entrance while the other tentacle was thrusting in. He looked in horror as one tentacle started pushing its way into naruto making him scream which was muffled by the other tentacle in his mouth. Soon naruto found himself with two tentacles in his entrance thrusting violently into him making him scream and moan in pain and pleasure.

Arashi was getting the same treatment as naruto as he two had now two tentacle thrusting into his entrance and one in his mouth. "Its, Hot, so hot!" cried naruto in his head as he felt him reaching his climax as did arashi when the two tentacle from naruto came out and arashi's tentacles that were inside him just stopped. Making them both whine. Only to have naruto thrust down onto arashi cock. Making them both cry. Soon arashi's tentacles started to thrust into him again while the other tentacles made naruto go up before slamming right back down on arashi's huge cock and long cock.

A long tentacle found its way to naruto's neglected cock before wrapping itself around naruto as it started to pump him. Making naruto twitch and moan in pleasure. The fox just smirked evilly as the two mean moaned and screamed in pain and pleasure as it came closer to them. Soon the pleasure was too much for both the blond men and soon they came. Arashi came inside naruto as naruto came onto the tentacle and his and arashi's stomaches. Soon both lost consciousness and fainted with the tentacles still holding them.

The fox laughed before taking out the tentacles from them. He placed both the now sleeping men into the bed with covers over them nicely. The fox snickered as he watch them sleeping. "Heh, arashi, you were fooled once again by me, kyuubi no kitsune" laughed the fox as he poofed away back into naruto's seal. For some reason both naruto and arashi shivered in there sleep making them hold each other more. But the one thing that surprised kyuubi who in his cage exhausted from the activity was that those damn Red lace panties where still on naruto! "Damn, those must be from victoria secert or something" stated kyuubi as he too went to sleep.


Me: Hello everyone! Were at the hospital right now after naruto finally got treated.

Naruto: Its alright everyone I am okay...Slightly...

Me: Oh, come on naruto! It wasn't as bad as you thought!


Me: But I didn't so, suck it up you little uke! AND EMBRACE!


Me: is that a challenge?

Naruto: Yes :smirks: yes it is, I shall never embrace it!

Me: its only a matter of time naruto, only a matter of time...BWAHAHAHA!

Naruto: Still can't make me!

Me:... :slaps naruto ass as they walk out of the hospital:

Naruto: AAHHH!!!!!!!!

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