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Sasuke sighed and looked at the new arrivals for the year, they were here for one reason and one reason only; their desperate parents had run out of options. Looking at the class he could see why. He had read all of their personal files, and it would appear Tsunade had given him the truly screwed up bunch this year. He had abused revenge obsessed boys, boys who clearly had some sort of mental illness and a few girls who probably needed to be locked up. But then this was a place for the rich families to make their black sheep disappear at least until they were old enough for them to be disowned. Glaring he looked down at the files again to the one marked Hiroshu, Naoe. He knew this kid, he lived round this way always causing trouble, he didn't have any family to pay for this, so where was the money coming from. He looked at the family name again Hiroshu where had he heard that before? He knew he knew the name but couldn't remember the reason. Placing the folder back on the desk he ignored it, when it came back to him he would worry until then he had to get control of this class. Standing up he opened his mouth and coughed, quietly, unsurprisingly the noise didn't abate, so he coughed again slightly louder, again nothing changed. Sasuke calmly walked over to the door and pulled the red lever next to it, the sprinkler system turned itself on and a class of 19 soggy students went silent and turned to their teacher and glared,

"What's the deal?" yelled one from the back

"Yeah, who do you think you are, drenching us like that?" called another this time a girl closer to the front

Sasuke sighed, it was the same each year, he would have to wrest control of the class by drenching them each morning and making them stay that way until they learned to be silent when he coughed, it was a simple conditioning mechanism, usually used on animals to be truthful.

"It's simple, when I stand up and cough you are to be silent, class is in progress. As it's the first day I allowed you two coughs before I turned on the sprinklers, from now on if you continue to be disruptive after the first cough I turn it on and you get wet." He walked over and turned the sprinklers off "You are not allowed to go and change clothes or dry off you stay this way until the end of the day, if you are being noisy later and I cough and you don't stop I will turn them on again"

Immediately angry chatter broke out in the classroom and Sasuke coughed, nothing happened, so he turned the water on again. He had a feeling this class was going to be very wet for a very long time.

"You can't do this to us, we have rights. Wait till my dad hears about this," said one kid, Tsume, Sasuke thought his name was

"Actually merely the fact you are here allows me to treat you as I see fit, there will be no repercussions unless I act grossly out of conduct, for instance if I was to sexually harass one of you." Sasuke paused letting this sink in "I can do whatever I feel is necessary to help you sort out your issues"

17 faces stared back at him before one kid called out "Issues? What make you think we got issues man? You're the one you soaked us"

Sasuke grinned this part he liked he sat down and looked at them "Do you know why you're here?" he asked "any of you?"

"My dad told me this was a place where special people with lots of money went," said one girl at the front looking up from highlighting some newspaper article "only the very richest can afford this place" she turned her nose up "I expected better to be honest"

Sasuke laughed "well I suppose your right, this is for special rich people, but not that kind of special"

He rummaged around under the desk and brought out their files dumping them down on the surface with a loud bang "these are your medical files ever since you were born"

He paused letting them look at the size of the pile " this is only the summary notes, full details are held in the office and medical section of this house, some of you have whole filing cabinets all to yourself"

There was silence as 17 faces stared at the large pile in front of Sasuke, he continued

"Each of you are here because you have a problem, whether it be because of something traumatic in your past, or a mental condition, maybe even a mixture of both. Today is about getting to know each other, some of you have already made friends, or at least worked out which rich kid to hang around." Sasuke smirked as the blond and pink haired girls blushed and looked towards their feet "Today is when you get told what each others trauma is, and what yours is" he paused again as the news sunk in.

Part of him felt guilty for enjoying the looks of horror on these rich kids faces, but it was small part and he ignored it "You will not be told the intimate details of each case only the things you need to be aware of. For instance Satichi here can hack anything and collects viruses so I would advise against letting him anywhere near your electronics. Toushi is very apt at reading people and exposing their inner fears so I suggest keeping conversations with him nice and neutral." He smiled brightly at the class as the realisation hit them-they were stuck in this house to the end of the year at least with a bunch of nut cases. Sasuke smiled to himself his work was already partially done they were scared.

"So lets start shall we Naoe Hiroshu stand up" the kid at the back who had been yelling earlier stood up and stared at him resolutely with his hands in his pockets. Now Sasuke could see his face clearly he knew exactly where the kid was getting the money from, Tsuande was related to him, he had heard her mention him a couple times usually rudely and to some cop who'd come round looking for him. She claimed she didn't know him despite the fact he lived with her, and she had some small affection for the boy, guess this was the last ditch option for trying to control him he thought to himself.

Sasuke stepped forward the boys file in his hands "lets see" he said running his finger over the information the others didn't need to know "Disruptive behaviour in all other schools resulting in expulsion. Numerous arrests for various minor things, kicked out of various homes and foster homes" Sasuke looked up "seems like you're the most normal one of the bunch, sit down" Naoe sat down and put his feet on the table. Sasuke glared at him and Naoe glared back, Sasuke sighed and walked over to his desk and pulled it out from under his feet leaving a surprised Naoe sitting on a chair his desk and the stuff on it being carried to the front of the class by Sasuke.

