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Demon's Return

Chapter 3

"Naruto…" Tsunade said through teary eyes.

And indeed, there stood Naruto, looking lots taller and developed than when they last saw him. His hair was now flowing down to just past his shoulders. Everyone's eyes traveled over his body. He was almost an exact copy of the Yondaime. 'Wow, he looks like Arashi! Well, that makes sense, seeing that he IS his son. I would tell Naruto but he's bright, I'm sure that he's figured it out.' Jiraya thought.

'Oh my god.' Sakura thought. 'He's back…'

Tsunade was overjoyed. He was finally back. She looked at his face and recognized the resemblance immediately. 'Arashi.' She looked like a person deprived of something for years and finally being able to reconcile with it. She started walking towards him. Then her eyes rested on his forehead protector and she stopped. There, right in the middle of it, was a slash that went through the Konoha emblem, and she remembered what she did, what she yelled at him in the Hokage office.

'How could I have been so thoughtless?' she thought. 'That must have crushed him.'

"Naruto…" she whispered, "I'm so sorry."

She walked up to him and spread out her arms to embrace him but he stepped back. Their eyes met for a while. Tsunade was searching, trying to find an answer in his eyes. Then he just shook his head. She felt like she had been stabbed through the heart. "You haven't forgiven me yet, have you?" she said downcast.

"Actually, I have." Naruto said without hesitating, "I'm just not going to make the same mistake I did the first time."

That hurt worse. She fell to her knees and started crying. Jiraya went up to her and put his arms around her tenderly. He looked up at Naruto. 'You've changed.' He thought, 'You're finally growing up. I just wish it didn't have to be like this.'

Tsunade was gasping for breath; her tears were coming down like a waterfall. Jiraya leaned her head against his chest and held her tight. He started rubbing her back and whispering words of reassurance. She still didn't know it, but for the longest time, Jiraya, the perverted hermit, loved her more than anything.

"Naruto-kun?" Hinata gasped. Then she promptly fainted, but Kiba caught her before she hit the ground. He was still staring at Naruto. 'That ass! Hinata better not fall for him again, she's with me!'

'Wow,' Kakashi thought, 'you've really grown Naruto. It's a good thing I didn't have to fight you back there. 'Then he took out his favorite novel and started reading.

'Kakashi sure hasn't changed,' Naruto thought. 'I wonder how much everyone else has.' He started gazing over everyone. 'Ha, Lee looks almost exactly like Gai.' Then his eyes went over to Neji. 'ANBU. Just like I expected. He's probably still stuck up though.' Then his eyes fell on a certain person and stayed there for a while. 'Sasuke…'

Sasuke was also staring right back at Naruto. Slowly, Naruto walked up to Sasuke. He got right in front of him and stared him hard in the eyes. They were both at a loss for words. They got closer. Their noses were almost touching each other's. Then Naruto suddenly wrapped his arms around him tight. Sasuke was surprised, but in return, wrapped his arms around Naruto also.

Then Naruto's voice broke the silence. "I told you I always keep my promises…" he said with teary eyes. "It's good to see you brother."

"It's good to see you too." Sasuke whispered with tears starting to form in his eyes.

Naruto broke apart and put his hand on Sasuke's shoulder. "I want to have a talk. A real talk."

Sasuke nodded his head. "Alright." He whispered.

"And also," He cleared his throat, "I want you to talk to Itachi."

Sasuke tensed. He didn't know why he wanted him to, but he felt that he could trust Naruto. Then he hesitantly looked at Naruto. "I will."

Naruto stepped back and looked at everyone else. 'Everyone's sure different.' He pondered. He started looking at everyone else. He looked over at Shikamaru, Ino, and Chouji. 'Those three still always stick together don't they?' Akamaru barked and got his attention. 'Wow! He's sure gotten big! Kiba still looks the same though.' His vision then settled on the unconscious girl in his arms. 'Is that Hinata?! My god has she gotten beautiful! I'll have to get to know her better.' He thought while smirking. A bit of pink in his peripheral vision got his notice. He looked over, and then his eyes met with Sakura's.

