It had been a few weeks before Clopin was ready to leave the doctors bed, but his wound didn't diminish his laughter and light spirit. Kara hardly left his side, but she and Lily had become close during his time in the care of the good doctor, so she spent most of her time with Lily when Clopin was asleep. Kara knew that Lily was suffering from the loss of Frollo although he tried to have both of them killed, she loved him and his death hit her hard.

"Lily, are you ok? I know that Frollo's passing is…hard to accept but your alive and that's all that matters my friend." Kara said one afternoon while they were sitting on a hill looking at the sunset, while wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

"Its hard to go on… I mean yes I will miss him, but I don't know if I can love again like I did with him…we wasn't like how he was before he died…" Lily said as silent tears rolled down her face.

"Oh here, I found this when I saw Frollo a few days before, well he came into the Court of Miracles." Lily said as she pulled out the necklace Kara thought she had lost.

Handing the necklace to Kara she smiled and watched Kara put it back on. Once it was around her neck she looked at Lily and said,

"Lily, I want you to stay with Clopin and I."

Lily turned and looked at Kara with wide eyes looking shocked and surprised.

"But what about your wedding? I don't want to ruin it by you taking me in." Lily said. Laughing Kara hugged her.

"Clopin and I have agreed to hold off the wedding for a bit until you are happy and ready to celebrate with us. We both are quite fond of you, and your happiness is just as important as ours. You are not a stranger Lily, you are like family to me." She said with love and warmth.

Lily suddenly cried and whispered as she held her friend,

"Thank you…"

Finally, Clopin was ready to go home and he was excited to leave all this behind him and move on with his life with Kara. When they returned, the gypsies held a party to celebrate Clopin's health and return to his rightful spot of King of the Gypsies. Music and laughter once again filled the walls of the Court of Miracles, something that for a time, all the gypsies thought would never happen again. When Esmeralda and Phoebus announced that they were pregnant, another party was held for the soon-to-be parents.

"Congratulations to you both!" Lily and Kara said hugging each of them.

"Thank you, we can't believe it ourselves." Phoebus said wrapping his arms around Esmeralda.

" We would like to ask you and Lily a favour." Esmeralda said glowing like an expecting mother shines. "Would you both be the god mothers of our child?" she asked touching her tummy and smiling.

"Oh my god! Of course we will!" Kara said squealing like a little girl.

"I would be honoured." Lily smiled as she touched Esmeralda's hand, and then she walked away to her tent. Kara frowned in concern, but she knew that Lily would have to heal on her own time, however long that may be.

Clopin came up behind Kara, wearing a purple outfit and hugged her.

"You'll make a wonderful god mother." He said hugging her tighter. "And maybe a mother too someday." Clopin said with a hint of want in his voice.

"Maybe…" Kara smiled dreamily, enjoying the feel of his arms around her again.

They walked to their caravan and lay on the bed together, as the incident with Frollo never happened.

"Clopin…do you think Lily will be ok?" Kara said as she played with his goatee.

" I've known her since she was a child, she's a strong gypsy and she will be alright, but she needs to figure things out. She's a beautiful young woman, she will be alright my dear." Clopin said kissing her fore head.

"And what about us?" she asked placing her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

"What about us?" he asked concerned.

"Do you still want me, or are you sick of me?" she laughed.

Flipping her on her back, Clopin pinned her hands next to her head and smiled the smile Kara loved most from him.

"No mon Cherie, I could never get sick of you, you're my world." He said as he leaned in for a kiss.

"And you're my sun…" Kara said just as his lips pressed passionately onto hers. Together they shared another night together expressing their love, and giving each other what they needed, the proof to know that their love could over come anything.

Lily walked the streets of Paris the next day just walking around in her own thoughts as she did more often now that Frollo was dead. Everything reminded her of him, the Palace of Justice, the corner where they first met, the same bridge they had walked on holding hands and laughing…all of that seemed like a memory or a dream, to Lily it didn't seem like it ever happened at all. She sat near the edge of the stream where she and Frollo had once tumbled down when he tried to give her a kiss when she wasn't expecting it.

"What made you change?" she asked her reflection in the waters surface. She picked up a rock and threw it in watching her face become distorted and then slowly the water became still only to have a new face behind her.

Lily was shocked and gasped as she turned around to see a new gypsy man before her who looked the same age as Kara, eighteen or nineteen tops. She turned around so quickly that her hair blew in her face, giving her a look of mystery.

"Who are you?" she asked on her guard.

"You seemed upset." The young man said coldly. He had a long hooked nose, and black hair that matched his dark eyes. He wore black clothing, but she could tell that he was a gypsy.

"Its none of your business!" she snapped back, "What gives you the right to bother me and act so cold to a person you've never met?" Lily said as she got up.

"Human intolerance has made me this way." He said smirking a grin as he turned to walk away, when Lily saw a new gypsy in blue and purple ran up to the mysterious man she was talking to.

"Charles, for god sake don't run off like that!" she said as if she was scolding a child. She lightly hit him in the shoulder, but he didn't flinch. The new gypsy looked up and down Lily before saying,

"And you are?"

"My name is Lily and I'm a gypsy like you. Why haven't I seen you around before?" she asked folding her arms across her chest.

"My name is Melody and this is my brother Charles. We have been told that Paris is now a safe place since Frollo is finally dead. " The sister said. She had piercing green eyes with a slightly plump figure, and her comment of Frollo hurt her deeply, but she fought back her feelings and decided to help them.

"Do you have a place to stay?" Lily asked looking at Charles.


He didn't say much, and when he did it was quite cold and quick.

"There is a place where us gypsies are safe, you are welcomed to come and stay there with other gypsies and our king."

"We don't serve anyone." Melody said with annoyance.

"He doesn't rule us, but protects us and treats us as equals! How dare you insult him!" she said stomping her feet and she began to walk away.

"No wait, please I'm sorry, were new and could use your help." Melody answered.

Sighing deeply, annoyed, Lily told them to follow her as she led them through the cemetery and into the Court of Miracles.

"Come, you should meet Clopin so he knows who you are." Lily said pointing to the large caravan with the purple tent over it.

They came into view of Clopin and Kara playing with the puppets that Clopin had made of both she and him.

"Clopin, this is Charles and Melody. They are gypsies like us and need a home."

Clopin smiled and welcomed them,

"You are most welcomed here! I am Clopin king of the gypsies and this is Kara, the soon to be queen of the gypsies." He said as Kara walked up next to him.

Melody seemed bewildered at the sight of Clopin, as if she was suddenly hit by lightning. To her he was the most handsome gypsy she had ever seen.

"Thank you so much for taking us in." Melody said as she hugged him.

Kara was taken back, but didn't pay attention, she knew Clopin loved her, and that's all that mattered.

Laughing an uncomfortable laugh, Clopin moved away from her and said to Lily,

"Show them a empty tent where they may stay, I presume that you are married?"

Melody laughed,

"No no no! Were brother and sister! I'm totally free!"

"Well you are welcomed to stay as long as you wish." Kara said.

Charles nodded and Melody waved good-bye to Clopin and shot Kara a evil grin as Lily showed them their new home.

"Well she's certainly taken with you my dear." Kara said lightly hitting him and smiled.

Clopin laughed, "Yes, but I don't think she has a chance." He said bringing her closer to him, and Kara smiled, but a part of her worried, what was this Melody up to?