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The Life Ruiner

Chapter 15: Unexpected Proposals

-Caleb's POV-

I was fucking pissed.

To say the least.

Reid's done a lot of retarded things in his life, but he's never gotten arrested before. This was just the icing on the screw up cake for Reid. I had to bail his ass out of jail, and Aaron's probably going to press charges, knowing him.

I can only hope Reid has some dirt on the guy to keep him out of the courtroom.

All three girls stared wide-eyed at Reid as he looked up at the ceiling, still seething. I have no idea what had gotten him so worked up outside of Nicky's but he really went overboard this time. What he'd done to Aaron can be considered assault!

He's so lucky Tyler's dad is a lawyer.

He may need one.

"What happened?" Sarah asked, exasperated as I stepped into the house and Brody closed the door behind me. I grabbed the back of Reid's jacket and pushed him up the stairs. I know Reid always challenges me, but he's not about to open his mouth after I just saved his ass.

"This moron beat the hell out of Aaron. And badly this time. He clearly doesn't realize he isn't a minor anymore," I hissed, making sure he sat his ass down on the couch.

I hadn't even begun to rip his head off yet.

"God Reid! I know Aaron's an ass but you can't do things like that anymore!" Kate scolded, shaking her head and crossing her arms over her chest. The three of us stood before him, looking down, waiting for the explanation I had yet to receive. I'm sure it will be a classic Garwin excuse.

Brody was the only one who slid on to the couch next to him, turning his chin to face her. She winced and gave a little hiss as she inspected the damage on Reid's face.

He had a pretty nasty black eye and a puffed out lip. "Let me get you some ice for that," she offered, standing and disappearing towards the kitchen. My shoulders slumped as his eyes followed her out of the room, then they returned to his lap once she was out of sight.

I licked my dry lips. Was something going on here? I love Sarah, don't get me wrong. But it's always hard to see someone you used to have feelings for, strong feelings for, with someone else.

What am I saying?

Reid isn't with her. He would've wanted to rub it my face if he were. Then again, apparently he'd been hiding... some sort of relationship that they'd had through junior year.

I frowned at all these thoughts as Brody returned with an ice pack wrapped in a dishtowel. She sat back in her spot and put the ice to Reid's eye, allowing him to take over from there. "Thanks..." he grumbled, leaning his elbows on his thighs.

I've never seen such a... motherly gesture from Brody before. It's kind of weird.

Kind of the way I'd always wanted her to be, but with me.

-Kate's POV-

Okay, as dumb as Reid is, and as pissed as I am that he went and got himself arrested, I'm melting right now, watching Brody take care of him like that. So cute!

I'm having a total girl moment, trying not to squeal. I can't help but look at Sarah and see she was fighting the same smile. Wouldn't it be perfect? After finding out they have a baby, wouldn't it just be perfect if they ended up together, and she could tell him, and they could get the baby and live happily ever after?

I'm not stupid. Nothing's ever that perfect.

She's going to have to finally come clean with it, and soon, because unbeknownst to her, this baby inherited Reid's power, and clearly the child can't be left with foster families. I just hope we don't have to force her to tell him. And of course, Reid; he'll probably blow up! Not only is his child, who's carrying on his bloodline with some random family, but she also never told him she was pregnant, and… he's undoubtedly not prepared to be a father.

But for now, watching Brody hold the ice pack to Reid's eye, brushing some of his hair out of the way is just too adorable.

I can't imagine what Reid did to Aaron to land him in jail. It must've been a nasty fight. Nicky usually breaks it up before any real damage is done.

I know Aaron.

He loves pushing Reid's buttons. And I can't help but wonder if the fight had anything to do with Brody.

-Brody's POV-

I was getting nervous as I sat here next to Reid. He was shaking. Caleb really needs to shut up. He's been chewing him out for the past ten minutes and it just needs to stop before—

Reid shot up from his seat and whipped the ice pack in to the wall, right against a framed photograph from his parents' wedding, shattering the glass and sending it crashing to the floor.

I saw that one coming.

Reid lost it. He shoved Caleb backwards by the chest and immediately, I got up and jumped in front of him, wrapping my arms around his waist, trying to make sure he kept his distance.

"Get out! Get out Caleb!" I yelled, trying to avoid this fight Reid was going to start. Or finish. I'm not quite sure how to label it.

