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Tennessee you said? Chapter 1

''Come on Lilly, I'm sure you're gonna love it!'' Miley exclaimed.

''I'm not sure about that...'' Lilly groaned.

''Please...'' Miley begged.

Miley and Lilly were sitting in the cafeteria, having lunch.

''What I'm gonna do there while you're filming?'' Lilly whined.

''Hang out with my family! They could teach you a lot!''

''Yeah, I bet they could and they would...'' Lilly grimaced. ''I'm not a farm girl...All the beasts, the insects, the weird things you do there...''

''Come on, Tennessee's not that bad...'' Miley whined. ''Just think about it. We're gonna spend three days together!''

''With your dad, Jackson, and all your family! Besides, you're gonna be away all the time to do your Hannah thing.''

''Please please please please. I can't be away from you all that time!''

Lilly sighed. She couldn't not be with Miley all that time either.

''Fine!'' She groaned, pouting. ''But you owe me!''

''Whatever you say!''

''So, when are we leaving?'' Lilly asked, scowling.

''Friday morning, since we don't have class. And, you'll sleep over thursday night, that way, I will be able to start to pay my debt...'' Mley said suggestively. Lilly laughed, suddenly in a better mood, and kissed her.

''Oh, boy! I need to find a way to resist you!'' Lilly sighed in ecstasy.

''You don't want to resist me...'' Miley smiled.

''No, I don't...'' Lilly smiled back. Lilly kissed Miley heatedly.

''Guys'' Oliver coughed. They hadn't noticed him sat down at their table. Lilly and Miley reluctantly pulled appart.

''Miley, I'd need two tickets for your concert next week. I wanna go with Becca.'' Oliver whispered so that nobody could hear him.

Miley nodded. ''Cool. Thanks.'' Oliver exclaimed. He left as fast as he arrived, not minding the girls anymore, now that he had what he wanted. Lilly and Miley rolled her eyes.

Friday, around noon, after a few hours of flight, the Stewarts and Lilly got off the plane and stepped in a private airport, next to Nashville, Tennessee. A few people greeted them and took their luggage and everything. The first thing Lilly said was '' This is so weird, everybody talks like your dad...''

Miley laughed. ''Home sweet home.'' she said.

''Come on girls, the car is waiting for us. Where's Jackson?'' Mr Stewart asked.

They all looked around and spotted him next to a hostess.

''Poor her... She's stuck with Jackson...'' Miley smirked.

They suddenly saw the hostess grab something on a tray next to her, and throw it on Jackson face. She walked fiercely away.

''Looks like 'poor Jackson' would be more appropriate...'' Lilly scoffed.

Jackson walked towards them, soaked. ''I'm not her type...'' he shrugged. They all rolled their eyes and walked to the car waiting for them.

The ride was quiet. Miley was looking outside, remembering her life in Nashville. For once, she wasn't coming to see her mom's grave. Besides, she had her girlfriend with her. It was a first. Lilly was going to meet her family. She didn't know if she had to introduce her as her bestfriend, her girlfriend, or both. She wasn't sure people in Tennessee would be as easy going as in LA... Especially her grandma. She played with Lilly's hand, lost in her thoughts. Lilly sometimes glanced at her, wondering what was going on in Miley's mind.

Mr Stewart finally parked the car in front of a house. Lilly couldn't believe it. The Stewart's house wasn't just a house. It was a ranch. A real ranch, with hectares and hectares of lands. There even were cows and horses.

Lilly saw an old woman standing in front of the entryway. Grandma Stewart. Miley ran out off the car and threw her arms around her grand mother.

''Sweet Nibblets Miley, you look more and more like your mother!'' Grandma exclaimed, hugging fiercely her grand daughter.

''Thanks grandma.'' Miley smiled. Mr Stewart, Jackson and Lilly soon joined them.

''Robbie! What did you do to your round belly?!'' grandma exclaimed.

''I worked out, 'ma!'' Mr Stewart said proudly, slapping his stomach. Grandma hugged him.

''And Jackson!'' Grandma smiled. ''A real man now!''

Miley and Lilly scoffed, mocking. Jackson glared at them.

''And this is...?'' grandma asked, looking at Lilly.

''This is Lilly, friend'' Miley said. Lilly looked at her, questioning. Miley mouthed ''Sorry.''

''Hello Lilly! I heard so much about you!'' Grandma grinned. Lilly was handing her hand, but she got a hug. She smiled.

''Come on ya'll, let's get inside!''

Miley laughed and laced arms with Lilly. They all walked towards the house.

Grandma let Miley make Lilly visit the house, while the rest of them took care of the bags. Miley made Lilly run through the living room, dining room, library room, kitchen. Lilly stopped her, asking for a break in the visit.

''Miley! I don't even have time to actually look around!'' She jocked.

