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"Inuyasha i will not permit you to go with your friends hunting especially not in your condition"

"Like hell you aren't I'll do what i want when I want, so deal with it"

"Inuyasha my word is law around here so no I will not deal with it you will"

"Your word is law OMG your word is my ass"

"Inuyasha must you be such a pain all the time"

"I'm not a pain okay why can't i just go get the jewel shards"

"Because Inuyasha it's not that easy, you'll have to fight for it okay and your pregnant Inuyasha you have to realize I'm doing this for your own good"

"Yeah I know you are"

"Please Inuyasha don't do this"

"Okay i won't i promise "

With that Kouga gave Inuyasha a gentle but Passionate kiss lightly on the forehead and left the cave


Over the few months that Inuyasha had been there almost everybody had become very close with him with the women he would help out around the place and look out for the kids and with the men they would talk about hunting and battle stratagies.

Most of the time he would spend his time with Haruhi she would show him how to heal wounds and he would help her with the patients sometimes she would even cook for him and Kouga and in the past few months they had become the best of friends.


"Inuyasha I'm back from hunting sorry i took so long those brats had me running all over the place."

"Hi Kouga"

He kissed Inuyasha gently before setting down his furr bag he carefully opened it to reveal a large dead animal.

"koi are you ready for dinner i think it's going to be a feast"

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