Title: One Night

Rating: T for suggestive scenes and swearing.

Genre: Romance/General (I want it to be humuros but I don't know if it'll be funny for other people)

Pairings: Draco/Harry (main, eventual) Ron/Hermione (side) Sirius/Remus (side) Others probably.

Summary: After a drunken night at a Gryffindor party, Draco Malfoy wakes up with no clothes and no memory of who he was with, but then when he does find out, and the consequences, does he really want to know?

Warnings: SLASH (boy on boy) Mpreg (male pregnancy) Swearing, suggestive scenes (although no actual sex sense, sorry but I can't write them) Probably some bad spelling and grammar, until I get a beta.


Chapter 1: Mistakes

The whole of the Great Hall of Hogwarts was alive with the general sounds of the students, as they discussed the coming Hogsmead trip and the Quidditch season.

At the Slytherin table, Draco Malfoy sat with his usual group of comrades. At seventeen Draco had matured considerably in looks, although his attitude still needed an adjustment. His silver-blonde hair fell over his ears, brushing the nape of his neck. His pale skin had some more colour to it and his quicksilver eyes were brighter. After the war, in which he had switched to the Light side, much to his parent's outrage, he had been able to be more relaxed without his father breathing down his neck.

He took a sip of his coffee as he survived the hall. Slughorn had become the permeate Potions Master, after Snape had been exposed as a Death Eater and killed in the war. Tonks had become the DADA Professor, although she caused a lot of accidents and one came to class with the threat of injury. He supposed she was a half-decant teacher, all things considered.

His eyes traveled around the rest of the Hall. Everyone had all but forgotten the war and Voldermort, although there were those who had lost people dear to them, they would recover in time, but it still felt fresh to them. He tried to pick out Harry Potter, the savior of the Wizarding world, but Potter was missing.

Draco frowned. He could see the Weasel and Granger, but no Potter, which was odd. He looked up at the head table; Dumbledore was missing also, Strange.

He dismissed it from his mind, returning to breakfast and picking up on the conversation of his housemates. They were discussing Quidditch and the head on Gryffindor, when the post arrived.

The owls swept over the hall, delivering the usual mail, and amazing the first years that were still coming to terms with them. Draco's eagle owl landed on the table before him, sticking out his leg lazily to allow him to take the usual mail. It wasn't much, just the paper and a few letters concerning his inheritance, he would be receiving it on his eighteenth birthday, which seemed just too far away.

He looked up as the people around him erupted in laughter, which was rather rare among the Slytherins. Draco turned to Blaise, across from him, giving him a questioning look.

Blaise calmed down, smirking. "We're just talking about last month's party, where we crashed the Gryffindor's victory celebration."

The Gryffindors had won the first game of Quidditch against Huffelpuff, so in celebration they had an all night party, which the Slytherins had crashed, not that the half drunk and overly happy Gryffidnors noticed.

Draco kept his face an impassive mask as he inwardly winced at the night. He had had way too much alcohol and could not remember anything past a drinking contest with Thomas and Finnegan. The next day he woke up naked, alone and with absolutely no recount of what he had done, or who he had been with.

The blonde snapped out of his silent musing as Blaise recounted a game of Truth and Dare he and some Gryffindors had played, which resulted in two unlikely make outs and a Gryffindor with no pants. The others howled with laughter and Draco smirked, pretending he had been listening.

They headed to class with the other students, Draco sticking to his group and still trying to sort through his foggy memory of the party. He had ended up in the Room of Requirements, so it was hard to pinpoint who he had been with. It obviously wasn't one of the Slytherins, or a Gryffindor girl, he would have found out in no time. So that left a Gryffindor boy, but who?

Draco was mulling over this during Charms and Potions and still had his mind on it during Lunch. It was useless really, he had been thinking of it all month and he still could come up with nothing. He must have been really drunk.

He had considered getting a memory refreshing potion but he was not all sure he wanted to know who exactly he had been with. He was still mulling through this when he was approached by a stern looking McGonagall as he headed to the Dungeons for his free Period.