''I'm sorry, but I'm so excited of you being here! I want to show you everything...'' Miley said with a shy smile. Lilly smiled, moved, and leaned to kiss her girlfriend, but Miley pulled back.

''What was that?'' Lilly frowned.

Miley had a sorry smile on her lips. ''I don't want my grandma to know about us?''

''Why is that?''

''Because it's Tennessee, because she's old school, because she wouldn't understand, because...'' Miley rambled.

''Okay, okay, okay.'' Lilly eased down, taking her hands in hers. ''I get it. I'm just your bestfriend here.'' She said smiling.

Miley smiled back. ''Let me show you my favorite place of all.'' she exclaimed, grabbing Lilly's hand.

They ran through the corridor and entered a small room. Lilly laughed ''You're so vain!''. They were standing in a room entirely devoted to Hannah Montana. Most all Hannah's awards were hanging on the walls.

''this is not why I love this room!'' Miley exclaimed. '' I love it because of this!'' Miley said, opening a door. Miley disappeared in what seems to be a closet.

''Oh no, not again!'' Lilly whined.

''Stop complaining and get over here!'' she heard Miley cried from inside.

Lilly obeyed and stepped inside. She was wrong, it wasn't a closet, it was a mini recording studio.

''Oh my gosh!''

Miley smiled. ''this was my first recording studio. In fact, I recorded my first album here.''

''It's like a museum...'' Lilly let out, wondered.

Miley smiled. The look on Lilly's face reminded her of the first time Lilly discovered Hannah's world. She stood behind Lilly, and wrapped her arms around her waist, sliding her hands under Lilly's top and rubbing slightly her belly. Lilly rested her head on Miley's shoulder. Miley kissed her in the neck and Lilly shivered. They spent a few minutes there, just the two of them, rocking slightly in each other's arms.

After the visit, Lilly and Miley had joined the Stewarts in the kitchen, and were now sitting around the table.

''So, how're things going with Hannah?'' Grandma asked as she poured some tea in the mugs in front of her. Lilly grimaced. She didn't like tea. However, she forced herself to drink some of it. She didn't want to make Miley's grandma mad!

''Things are pretty good actually.

''I heard your last song, 'I miss you'. Beautiful! But I guess I'm biased...'' (A/N: see ''Happy Holiday, One could hope'').

Miley saw Lilly have a sip of tea. She grimaced and discretly spilled it back in the mug. Miley bit her lips to keep herself from laughing. She turned her attention back on her grand mother.

''Hannah's fine. She's busy, but things are going good. She's on a national tour this Summer. Lola's coming with her.''

''Who's Lola?''

''I am.'' Lilly said.

''Your name's not Lilly?''

''No grandma, it is Lilly. But Lola is Lilly's alter ego, like Hannah is Miley's. We don't want the fans to recognize Lilly. Lilly is a short cut to Miley, and thus Hannah.''

''Oh...'' grandma said as she understood. She looked a little confused though.

''So 'ma, any muffins around?'' Mr Stewart asked, slapping his hands hungrily.

''not anymore. Uncle Earl just came over and...''

''No, 'ma, no need to say anything more. I know Uncle Earl and I know he's like a vacuum cleaner when it comes to food.'' Mr Stewart said, slightly disappointed.

After they all finished their tea, except Lilly, Miley and Lilly went out off the kitchen and headed towards a small room, Miley's grandpa's old office. They looked around and, seeing nobody was there, they allowed themselves to share a tender kiss. The kiss became more very soon, and developped in a long embrace.

''Excuse-me Miley, but you got someone on your lips...'' An older boy said.

Miley broke the kiss, and turned to where the voice came from. Her eyes widened as her lips spread in a big smile.

''Sam!'' She exclaimed hugging him.

''Hey Miles.'' He hugged back. ''so who's your friend?'' he asked, turning to Lilly.

''I'm Lilly, Miley's bestfriend.''

''Bestfriend, huh?'' He teased.

Lilly and Miley exchanged a look and smiled.

''Just keep it to yourself, Sam please.'' Miley begged. ''I don't want grandma to know yet.''

'''Whatever.'' He shrugged. ''I was actually looking for you Miles. Someone's here to see you...'' he said with a conniving smile.

''You mean...?'' Miley said, implying a lot in her phrase.

Lilly looked at her, questioning. But Miley ran out off the office. Okayyyyyyyyy.... Lilly thought. Sam looked at her with a smile.

''So, I guess you're not single, huh?'' he told her. Lilly laughed.


''Too bad...'' Sam replied. ''Come on, let's get out off here before grandpa gets angry.''

''But I thought he was dead...'' Lilly remarked.

''That's what the legend says. But let me tell you something: we never found his body...'' Sam said in a spooky tone.

''I know I'm blonde and californian, but I'm not stupid!'' Lilly smiled.

Sam shrugged, and both of them left the room.