Sarah and Kate coaxed him out of the house, quickly saying goodbye and taking their leave along with him as I released Reid and watched him angrily pace the living room, pulling his hands through his hair before swiping a lamp from the end table, breaking the ceramic on the hard, wood floor.

I flinched as it shattered, knowing the secret I had to confess wasn't going to be revealed tonight. I wanted to know what happened; what had Reid done to actually get arrested, but now certainly wasn't the time to ask.

I bit my lower lip, listening to Reid mutter swears as he calmed slightly, his pacing slowing until he stopped completely, back to me.

Cautiously, I approached him. "Reid? Are you okay?" I asked, dropping my hand lightly onto his shoulder. His body was trembling and I suddenly got really scared, wishing Sarah, Kate and especially Caleb hadn't just left. I was scared Reid was going to finally blow a gasket.

-Tyler's POV-

"He's starting to ask questions. I don't know how much longer we can keep this up without anyone finding out." I sighed deeply, knowing the girl sitting across the table from me was right.

I had to drive all the way to Boston tonight. So did she. Separately.

And why you ask?

Because the girl I started seeing a week ago is Christy Abbot. Aaron's sister.

So you can see why we have to go to Boston for our dates and can't hang around Ipswich like all the normal local couples.

I feel like I'm trapped in Romeo and Juliet. Let's just hope there's no similar outcome. Pogue and Caleb, they probably wouldn't care. I mean, they don't like Aaron, but they wouldn't hold it against Christy. Not like Reid would.

And there's no way in hell Aaron would tolerate me dating his sister. I think he'd rather die.

"I know, it's getting harder. Luckily Reid's too distracted by Brody to notice when I'm not around." It was true. He was so absorbed in what was going on in his life that he hadn't even realized how often I'm 'with the family' or 'out running errands'.

Christy's eyes rolled at the mention of my best friend and his ex... whatever she was. She wasn't a huge fan of Reid and… well, I don't think there was a girl at Spenser who could've been considered Brody's number one fan. Even though Christy was a year behind me, still a senior at Spenser, she'd known Brody. Everyone in school had.

"How's that disaster going anyway?" the blonde asked, a hand combing through her pixie-cut hair.

"It's… well… a disaster. As far as I can tell anyway." I rubbed my temples at the mere thought of Reid and Brody and… everything back in Ipswich.

Christy's blue eyes were sympathetic at me, but thankfully she didn't smother and pour a bunch of overly affectionate gestures over me even though she could sense my discontent with subject.

I want to leave Just pack my stuff, pack her stuff, pile into my Hummer and just leave Ipswich and all its drama completely behind. We can go to Vegas and be happy all on our own. We won't have to worry about people trying to get between us or telling one of us we're not good enough for the other.

This isn't the first time I've thought about proposing this idea to Christy.

And it probably won't be the last.

-Reid's POV-

God, I hate Caleb!

I didn't fucking ask him to bail me out! Obviously, the cops know who I am and they decided to call the golden boy when I told them my parents weren't in town. And of course, he has to waltz in with his cash, acting all high and mighty, treating me like some little kid.

The look he gave me when they released me is what really pissed me off though. It was this smug, superior expression, covered up by a disappointed one. Totally fucking annoying. He thinks he's so much better. He acts like my fucking father.

I don't need either one of them. I don't need anyone.

"Reid?" I sighed a little as she tried so desperately to get my attention again. She's such a tiny thing now, I could've easily gotten by her when she was trying to keep me away from Caleb a few minutes ago. But if I hurt her or some shit I'd feel like a total asshole. She's the only one who actually gave a shit and didn't just look at me with a disappointed or mad look.

"Fine," I snapped, and felt a little bad about it afterward. I looked her over for a second as she stood there looking a little uncomfortable. She was like a different person… but not at the same time. It was hard to explain; hard to analyze her. But right then and there was the first time I realized how much I missed her and why I liked being around her in the first place.

She could always chill me out. Whenever I was pissed she could get me to at least crack a smile. Of course, we usually had some 'herbal remedies' to assist. But still, when we hung out, everything was just cool. There was no pressure, no stress. All problems were ignored and forgotten when we were together. That's how I want it to be again.

That's how I need it to be again.

I want to Use so bad right now. But I can't. And she's going to be my distraction.

"You wanna come to bed with me tonight?" I suggested. This trip down memory lane I was taking just holding her was making me horny, and I needed something to take my mind off of being so frustrated with Caleb. And fuck, I haven't gotten any in a while. "For old times sake."