'You!' Naruto thought, trembling with rage on the inside.'

He glared at her, his eyes showing emotion for the first time. Sakura was looking back at him, not being able to take her eyes off Naruto's. It was as if she were under a spell. As much as she wanted to look away, she just couldn't.


Tears started forming at the corner of her eyes. Naruto just scoffed at the tears, then swiftly turned around and walked back towards Akatsuki.

Sakura's tears started falling off her face onto the ground. 'Why was I so stupid?' She thought. 'I need to talk to him.'

"Naruto I-"

"I don't want to hear your excuses Sakura!" He yelled while he turned back towards her so sharply that his Akatsuki cloak whipped up dust from the ground. His pupils were now slits and his eyes were red. "You don't have anything to say!"

Sakura looked at the ground; everything looked blurry through the tears in her eyes. 'What have I done?' she thought. 'I've destroyed the Naruto I once knew.' She looked at the people around her. Everyone had pretty much forgotten what had happened five years ago. But now that he was back, everybody seemed to realize the impact of what she did. 'Naruto if only you knew how I feel. But you're right; nothing I say can make up for what I did. But still, Naruto, I want to talk to you. Please…'

She took a step forward and was about to run when she stopped. 'This isn't the time.'

Naruto then looked at Tsunade again. She looked pleading.

"P-please." she cried.

Naruto walked up to Tsunade, and got right in front of her. "Please." She cried again.

He knelt down to eye level and looked her right in the eyes. "Please what?" he said sarcastically, "Please come back to this god forsaken piece of shit that you call home? Please forgive you after you crushed my dream? Please give up everything I've worked for and come to a place well everyone calls me DEMON?!" He yelled.

She broke down when she heard that, her skin becoming paler and her body shaking violently. Everybody else who didn't know about the Kyubbi looked confused as to why he said demon. "Do they all even know, huh?" he said. "Do they even know why everyone hates me? Did you even fucking tell them?!" She kept looking down. Then Naruto got up.

"If you'll excuse me, I'll take my leave now, Hokage." He said with scorn.

Then he turned around with the rest of Akatsuki and walked off.


"You know you didn't have to be so hard on them." Kanaki said.

"Oh, and you think I'd listen to someone who doesn't even know what she's talking about." Naruto snapped back.

"Hey, shut up! We're your friends Naruto and we really care about you. We're just saying, maybe that was a little too harsh." Zetsu said.


They walked on in silence. No one really had the nerve to say anything about what had occurred. They all realized how tough it must have been for Naruto to have made an alliance with the village that had hated him the most. Naruto was walking ahead of the group, his hands were inside his cloak and his hat was off, as if to say to the village yea, I'm back.

The road they were on was deserted and they could hear their footsteps padding on the dirt road. No one knew where they were going, no one cared or felt like saying anything. Then Naruto's voice broke the silence.

"I'm gonna go for a walk. Don't follow."

Then he disappeared.


Sakura walked back towards her apartment, not caring that everyone could see how pitiful she looked and that she was crying. She walked hastily with her head down, hearing grunts and groans as she ran into people.

'I'm such a bitch.' she thought

'You think?!' Inner Sakura said.

'I thought that he would've forgiven me by now.'

'Is that a joke? Forgiven you?! Ha, that's a laugh. What makes you think he'd ever forgive you?' Inner Sakura bashed.

'It's just that, whenever I used to yell or hit Naruto, he'd always look the other way and forget about it. I jus-'

Inner Sakura cut her off. 'Ohhhh, so you expected him to just forget about it, after you cheated on him and basically called your love for him and your marriage worthless?'

'We weren't married.' Sakura retorted.

'Does it make a difference?' Inner Sakura replied. 'You might as well have been.'


'And you think he'd forget every single time you abused him either? You're disgusting! You killed the Naruto that we once knew!'

'Well what am I SUPPOSED to do?! And I was naïve-'

'Bullshit!' Inner Sakura cursed. 'Don't say you were naïve when you were mature enough to get married. And ever thought that maybe you should TALK to him?'

