I'm too bored. I'm thinking of making a fanfic where Fuji slides down his stair railing or whatever. Sheesh.

This is dedicated to Mrs. Bly, my 8th grade computer applications teacher.

Computer Applications.

It was Mukahi's favorite class. Again, you ask why. Because it's the only class where he actually gets a 100 on.

True, he sucks at photoshop. But everything else is a piece of cake for him.

Like typing, for example.

His fastest is 130 words per minute.

130 words.

Oshitari was dumbstruck.

Shishido was dumbstruck.

Hiyoshi was dumbstruck.

Heck, even Atobe was dumbstruck.

Who knew Mukahi Gakuto could type 130 words per minute? The average was like, 60.

The teacher was absolutely speechless. The whole class stared as Mukahi typed away.

Barely anybody bothered to actually look at what he was typing.

Here's a sample of his words.

"Duude, reinbows r soooo overatd. Dude, averyone's lik starin at me. Dude, dis is lik...stupid. Dude, Kikumaru neds to dye. Ha ha ha."

Mukahi Gakuto's typing rate was superb.

It was his spelling that sucked.

I had fun. This was weird.

Should I make Fuji slide down his banister or what? I'm bored. Help me.

My typing rate isn't really that great.

It's like...only 110 or whatever.

Ugh. No wonder I'm bored.

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