Okay, I'm seriously way too bored.

I'm permanently bored.

You ask why. Cause I'm in China and all I do is eat and sleep.

Sheesh. I have like an extra chapter to Study Session but I need to finish the challenges first. Ughh.


I'm making another fic right after this. Boredom.

I need to stop talking.

"Dude, Yuushi, why do you have glasses," Mukahi asked.

Oshitari stared. "Because I'm near-sighted."

"Why are you near-sighted."

"Because I read too much."

"Then stop reading."

"You read too little."

"Whatever. Potato."

Oshitari stared again. "Potato?"



"Atobe is fugly. You know that, right?"

"Ore-sama is not fugly!" Atobe said, popping out of nowhere."

"Dude, you just popped outta nowhere...you're like...anorexic."


"It's true."

"Gakuto, I think you need to get some counseling," Oshitari said.

"Nuh-uh, the only one who needs counseling is that Fuji guy back at Seigaku."

"Why does he need counseling?"

"Cause he's sadistic. And he's anorexic too."



"I want to watch pokemon," Mukahi said.


Oshitari sighed. "You're really hopeless."

"I'm not. Does anyone have a vaccum?"

"A vaccum?"


"Why would you need a vaccum?"

"Because I need to pump air in my brain."


"So I can be smarter."


"How does that Seigaku guy walk around with his eyes closed anyways?"

"I have no idea."

"He's anorexic."

"You already said that."

"He's stupid."

"He got a 645.8 percent on the most difficult history test in the world."

"He's still stupid."


"He's sadistic."

"Do you know what sadistic even means?"


"Then don't use it."

"Ore-sama feels like he is being ignored."

Ignore. Ignore.

"Ore-sama does not appreciate being ignored."

"Dude, get a life, will you?"

"How dare you tell Ore-sama to get a life?"

"Oh, I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about that Sanada guy or whatever."


"He's like...stupid."


"He doesn't talk."


"He acts like he's 200 years old or something."


"Stop staring. Go away."






"Flying gooses."

"Gakuto, it's flying geese," Oshitari said.





"Aw whatever."

"Your brain is the same size as a fish's brain."


"Ore-sama still does not get why you called a ribbon a 'pack of dog food snipped into bits by Shishido's hair with five legs and a hippo with a metal thing sticking out of its butt saying "This is Shishido. I have wings!" or something like that."

"Double dammit."

"Gakuto, you're hopeless."

This is dedicated to my cousin who was diagnosed with brain cancer five months ago. Hope the treatment goes well.

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I had fun. Now I'm bored again.