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Warning: Femmeslash.


Harry stumbled into the apartment. His head buzzing pleasantly. A pub had been a great idea. The dark haired man chuckled lightly. A great idea indeed. He was past the point of being angry at Ginny, or Hermione for that matter. It was in the past, all in the past. Harry and Ginny were getting married in less than a month. She loved him. Not Hermione. He was an idiot to think otherwise.

Harry smiled softly to himself. His emerald eyes glittering fondly with the memories of the life he'd shared with his red headed fiancé. He would apologize to Hermione first thing tomorrow. It would make Ginny happy and that was all he wanted to do. Make his Ginny happy. The dark haired man's heart swelled beneath his chest. All of his previous jealousy completely gone. He could forgive and forget.

A low groan met his trained ears as he stepped into the bedroom. His brows furrowed in utter confusion. "Ginny? Are you up sweetheart?"

When the man's cautious question met silence, he pulled out his wand slowly. A hand reaching out to quickly flip on the light switch. Green eyes widened in shock as he rushed over to his best friend's prone form. "Ron? Can you hear me? Are you alright?"

"Can't… move…" The red head grunted. Beads of sweat pouring down his face while he tried his hardest to push words out of his mouth.

"Merlin, Ron!" Harry's wide eyes grew frantic. He cursed the intoxicated buzz ringing in his ears. It made his movements sluggish and clumsy. His attempts at breaking Ron free from whatever magic had paralyzed him were futile. "What the hell happened? And where's Ginny?"

Ron's red, rage tinged features and deadly gaze said it all. Harry still waited for the words to come from Ron's mouth. For them to make everything less of a dizzying dream. To make it all so unbearably real. "Her… mione… took…"

Three things happened at once. First, Ron passed out. Then, Harry's features twisted horribly. Marring his handsome features and turning his wide eyes to angered slits. And lastly, Harry apparated, Ron in tow with a vicious pop and one simple thought in mind.

'I'll find you, Hermione. If it's the last thing I do.'

In the next moment Harry was standing in the Weasley's living room. A surprised Arthur Weasley staring inquisitively at Ron's unconscious form. "Merlin's beard. Harry. Did Ron pass out from drinking too much again?"

Harry shook his head, fuming. He deposited Ron on the couch and began to pace angrily as he spoke through gritted teeth. "Hermione's taken Ginny. She could be in danger. There's no telling what Hermione might do to her. We've got to find them. We've got to find Ginny and something has to be done about Hermione. She's been in hiding ever since she left Hogwarts. There are rumors going around that she's been working for-"

"Now, just a moment Harry," Arthur Weasley cut in softly. His kind smile turning into a thin line. "The Ministry is sill investigating those rumors and so far they look to be just that."

"She's taken Ginny, Arthur. Ron said so himself."

Arthur frowned at the mention of his son. He looked to Ron's prone form and sighed. "Given their past, I don't think Ron is a reliable source of honest information."

The raven haired man stopped his pacing, emerald eyes turning to the elder man incredulously. "What are you saying?"

"I'm not sure I believe it is all, Harry." He shook his head softly. "Hermione is a sweet girl and, knowing Ginny, she wouldn't go anywhere she didn't want to. Maybe they're just catching up. They used to be such close pals."

Harry scowled. "It's the catching up that I'm worried about."

"Girl talk is hardly anything to be upset-"

"It's not girl talk he's worried about." Ron cut in, his voice gruff. He looked gravely into his father's eyes. "There are some things you need to know."

"Ron, I don't think you-"

"No, Harry." His blue eyes were cold, hard. "I'm tired off hiding their dirty little secret. Hermione isn't as wonderful as everyone seems to think."

The raven haired man's stomach was churning uneasily. His anger suddenly dissipating at Ron's harsh words. He knew what Ron was about to do. Knew his best friend would bring that painful, old story out from its dust covered shelf. They'd promised to never speak of it again. Never mention the past. Just move forward to their future. And if Hermione decided she wanted to speak with any of them again they would welcome her with open arms. Harry had vowed to apologize for his transgressions. To somehow get Hermione to understand just how much Ginny meant to him. How much he deserved to have one person in life to love and never lose.

But Hermione was taking Ginny away from him again. Taking the one person he wanted most. He couldn't let the brunette take her. He just couldn't and Hermione had to understand that. She had to.

With an ache in his heart, he leaned against the wall. Dull emerald eyes not meeting enraged blue as he nodded his assent to Ron.

Ginny took an anxious step away from Hermione. The deadly look in those eyes had too much of an affect on her. Too much power over her. It made her knees weak. Made her stomach flutter. Made her head dizzy and unmentionable places very, very wet. Her blue eyed gaze shifted nervously around the small room. She cleared her throat, slightly struggling with her words. "S-so… where are w-we?"

"Actually," The brunette's movements were slow, calculated. She quickly closed the distance between her and Ginny. Cold hazel eyes sparking with life. Hermione's predatory strut towards the red head didn't cease until Ginny's knees hit the edge of a mattress. Her swirling cinnamon eyes held surprised sapphire as the younger woman fell back against the bed. "We're in my bedroom."

"Wh-What are we doing in-"

"What does it look like we're doing?" She grabbed Ginny's wrist swiftly, pinning them above her head. All the while, a menacing half smirk curled at the edges of her full lips.

"It looks like you're," Ginny barely breathed. Breathing was the last thing on her mind. "Trying to seduce me."

Hermione leaned in closer to the red head. Wavy hair falling like a veil around them. Hiding the painstakingly slow, deliberate movement of Ginny's tongue darting out to lick her bottom lip temptingly. Hiding the hesitant look that momentarily skittered across Hermione's features. Her mouth dropping to a slight frown. Forehead creasing. Dark eyes bearing something more than lust. More than desire or carnal urge. It was there. For the briefest of milliseconds. It was there.

Until it disappeared. Leaving only an inquisitive raise of an eyebrow and that almost permanent smirk. "Seduce you?"

Ginny could only nod. Her aching body deemed any sort of verbal communication useless.

Hermione leaned in closer. Dark, swirling eyes penetrating. Burning. The way Ginny was looking at her. So helpless. So hungry. Like every inch of her was aching for Hermione to touch. It nearly drove her insane. Drove her to skip her teasing, taunting tourture. To just take. Just take her. Make Ginny her own again. Claim her will the hot and wet and hard and fast.

Instead, the brunette felt the sultry vibrations of words rising from her throat. Rolling off her tongue. Passing through her ruby lips in low, husky tones. "I think it's you who's seducing me."


"You're teasing me Ginny. You're begging me." Hermione licked her lips. Eyes wild. "Tempting me with those eyes of yours and that pretty little flush and do you know what the worst part is?"

The younger woman's rapidly beating heart seemed to stop all together. Her breathing was ragged. Pupils dilated. Begging. Wanting. Waiting. A chorus of broken words running though her muddled mind. 'I want… oh god… please… I can't… just take me damn it… Can't… please…'

"The worst part is… you don't even know what you're doing to me." Hermione half growled have whimpered before their lips crashed. A crescendo of erratic kisses followed. Both women not being able to get enough. Both fighting to be closer than possible.

Author's Note:

Suspense, suspense.

(The dork that stole your heart and ripped it to pretty little shreds)