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-Kate's POV-

I've known Brody Burkhart since I was twelve years old. I met her in junior high and we stayed friends. Not the best of, but friends. She was a really interesting girl. She always seemed to have a smile on her face and a witty comeback to any insult. I was always jealous of her eyes, but she said she'd kill to have my tan. She was pale as a ghost. The girl just couldn't tan to save her life. Anyway, her eyes were a dark green, like nothing I'd ever seen before. Everyone thinks they're contacts. Her dyed deep red hair only made them stand out more. I personally think she'd be prettier if she didn't have a lip ring. Not a fan of facial piercings. Her nose stud wasn't so bad though.

She was gorgeous, but she didn't have the best reputation. Half of it was made up by jealous girls, who's crushes were more interested in Brody then them, so they took it out on her on the bathroom wall. But half of her rep was true too. Apparently, she was good at what she did, her wild appearance intriguing guys even more. She's the girl who sent Aaron Abbot on his ego trip sophomore year. Now he thinks he can get any girl he wants. She made Reid Garwin a man freshman year, letting him deflower her. Then there was Caleb Danvers, who she'd been messing around with sophomore year, before Aaron. Gerard Miller and Casey Brown from the swim team were the other two notches in her bedpost from the swim team. Then there was Andy Masters, Ben Williams, Taylor Knight, Sean Alves, Grant McCartney, and some more…

I didn't hold it against her though. They all gave her confidence, which I know she lacked. Though it hardly ever showed, I've seen her break down a few times. She's been my roommate at Spenser Academy since freshman year. She comes off as an all around average girl with a bit of a wild streak, but she's really insecure. She doesn't eat much. And I'm pretty sure she's a bulimic, though I've never had the guts to say anything or follow her to the bathroom after meals. On top of her insecurities, she was terrified of commitment. She'd find a reason not to date every guy that showed interest. She had her fun and then she was done. That's what happened with Caleb. He asked her out and she freaked. I'm not sure the two have made eye contact since though they do hang out during lunch and at Nicky's.

The reason I'm thinking so much about her though is that it's the beginning of my senior year and I haven't seen her. I have a new roommate named Sarah Wenham (who so has it for Caleb already). But I haven't even heard from Brody. I certainly have heard about her though, and classes haven't even started yet!

No one seemed to know what happened to her. Just things they've heard. She dropped out. She got pregnant. She's in rehab. Her parents are broke, so she can't afford to go to Spenser anymore. She transferred to the public. She eloped in Vegas with last years Algebra T.A. She committed suicide (that one was Kira Snider's story. She only wished). The most popular story I've heard though was she moved. A few people said they saw a Century 21 sign outside her house over the summer. I could never manage to stay in touch with Brody over the summers for long. I really wish I knew where she was though…

Months passed and there was still no sign of her. Of course, I was preoccupied with some crazy fucking new kid Chase who decided to try and kill Caleb for magical powers I had no idea he, my boyfriend, Reid and Tyler had. Needless to say I was pretty pissed off when I found out Pogue was keeping that secret from me. Especially after I ended up cursed and in the hospital. I can't believe I trusted that fucker Chase. But time passed and I forgave Pogue and we were settled again. Pretty soon half the year had gone by and no word from Brody. I called her phone a few times, but it always was out of service. Maybe she got a different phone? It was true what people were saying though. She didn't live in her house anymore. I drove by once… just to check. There was an old couple sitting on the porch swing.

After a while, I forgot about Brody. She never attempted to contact me. I was more focused on the four boys and their ascensions. Three had passed. Tyler had been the only one left up until this morning. By April 22nd, all four Sons of Ipswich were eighteen and had officially ascended. Of course, now that they were eighteen, they just had to go to some sleazy strip joint in West Newbury. I decided it was okay for Pogue to go, but just this once. He was delighted. I had to cross my arms over my chest in annoyance when it came to Sarah and Caleb. Did I mention they're going out?

