Star Wars: Republic Soldier

There was a loud beep and a bright light, then he saw something. They were people of some kind, living beings with long skinny bodies and long necks covered in what looked like gray skin. One of them leaned forward, very close to him.

The creature spoke with a very even and smooth tone, "Hello little one. Welcome to your new beginnings. Your designation will be CT-01/319. You, with your brothers, will accomplish great things in your time."

He tried to move his arms, but got no response from them other than a slight twitch. He looked around with what movement of his neck he had to find he was encased in a liquid filled pod.

The long-necked creature spoke again, "We expect great things of you and your brothers, but now, rest. Later, we will begin your training."

The being touched a nearby panel. There was another beep and suddenly he felt very tired and wanted to sleep. The impulse was too strong to resist and he began to rest once again.