'I can't!'

'Why not?'

'He hates me…'

It was silent in her head for a while.

'No shit Sherlock. How could you give up that hot piece of ass?'

'I don't know.'

'And your relationship with Sasuke didn't work out so well either did it?'


'You're just bad luck with guys, aren't you?'

'I want him back. I want Naruto back…' she cried.

Inner Sakura sighed. 'I know, I know. I want him back too. But every choice that you make has a consequence. But if you tell me, no matter what you've done, Naruto said he would always have a special place in his heart for you, didn't he?'

'I don't think that applies now.' Sakura answered uncertainly.

'Well, I certainly think it does! Naruto has always been the clingy type. He's loved you since the academy days for crying out loud!' Inner Sakura yelled.

'I have to talk to him.'

Sigh, 'He probably won't want to, but that's all you can do.'

'I hope I'm not fighting him tomorrow.'

'You very well might be, after all, you ARE the strongest kunoichi in Konoha!' Inner Sakura said proudly.'

'I just don't know if I can bring myself to fight him. I'm afraid.'

'So am I…'

Sakura opened the door to her apartment and walked in. she took off her clothes and stripped down to her bra. She walked over to the mirror and started looking at herself while she was turning around.

'I wonder if Naruto still thinks that I'm the prettiest girl in the world.'

She rubbed her hands down on her hips while she critiqued herself in her black bra. She sighed and went to the fridge and got out a bottle of iced tea. She sat at her kitchen table and took a sip. Then she laid her head down on the table and started crying. All the while, the only thing she could think of was…



Naruto walked into the center of town by himself. It was afternoon, the busiest part of the day, so everyone was out and about doing their business. It was so crowded that you couldn't get by without bumping into people. 'At least I can lose those ANBU on my tail with this crowd.' Naruto thought. And sure enough, the ANBU couldn't track him in this crowd.

'This is the first time in a while I've truly been able to do what I want.' He thought. 'All the other times I've either been with Itachi or someone else from Akatsuki, and I usually have my guards around me most of the time. This feels sooo good.'

And the stares coming from the female population of Konoha didn't go unnoticed by the young blonde. Oh yea, he's seen that almost all of women that have walked by him have been staring at him with lustful eyes. Many would intentionally walk towards him and accidentally bump into him and then try to start a conversation.

Some even went to extreme measures. This one girl went up to Naruto and bumped into him and then when Naruto was about to walk away, she grabbed his ass. Another bumped into him once, then went back and bumped into him again, then did the same thing about seven times. Naruto finally said, "Do you want something?" Needless to say she turned bright red, gave him her address and screamed really loud before running back.

'Geez, if this keeps going on like this, I'm going to have a bigger fan club than Sasuke.' He thought. 'Ugh. Now I know what he has to deal with.'

He looked at all the shops as he past. He couldn't help but frown as he remembered what the owners and workers of those stores did to him if he ever set foot near them. He sighed. 'Things sure have changed.' He thought. 'It used to be that I couldn't even go out in public without being beaten. But now I have my own fan club!'

Naruto walked up to a nearby fruit stand. "Apple?" and old lady offered to him. Naruto smiled, "Sure." He handed her 200 yen for being so generous. The lady looked dumbfounded. But, by the time she looked at where Naruto had been he was already lost in the crowd.

'Delicious.' Naruto thought as he munched on the red apple in his hand before casually putting it by his side.

He kept on walking through town until eventually he got towards the edge of Konoha near the training grounds and the Hokage monuments. He past some young couples on his way there and he couldn't help but smile as they walked by, but then he frowned. 'WE could've been like that.' he thought. 'I guess I'm fated to be alone forever.'

When he arrived at the clearing he stopped. He walked into the middle of the clearing and stood in front of the object. It was so quiet; you could hear the wind in the trees. Naruto just stared for a little while, tears starting to form in his eyes. He knelt down on his knees still gazing at one spot. "It's been a while." He said to no one in particular. "I've missed you so much."

