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Sexual Desires and Mating Marks

Inuyasha stared up at the sky it was the perfect morning Naraku hadn't attacked in days Kagome hadn't "sat" him all morning and he was currently relaxing in the long grass just thinking he hadn't done that in a while. The only thing that ruined everything was the fact that he was currently in heat.

Damn it just when I got the time to relax and be by myself I actually start wanting to be with someone else.

Inuyasha was still dazed when Kagome came up to him she called his name twice and yet he still hadn't snapped out of his daze finally she smacked him on his arm normally she would have said sit but since he was already lying down she figured it wouldn't do very much.

Inuyasha snapped out of his daze when he felt something hit him on his arm he yelped startled at the feeling.

"Inuyasha are you coming out to eat or not?"

"No go on without me" Inuyasha stared blankly at the miko slightly exasperated


Stupid Bitch she always is just so annoying and now's not the best time to be getting in my face in the state that I'm currently in I'm practically like one of the bitches the youki's use when their in heat.

I hate it how she uses the curse of the necklace to her advantage


2 hours later

Inuyasha decided to head back to the village it was getting late and if he started walking now he would be able to make it back to the village by nightfall, just as he was getting up he heard a rustle in the bushes to his left he quickly moved his hand to rest at the hilt of the tetsuiga and went over to the strange bush he looked behind it cautiously to see none other then Kouga.

"What do you want Wolf boy"

"Well actually you stupid mutt I realized I don't love Kagome "

"so what, I don't give a crap so leave me alone"

"I'm sorry Inuyasha but I can't do that you see Inuyasha instead of Kagome I want you"

With that Kouga lunged at the hanyou sufficiently pinning him to the ground

The hanyou tried to push the wolf off of him but found that he couldn't move the flea bag one inch.

Since when did Kouga get this strong or……maybe…I'm getting weaker because I'm in heat no way.

As if reading his thoughts Kouga said "Hey mutt relax your not getting weaker because your in heat you may not realize this but I'm a youki unlike you I'm naturally stronger than you, and no you didn't win all those matches I let you win because, well I guess you intrigued me a little.

"I guess somewhere along the line I started to want more than just that and todays the day I get what I truly desire you" to Inuyasha the leader of the Wolf pack sounded almost lustful but more sadistic.

"SHUDDUP AND GET OFF ME NOW YOU MANGY WOLF THIS IS RAPE" he sounded angry but he knew the wolf could smell the scent of fear rolling off of his body but yet he felt like rubbing against the wolf to feel as much of his body as he could.

"Inuyasha I know you like it and consider it a favour I'm in heat too so I need it just as much as you do. "oh and by the way it's not rape if you like it"

Inuyasha was scared although he'd never admit it to anyone else.

He had never seen the expression in Kouga's eyes and he knew there would be no getting out of it so he just gave up.

Kouga felt the hanyou stop struggling he smirked somewhat proud of himself

Kouga quickly stripped off the hanyou's clothes before he could protest then stripped himself of his own throwing the now forgotten clothes to the bottom of a nearby tree

He kissed the hanyou fiercely with a bruising force he trailed his hands downward to one of the pert nipples pinching them lightly before massaging them to life he nipped his way down Inuyasha's body before dipping his tongue into the hanyou's navel.

"Ohhh god Kouga"

Kouga moved lower still before licking the underside of Inuyasha's shaft Inuyasha let out a moan the wolf took Inuyasha fully causing the hanyou to wriggle around and gasp



Kouga slipped the shaft out of his mouth eliciting a groan from the person under him

"Shhhh not yet but I promise soon"

Kouga lifted three fingers too the hanyou's mouth telling him without words what to do the inu sucked on the fingers then released them.

Kouga quickly pushed one of the fingers into the tight virgin opening Inuyasha whimpered at the initial pain but soon got used to the feeling of something inside him. Kouga added the other two fingers soon after, finally he hit something inside the hanyou that made him gasp and writhe around the wolf pulled his fingers out of the mutt quickly before spitting into his hand and slicked his cock with the fluid he looked at the sweet form of the angel underneath him watching him helplessly. He would enjoy corrupting the innocent creature.

Kouga repositioned himself at the entrance before pushing into the tight opening Inuyasha screamed at the pain constantly until the wolf was fully sheathed inside him

"Uhhhn….Inuyasha ...You're…soooo…..tight"

He start to thrust into the hanyou eliciting soft whimpering noises but they soon turned into noises of pure pleasure

"Harder…oh god…harder"

The wolf complied but stopped when he saw something that wasn't supposed to be there blood was trailing down the hanyou's legs from his torn opening.

"Inuyasha I'm so sorry are you alright?"

"No don't stop you idiot it's only a little blood now start moving"

He started to move thrusting harder and hitting his prostrate every time and he was also stroking the inu giving him double the pleasure.

"Ohhh God Kouga I'm gonna cu…"

The hanyou screamed his lovers name as he hit his orgasm he clamped down hard on the cock inside him as his cum sprayed on his lovers chest causing the youkai to moan out his name as he too reached the peak of his orgasm Inuyasha could feel hot sticky liquid coat his insides it filled him till it leaked out of his abused opening.

Kouga collapsed on top of him regaining enough of his breath to pull out of Inuyasha as he saw some more of his fluid drip out onto the ground underneath his new lover.

Kouga rolled over so Inuyasha and he were looking at each other

"I love you Kouga" Inuyasha leaned over and gave Kouga a peck on his cheek

Kouga looked deep into his lovers eyes and after a moments thought said in a gentle tone "Yasha look away and pull your hair away from your neck and I promise I'll try not to hurt you too much."

Inuyasha did what was asked quickly not knowing exactly what was going on but yet trusting the other with all his heart. Kouga leaned over and licked the soft flesh before sinking his teeth into the pale glowing skin, Inuyasha screamed at the sudden pain shooting through his entire body and mind he could almost feel it reaching out to his soul.

Kouga stroked his pained lover he released his poison into the slender godly neck, he could feel it go through Inuyasha's body until he pulled out his fangs from the now shivering body Inuyasha whimpered again before falling into a deep slumber Kouga picked up the body bridal style before carrying it back to the Wolf village.


The poison is like D.N.A every body's is different and it's basically like exchanging fluids just a thought I came up with.

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