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Tsunade watched as the car approached, she sat on her car bonnet next to Sakura, her arms crossed,

"Do you really think this will work?" Sakura spoke barely above a whisper

"It's the only chance we have"

Sakura sighed, "it still makes no sense, everything I know about psychology and biology, medicine, everything. This shouldn't have worked, you can't transplant one person's mind into another's"

"I know, but Orochimaru has always been a brilliant doctor. His methods were cruel and ruthless but he has always succeeded where others failed"

Sakura sighed "Did it not occur to him that maybe something's shouldn't be done?"

Tsunade laughed "Of course, that only made it even more attractive to him. His vendetta against the Uchiha family only helped fuel this obsession"

"Why Naruto? He hasn't done anything to hurt Orochimaru and this was done before he even knew Sasuke"

Tsunade shrugged "I don't know, maybe Naruto was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time"

Sakura looked down "If this doesn't work…"

Tsunade slammed her hand into the bonnet as she stood up to greet the fast approaching car "It will work, I don't want to hear anything else"

Sakura sighed quietly but nodded, standing as Sai pulled up in front of them, he and Sasuke got out of the car,

"Tsunade-san" Sasuke bowed his head slightly "Sai said you could help"

Tsunade nodded as Gaara joined them "I am going to try"

"He's asleep" Gaara indicated to the car where Naruto's blonde hair could barely be seen

"Good, it's best to do this while he's unconscious, please get him out I've brought some bits from school, but this is going to be very rudimentary"

Sasuke went to get Naruto as Gaara followed Tsunade to help her unpack,

"You are not certain this will work" Gaara stared at her

She sighed "No, in fact I have very little faith in it all, but this is the best we have"

"He'll die won't he" it wasn't a question "I can see it in your eyes, you're trying to protect us"

Tsunade looked at him before nodding slowly "There is a high chance he won't survive"

Gaara nodded "don't tell Sasuke" he turned taking a pile of stuff with him moving far enough away that no one could see the way his limbs shook when he looked at Naruto

"Mah, there's nothing to do around here" Iroki was hanging upside down on the back of the settee facing the door, freshly dyed pink hair spread around her "there aren't enough teachers for class to continue and Iruka won't let us outside"

"You've said the same thing every day for the past three days, if you're so bored find something to do"

"It's ok for you Shin-chan, all you wanna do is sleep anyway"

"Shinichiro idiot, not Shin-chan"

Iroki swung upright and looked over towards the window, where Imiti was running on a treadmill Lee had brought down for her in an effort to give her something constructive to do when she got fidgety


"Don't use that whiny tone on me, if you want something say it" she never even looked over her shoulder, Iroki pouted

"I think we should organise a game to play or something, like a treasure hunt"

"Hunting what? There's nothing valuable here"

Iroki glared at Shinichiro

"Ok, boy against girls, we'll make a list of things to collect around the school, like any objects at all whoever gets the most wins"

"First of all boys far outnumber girls, and two teams isn't much of a competition, second win what?" Shinichiro had given up on sleep

She frowned thinking

"a pass to go to the town"

The group looked up and found Iruka standing in the doorway "I like the idea, it'll get you working together as a team and stop you from lounging about. I'll write up the list of things to get and which ever team wins gets a pass. I'd suggest teams of between four and six. Let me know when you're ready"

Iroki grinned at the group, they stared back already resigned to their fate,

"Come on guy's, it'll be fun"

They grumbled but quickly set about sorting themselves into teams before Iroki did it for them. A few minutes later Iruka came back in and handed out the list of items,

"Team with the most items wins, if more than one team has the same number of items the first ones back win, you have until this time tomorrow" he smiled "I'm an item on the list by the way, if you can't find me you can't win"

Iroki grinned happily already reading the list eagerly, Imiti, Chiru and Shinchiro standing behind her reading over her shoulder,

"Well these ones are easy" she said pointing "blackboard chalk, cereal bar, yellow pens, they're all things we have easy access to, but how the hell are we supposed to get our hands on a piece of Lee spandex? Or one of Naruto's T-shirts?"

"We're not, at least not all of them I mean how many t-shirts can Naruto have left laying around?" Shinichiro joined in the conversation from his position on the floor

Iroki pouted "but I wanted to get all the items"

"Well we can, just gotta be quick and sneaky about it"

Iroki nodded "ok gang lets go" she marched out of the room determinedly

The three left behind looked at each and decided it wasn't worth the effort of arguing with her.

Tsunade looked at Naruto and sighed, he looked so peaceful asleep in the back of the car; it was hard to imagine just hours ago he had been rampaging through the abandoned village. She turned walking back to the car quietly to gather her things and prepare,

"Sakura, Sasuke can you get him out the car Gaara, Sai can you help me out over here" she called over her shoulder, pausing when she got response "Sakura?" she turned her eyes widening

"Beautiful isn't it?" a pale fingers dragged its way down the window of Naruto's car "A perfect transition, one pre programmed consciousness planted into a living, breathing person. Of course there was a mistake, the original consciousness was supposed to be wiped out but I suppose compromises must be made"

"Orochimaru" Tsunade looked around searching for the rest of the group, her eyes fell on then off to one side, they looked knocked out. Standing guard was a familiar face "Itachi"

He grinned and walked over, sauntering closer "Good evening….sensei" he mocked her quietly

"I thought you had better taste" she said glancing over his shoulder at Orochimaru

"Yes, well he does the job I need"

Tsunade smirked "the right tool" she murmured just loud enough for the black haired man to hear

Orochimaru bristled and stepped forward

Itachi tutted "I didn't bring you here to get morally offended and start fights, I brought you here to control that thing"

Tsunade clicked her tongue and grinned at him "Oh far you've fallen brother, taking order from an Uchiha, not only that but the Uchiha with the most screws loose"

He glared at her but remained silent, joining Itachi's side, neither noticing the four behind stirring slightly and opening their eyes.

"So Itachi, what bring you out here to this shit hole? I always had you pegged for a pent house kinda guy" Tsunande was desperately trying to think of things to keep them occupied whilst Sai sorted out their restraints and freed the three around him

"Desperate times, besides I can't have my little monster running loose over town can I? I needed a place to test run him, make sure he was up to the job"

"What job would that be then"?

"What has my goal always been Tsunande?" he asked mockingly as though saying it for the hundredth time he leant in close "Get to Sasuke" he whispered

Tsunande leant in "you may just get your wish" and Itachi fell forward collapsing as Sasuke swung a large piece of wood at him, hitting him square in the back of the head.

"Bastard, he's not a monster. You're not content to ruin my life you have to ruin everyone else to?" Sasuke was angry, he advanced on Itachi ignoring the call from behind to stop before he went to far. Ignoring the card door opening and ignoring the sleepy figure stepping out of it. He couldn't however ignore the angry, almost feral, Naruto that landed in front of him, teeth bared.