He traced his fingers along the name Sarutoubi. "I haven't visited in so long. I remember, when I was little, I said that someday I'd like to be here, on this stone." Naruto hiccupped. "B-but, I w-wish you could've seen the man I've become. Y-you could've helped stopped everyone from hating me!"

Naruto pounded the stone. "No. I shouldn't be blaming you. You're the only one who has ever really cared about me. Hell, even my own fiancée didn't give a shit!"

Naruto was taking deep breaths now while crying his eyes out. "I w-wish t-that I could go back, a-and change it a-all."


"H-how could she be so heartless?!" Naruto yelled, now angry. "She used me! I was just a replacement! Second best… Deadlast."

Naruto fell on the ground sobbing uncontrollably. "Deadlast, DEADLAST!! That's all I've ever been to her. Why couldn't she treat me like I was even HUMAN?!"

Naruto sat up to his knees. "Why?" he whispered. "Why can't I just forget about Konoha? Forget about the villagers? Forget about… her?"

Naruto stood up straight while looking at his hands. "Why, after all that, why do I still lo-"

Naruto suddenly looked to his right, aware of the chakra presence standing right next to him. Usually people couldn't sneak up on him, but his emotional state left him vulnerable.

"You know Naruto," Kakashi began, "It's been a long time, but seeing you again has reminded me about someone. Some girl, who I used to think was dead. But after seeing you came back, I'm not so sure. Maybe she's still out there… somewhere…"

"You're talking about Rin aren't you?"

Kakashi's eyes widened considerably. He slowly turned towards Naruto, wondering how he knows about her, and maybe if he's seen her. 'Maybe she's-'

"She's alive." Naruto stated. "And well."

Naruto left it at that and started walking off away from Kakashi. Kakashi swiftly turned around and was about to barrage him with questions but by the time he turned around, he was gone.

'She's alive?'

Kakashi fell to the ground, shedding tears of relief.


Sasuke and Itachi both sat across from each other in the Uchiha Mansion living room staring at each other. The tension in the air was so thick that you could feel it. Not one of them moved for a while, waiting for the other one to start the conversation, or argument. Itachi sat with his hands at his side, looking nonchalantly at Sasuke, almost amused. Sasuke on the other hand wasn't amused. He had his hands on his lap gripping his shorts furiously. He was glaring at Itachi with hatred. Itachi finally broke the silence.

"So, how have you be-"

"GET OUT!" Sasuke yelled.

"Heh, it's my house too you know?" Itachi replied.

"I don't care. You lost the right to live in this house."

"Oh, did I?" Itachi smirked.

"Hell yes you did! Whe-"

"Hey, just settle down alright. You know why I did it don't you? You know I had no control?" Itachi asked.

"Of course I do. But I don't care; those same hands that you use to eat with are the same hands that murdered my family!" Sasuke screamed.

"Sasuke, I cared for them too."

"Hnnn." Sasuke said. "Now get out."

Itachi sighed. He got up and walked out leaving Sasuke too his thoughts.

'The nerve! He thinks he can just come back when he wants? No way!'

Sasuke took some pockey out of his pocket and started munching.


Naruto took another bite out of his apple as he was standing in front of a certain apartment complex. 'I sure haven't been here in a while.'

He walked into the abandoned apartment complex, brushing away the cobwebs in the door way. He wasn't really surprised that the complex was in an even more disastrous state then when he had left it. The wall paper was peeling from the walls and there was dust everywhere. He walked towards the stairs, carefully remembering where the floor was weak. Naruto had to especially be careful on the stairs, one wrong step and he'd fall all the way down to the cellar. He cringed at the thought.

When he reached the door to his apartment he stood still for a little bit. Then he opened the door and stepped inside. He sighed disappointedly at what he saw.

It looked like a tornado had gone through his room. The bed was torn to pieces then burned and his cupboard still had an axe going right through the back of it. And on his wall there was graffiti and slanderous writing everywhere. Words condemning him, shouting praise that the demon was gone. The worst part was that some of the paint was still fresh.