She had the 'you're in serious trouble' look that always made the young Malfoy uneasy, although he would never, ever admit this. Draco stopped, waving on his housemates, who looked back curiously, but headed on never the less, chatting loudly.

When their voices had faded into the dungeon corridors McGonagall spoke, "Malfoy, the Headmaster wants to see you."

Draco nodded and followed the Transfiguration Professor, scanning his mind quickly. What had he possibly done? He hadn't seriously injured any students, he hadn't broken any serious rules, he hadn't even been taunting Potter and his friends, what would he be needed for?

His stomach twisted nervously as he was lead to the Gargoyle protecting Dumbledore's office.

"Pepper mints." McGonagall said, leading him up the appearing staircase. She knocked on the door and entered, Draco trailing behind.

Inside Dumbledore wasn't alone. Madam Pomfery was sitting in a squishy chair, looking stern, Head of Slytherin, Slughorn, was standing by the fireplace, looking a lot less concern then the others. The Headmaster, with his eyes twinkling, which was damn annoying, was sitting behind his desk, his hands clasped before him. Ex-Professor Lupin was standing beside the free false convict Sirius Black, and the last occupant of the room was Potter, who was sitting in one of the three chairs beside Pomfery, his back to the door.

Now Draco was really confused, what was going on? He wanted to ask but he held his tongue, waiting to be told. He hadn't done anything to Potter that he knew of.

"Mr. Malfoy, take a seat." Dumbledore offered.

Hesitantly Draco lowered himself into the seat, glancing across at Potter, who didn't look at him. Potter had grown too, although he was still much too short for his age and maybe a little too thin. His messy black hair was now almost shoulder length and was less messy. He had ditched his glasses in favor of contacts and his emerald green eyes were more noticeable then ever, framed by sooty black eyelashes.

Draco tore his eyes away from Potter and looked back to the silver haired Headmaster. "Has something happened, sir?" He drawled.

Sirius Black scowled at him and Lupin sent him a look. Draco decided to ignore them.

Dumbledore's eyes traveled from Harry to Draco and back again, as though gathering his thoughts. Finally he answered. "Mr. Malfoy, I believe that last month you and some other Slytherins decided to join in on a Gryffindor celebration."

Was that all this was? Was Potter complaining about last month's party? If so, why was Draco the only Slytherin getting the blame?

He schooled his features and nodded once coolly. No point denying it, he might as well just get the punishment and be done with it.

Dumbledore unclasped his hands, laying the palms flat against the table. "Do you remember anything happening?"

Draco thought about it. He hadn't done anything too bad, just drunk too much and ended up in his predicament of no clothes.


Dumbledore nodded. Everyone was quiet, as though they were holding their breath, waiting for something that was expected to happen. Draco felt on edge and found himself holding his breath, waiting for whatever it was to come.

"Well, Mr. Malfoy, it would seem that you and Mr. Potter may have…spent the night together."

Draco stared at him in open shock. He knew the old coot was ridiculously crazy, but that was taking it too far. Like he would have anything to do with Potter, it was laughable.

"You're crazy." Draco snapped. "Like I would do anything with Potter."

Beside him Potter sent him a frosty glare. "Believe me, Malfoy, I would be more then happy to deny it too."

Draco sent him a back a heated glare. "You believe this old coot?"

"Well I did wake up next to you, so yea!" Potter growled.

All the colour in Draco's face drained away. OH CRAP! If Potter knew about waking up beside him….It was too horrible to even consider!

"So what?" Draco demanded when he was able to pull himself together. "So what if we slept together, not like it'll happen again."

Potter frowned, his eyes holding smoldering hatred for the taller blonde. "It matters," he snapped, "because I'm pregnant with your bloody child!"

So there you are, with the first chapter. This is probably a typical plot but I felt I should write it. It isn't a 'Harry and Draco love each other straight away' plot, although they will fall for each other eventually. Hopefully you'll all like it. Please REVIEW! And you can tell me to get off my lazy ass and write more of my other stories, hehe.

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