Sasuke set the desk down and sat on it opening the next folder "Seimei Oichi" he said "Stand up" the room was silent as the dark haired boy stood, long hair falling over his face as he rested slightly on the desk. Everyone knew his name; the Oichi family was the single richest family in Japan and this kid knew it. He looked coolly at Sasuke and Sasuke had the uncomfortable feeling of looking into his own eyes, and of being judged by some younger version of himself. Still if he broke eye contact the boy would have won and then he would be back to square one with the control issue, holding his gaze as the Oichi regarded him with a disinterested look before looking away with a small grunt. Somehow Sasuke still felt like he'd lost that battle. He cleared his throat quietly and looked at the file,

"Was abused as a child, repression kept the memories at bay until about a year ago when they started coming back, hates physical contact and claims he lives only to 'take revenge against his abuser and make sure he gets what's coming to him'. Is obsessively tidy, some suicidal tendencies. Please sit down Seimei" the boy sat down flicking the hair behind his back and resting his head on his palm still calmly staring at Sasuke, Sasuke ignored it and opened the next file,

"Iroki Keniti, stand" he said bored by now, the pink haired girl carried on highlighting the newspaper articles "wait I gotta do three more in blue and one in pink on this page before I can move anywhere." She changed pen and hurriedly highlighted an article about some rich kid in her home town before standing up, she tapped her arm three times and lifted her foot of the ground "ok I'm good"

The class stared in amazement, Sasuke merely looked at the file again "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" he said "Sometimes spreads over onto people and she can become almost stalker like, has been arrested by two or three families personal police on several occasions. Seems her obsession centres on colour, as you can see it's pink" and he pointed at her hair which was dyed a vivid shade of pink, along with her dress which was slightly calmer but pink none the less. She blushed and turned and waved to the class "hi guys, sometimes I might do weird stuff before moving anywhere, don't worry about it's normal for me. Oh and don't ever move any of my furniture, it's really not funny it has to be in that exact spot or something awful will happen." The look of seriousness on her face discouraged any would be pranksters and Sasuke was glad she was so bubbly about her disorder, he had a feeling the same warning coming from him would just have provoked these kids.

"Sit down Iroki" he said and she tapped her other arm three times put her foot down and sat on her chair picking up the highlighters again, Sasuke let it slide for the moment. But tomorrow her colours would be confiscated and she would slowly learn to deal without them, then he could move onto her other obsessions.

Sasuke looked at the still large pile of folders on his desk and sighed it was going to be a long day, he picked up the next one "Shinichiro Jichi" he called and waited for someone to stand up. All he got was silence "Shinichiro Jichi" he called again before zeroing in on the mass of hair at the back of the class; he was asleep. Sighing Sasuke reached over and grabbed a black board pen, aiming carefully he threw it at Shinichiro and hit him dead centre on the head, Shinichiro sat up glaring at him,

"I was enjoying my rest what's your deal?" he said annoyed

"My deal is that I'm your teacher, this is my class and your not supposed to sleep, now bring your desk and chair down here next to Naoe's you can stand for the rest of today so you won't be tempted to sleep again.

"Effort" came the reply as the boy half rolled off, half stood up from his chair and dragged it down to the front noisily before slowly going back to his place and standing, hands in pockets, making a point to yawn occasionally, Sasuke ignored him.

"Shinichiro Jichi, good at everything, up until last year when his sister unexpectedly died, feels there's no point in living as we all die anyway. Tried to commit suicide but the effort involved in moving the blade was to much, his parents found him asleep with the knife resting on his arm." Sasuke bit back a smile at this statement, this was almost unbelievable laziness, although he did understand the kids point about eventual death, it kind of made sense…if you approached life and living sideways…and squinted. He looked up at the kid, who had somehow managed to fall asleep standing up, sighed he threw another pen at him, this time winding him "don't sleep in my lesson kid" he said and opened the next file.

"Soubi Aoyagi" he called and tall boy near the front stood up, the dark blonde hair dyed red at the tips looked almost as if it were bleeding. He glared resolutely at Sasuke with a look that stated clearly, given half a chance; he would injure this man. "Born to be an organ donor to his father, his father died shortly after the surgery and his mother killed herself shortly after his birth and her husband's death. The only family he has are his older brother and sister." Sasuke pointed to the two blondes either side of him "Amekaze and Hijoushiki Aoyagi, they are here to 'watch him' according to their files." Sasuke read down the list of notes about this kid and he felt slightly sorry for him, unlike most of the others here, his problems were entirely out of his control and almost justified "Has trust issues, and according to most people is incapable of affection or forming bonds. Chronic insomniac"

There was a derisive snort from the back of the class, and Sasuke looked up to find Naoe staring down at him "No one's incapable of affection, maybe he just hasn't found anyone worth it. Not surprising given his family, I mean who has a kid just to take his organs?" he snorted again before shaking his head "Stupid"

Soubi looked up at him and his gaze softened slightly although it still promised painful encounters later, Sasuke watched the exchange and smiled inwardly, maybe this bunch of misfits wouldn't be such hopeless cases after all.

"Sit down Soubi" he said and reached for another folder, looking over at the clock, it was almost lunchtime. He opened the next folder, time to wrap this up he thought and called another name.


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