'Even after all this time, they still hate me don't they?'

'Of course they do? Do you think they'd just forget about you? Think of all the family members they lost during the attack twenty-one years ago.'

'It's certainly been a while Kyubbi. You're not still mad from our last fight?'

'Hell yes I still am! You need to extract revenge! Think of all the pain they've caused you! Still are causing you!'

'I know but it's more complicated than that!'

'Ohhhh it's more complicated than that? You sound like a two year old.'

'Don't mock me!'

'I'll do whatever the hell I want, which is what's best for you.'

'Then tell me, wise one, how destroying Konoha could be best for me? All it would do is cause me pain.'

'I'm looking out for Sanatogakure too, kid. If you don't eliminate Konoha, sooner or later they're going to eliminate you! That's just the way it is.'

'No. I can make peace with them. I will make peace with them.'

'What is this all about now, huh? Is it really about making peace with Konoha? Or is it just you still trying to get everyone to acknowledge you? Do you think that just because you're the leader of a village that they're all of a sudden going to like you?!'

'I can't help that I still have bonds with the people here! It was my home for 16 years of my life.'

'Home, you say? What was so homely about it?'

'The people and the bonds that we had.'

'Well then sever those bonds! Make them pay!'

'I JUST CAN'T GODDAMNIT! You think it's that easy to kill off everyone then go on living?'

'It's either you or them, kit. Because, even now, they feel threatened by your presence.'

'Shut up.'

'They're going to betray you. I know it. As soon as you trust them again they're going to stab you in the back. I-'


'I'm just trying to look out for you. If you don't want my help fine! Sorry for caring!'





"SHIT!" Naruto yelled out loud as he hit his hand against the wall making a giant hole. That hole reminded him of something.

'I wonder if it's still there?' he thought.

Naruto lifted up the floor boards in his apartment ever so slowly.

'Please be there.'

He gasped as he found what he was looking for. Right underneath the floorboards under his bed was a chest. Naruto carefully opened the chest and sighed with relief. Carefully, he took out a picture of team seven. 'The original team seven' he thought. He wiped the dust off it and studied it a bit more. Then he took it and put it in his Akatsuki robe.

The other object in there meant a lot to Naruto also. Naruto put his hands in the chest and took out a kunai. Not just any kunai, this was the one that he had stabbed himself in the hand with on that fateful mission to wave.

Quickly, he pocketed it and then walked out of the apartment to rejoin the rest of Akatsuki.




The ANBU outside of the Hokage office cringed as they heard a loud bang from inside of the office. 'Probably Tsunade throwing her desk again.' He sighed.

"Lady Hokage?" The ANBU said while knocking. "Can you please open up this do-"

"Shut the hell up!." Came her reply, affectively cutting him off mid-sentence.

The other ANBU just shrugged. It's best to let the Hokage settle her own problems the way she wants to. No one wants to be on the receiving end of one of those desks. He cringed at the thought.

Just then Jiraya showed up. "Jiraya-sama!" they exclaimed. "Yea," Jiraya said while waving them off, "is Tsunade in there?"

"Hai, sir. But I'm not so sure that you want to go in there right now."

"Well I am." He replied. He tried the door but it was locked. He joggled it around a bit but it still wouldn't budge. "Ah, I never use the door anyways, do I?" Then Jiraya sped off.

Both ANBU gulped, afraid at the thought of what awaited the perverted sannin.

'I hope she's not too upset.' Jiraya thought.

Jiraya slipped in through the window. He was surprised that it was unlocked. 'It's almost as if she wants me to come he-'

"Get the HELL out of MY office you stupid pervert!!" Tsunade screamed and threw an object at him.

He narrowly avoided the sake bottle that flew right past his head and through the window.

"AAAAHHHHRGG!!" he heard outside from an unfortunate citizen walking in the streets below. Jiraya peeked outside and grimaced. 'Ouch!' he thought. Another sake bottle that was aimed for his head brought him out of his thoughts.

