I'm bored again.

I've written like, five fanfics today. Sheesh.

I agree with you. I need a life.

Fuji stared at the banister.

And stared.

And kept on staring.

"Saa, I wonder what happens if I try sliding down it."

Fuji was on the second floor of his house, staring down at his stairway. No, correction, he was staring at his banister.

Suddenly his phone began ringing. Fuji answered it. "Hello?"

"There's a 95 percent chance that you're thinking of sliding down your banister. Don't."

"Saa, Inui, how did you know?"


"I want to slide down it."

Inui hung up.

"...Saa, now what?"

Guess what Fuji did.

Yep. He slid down his banister.

But he didn't think the ride would've ended so soon.

Guess what happened.

He banged into the wall. Hard.

Yuuta came into the living room and saw his brother against the wall...upside down. "Aniki, what are you doing?"

"Saa, I think I just slid down the banister."

"...Aniki, are you trying to kill yourself?"


"Good. But seriously, stop trying these things. You're going to get hurt and you'll never be able to make it to nationals."

"Saa, really?"

"Aniki...if you injure your arm badly you can't play tennis. Seriously, just last week you asked Kikumaru to throw you from the school's roof because you wanted to 'see what fainting was like'."

"But sliding down the banister is fun."

"...That's it. You can go die for all I care."

"Aww, you don't really mean that, do you?"

"I do mean it. So sue me."

"Saa, then what am I supposed to do?"

"Stop trying random dangerous things. That's all I have to say."


Kids, don't try this at home. It's very dangerous.

Not like I've tried it or anything...

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