"I really don't mind staying behind Sarah. It's not a big deal. Those places are degrading anyway," Caleb said, smiling softly to his petite blonde girlfriend. I scoffed and smacked Pogue in the arm.

"Why can't you be like that?" I snapped. He looked absolutely shocked.

"You said I could go!" Pogue defended.

"Yeah, well you could've at least put up an argument," I pouted.

"It's okay Caleb, really. Just have fun… and keep your hands to yourself," Sarah joked with her boyfriend, gently shoving him. He laughed deeply and kissed her.

"Let's get the hell outta here bitches!" Reid yelled from the driver's side of Tyler's black Hummer, hitting the side of the door out his open window with his hand.

"Reid!" Tyler yelled at his best friend from the passenger's seat, not wanting the reckless blonde to damage his pride and joy. "Watch it!"

"Yeah, yeah baby boy. Get in you pussies!" Reid shouted at our boyfriends, honking the horn now instead. I rolled my eyes at him. He's so annoying.

"Bye babe," Pogue said, kissing me on the lips quickly.

"Remember our deal?" I asked, giving him the 'I'm fucking serious' look.

"Yeah. Don't spend more then twenty dollars at that whore house," Pogue repeated, mimicking my voice.

"I'm serious," I said, shoving him back. He's lucky I'm not kicking his ass for going to a strip club.

"Hey, I already said you could come if it's that big of a deal!" he said, grinning wickedly. I shook my head and tried hiding my smile, but I couldn't. "I'll see you later."

"Pigs," I spat to Sarah as the boys climbed into the Hummer and drove off. Sarah laughed and we went back towards the Spenser boarding house.

We went in the bathroom downstairs. We decided to hang out in the common room for a while to see who was around and watch some TV. I stood in front of the mirror, running my fingers through my long, dark hair while Sarah did her thing in the stall.

"Who's Brody Burkhart?" Sarah asked as she flushed the toilet. I stopped fixing my hair and frowned.

"Why?" I asked, wondering what she'd heard. I'm really not interested in telling her that Brody used to fuck Caleb.

"Nothing, there's just a lot of real nasty things written on the wall about her," Sarah pointed out, opening the stall and walking out. "But I don't think I know her. Did she graduate or something?" Sarah continued, standing next to me to wash her hands.

"No… she used to be my roommate. I don't know what happened to her. I think she moved. Her family doesn't live in their house anymore," I told Sarah.

"Oh… why's all that stuff in there about her?"

I sighed. "Brody… she was a nice girl, she really was. She just… made bad decisions. Slept around. A lot. It's not like she had AIDS or anything, but she did it to make herself feel better. But I think that it only made her feel worse…" I trailed off, rethinking my words. It was true. I think she always felt used, even though she covered it up well.

I saw Sarah make a face in the mirror at the thought of being with a bunch of guys. "Let me guess, she must've been with Reid."

"Yeah… she was. Only once though. A while ago. Freshman year. They were both virgins," I told her, wondering why she just tossed her virginity away on him of all people. I never had the guts to ask her. It's not like she cringed at the mention of his name or anything. Quite the opposite actually. They hung out a lot. But she never really liked talking about what she did with guys, although that's all the guys could think about doing after. Letting their friends know about their crazy one or two nighter with the Spenser wild child. But she was just another locker room joke in the end and she knew it.

"She never… with any of the others, did she?" Sarah asked, looking slightly uneasy. I know she meant did she ever screw Caleb.

I looked at my friend and scraped my teeth over my lower lip. "She… went with Caleb for a while…" I mumbled, hoping she wouldn't hear and forget what she had asked. Nope. I saw the girls face drop in the mirror's reflection. "Look, it was sophomore year Sarah. A long time ago."

"Yeah. Yeah I know. I know he's been with other girls. It's not a big deal I just wondered…"

"Caleb's clean as a whistle. Don't even worry. As far as I know Brody was too. So chill." Sarah nodded and we left the bathroom going to sit on one of the common room couches, chilling with some girls from our Calc class. But now I had her on my mind. I'd stopped wondering what happened to Brody for a while, but now that's all I could think about…