"I said GET OUT!!" she screamed and threw another bottle. Jiraya quickly grabbed it out of the air and put in his pocket. 'Save this for later. How many bottles does she have?'

Tsunade suddenly charged at him with her fist raised in the air. Jiraya sidestepped just in time to avoid getting his face bashed in and her fist slammed into the wall. She tried to whirl around and get him with her left hand but he caught the fist in his hand and refused to let go.

"Let go of me!!!" she screamed. She was slapping his chest like a little girl who didn't get her way. Jiraya tried his best to control her but to no avail; she was as wild as a banshee.

"I hate you! Let go of me! Let go of me!"

"GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!!" screamed Jiraya, his rage finally kicking in.

That shut her up fast and she looked down. She started walking away towards the opposite side of the room.

"You think that I'm some punching back that you can take your anger out on whenever you feel like it?! Who the hell do you think you are? You may be Hokage but I couldn't give a shit!"

Tsunade stopped at the other side of the room and somberly stared, finding the floor very interesting at the moment.

"Maybe you forgot, but it was thanks to me and Naruto that you even got to be Hokage!" He yelled.

"You don't even treat me like a human being!" He continued, still ranting, "I'm the one who's always looked out for you, always tried to cheer you up and you treat me like shit!"

'He's right,' she thought. 'I'm such a self-centered bitch.'

"Well I got a news flash for ya!" he exclaimed, "You're not the only one that cares about Naruto!"

He was gasping for breath it was silent for a minute then Tsunade spoke quietly.

"I'm such a bitch." She said.

Jiraya didn't know what to say, tears were pouring down her cheeks and she was shaking uncontrollably.

"That's me. A-always thinking about myself. I-it's just- It's just…"

She took a deep breath.

"Everyone w-who's ever loved m-me, always l-leaves me."

Jiraya sighed.

"My l-little brother and D-Dan were almost too much for me. B-but now that Naruto…"

She hiccupped.

"I j-just want someone to l-love me. Nobody needs me anymore. Dan, nee-chan, and n-now Naruto are gone. Nobody l-loves m-me…"

There was a silence.

"I do."

She turned quickly, her long blonde hair whipping around. They stared into each other's eyes from across the room. Not one of them could tell how long they stayed there like that, it could have been a few seconds, or it could have been an hour.

"I love you." He said again, this time starting to walk towards her.

He took a couple of steps forwards, still looking at her eyes the whole time.

"And I need you."

He was almost up to her now. She started backing up. Part of her was afraid of what was going to happen, another part thought that she didn't deserve him.

He kept on walking until she backed up against the wall. He put his arms on either side of her against the wall, so she couldn't get out. She was taking deep breaths now. He stared intently in her eyes, gazing into her soul.

"I love you more than anything."

The gap between their lips was getting smaller.

"I would do anything for you."

Their lips were almost touching.

"And I can't live without you."

Jiraya leaned forward a bit and teasingly brushed his lips against hers and then locked them tightly. Her eyes widened for a moment but then she relaxed and ran her hands through his white spiky hair. Jiraya wrapped his arms around her waist as the kiss became more intense. Eventually they stumbled over to the couch and laid down on it. After a while, they broke apart, gasping for breath, and Tsunade stared deeply into his eyes. She clutched him tightly, as if she was too afraid to let go. Jiraya wrapped his arms around her and put a couple of blankets over themselves.

"Thank you…" she whispered.

Unbeknownst to them, Sai was on the opposite side of the room, easel in hand painting. He stood up and looked at his masterpiece then looked back at Jiraya and Tsunade and smiled. Then he promptly scribbled his signature in the bottom-right hand corner and picked up the painting and set it next to where Jiraya and Tsunade were sleeping together.

The painting was of Jiraya and Tsunade. Jiraya had his hands on either side of her against the wall, and Tsunade had her arms draped over his shoulders, intertwining her fingers together. Their lips were locked passionately, you could almost feel the love that these two had just by looking at the picture.

Sai smiled one more time, then turned around, and walked out.

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