Tennessee You said? Chapter 9

''Girls! Barbecue in one hour! Go get ready!'' Lilly and Miley heard Mr Stewart cry through the door.

They looked at each other.

''Shower?'' Miley asked seductively.

''Heck yeah!'' Lilly smiled.

They got out off bed and quickly stepped in the shower, welcoming the hot water, running through their body. They kissed tenderly while soaping lovingly each other. They just flirted with each other, enjoying the tease. They stepped out off the show fifteen minutes later, and got dressed.

''By the way Lilly,'' Miley asked as she put on her jeans. ''What happened with grandma earlier?''

''I don't know...'' Lilly replied as she grabbed an orange top. ''When I got in the house after leaving you with Jodie, she was in the kitchen.'' She said, putting it on. She added with her head still caught in her top: ''She saw me, and ask me if I wanted to help her making breakfast.'' Lilly's head reappear. ''I said yes, and then we talked. She apologized. I guess we just bound after that.''

''I'm glad everything's okay with her now.''

''Yeah; she's amazing.'' Lilly smiled. ''All your family is...''

One hour later, around noon, they all arrived at the barbecue. All Nashville was reunited in the park, enjoying the beautiful smile. For February it was kind of warn even though a jacket wasn't too much.

Lilly and Miley walked across the park. Lilly laced her fingers with Miley's. Miley looked at her, smiling. ''You wanna eat something? I'm starving.'' She asked her.

''Course I do! When did I ever say 'no' to food?'' Lilly exclaimed.

Miley laughed and led her girlfriend towards a stand sending hot dogs. She let Lilly's hand go to order.

''Hey!'' Lilly heard a voice say, as she felt someone grab her leg. Lilly smiled, recognizing these small hands.

''Hi Emma!'' She kneed down to face Emma's little face. ''How're you doing?''

''Good. I'm here with my parents and jodie. Look what I got!'' She said, handing Lilly a little teddy bear. ''Jodie won it for me at the tank thingy.''

''That's nice of her!'' Lilly smiled.

Emma suddenly gave Lilly a hug.

''Well, well, well! Looks like I should be the one jealous...'' Lilly heard Miley say.

She looked up to her and smiled. ''Oh yeah, you definitly have some serious competition!'' Lilly joked. Miley handed her one the hotdogs she was holding in her hands. Lilly took it and kept talking with Emma.

''Emma come over here!'' They heard someone call. Lilly, Miley and Emma looked over the voice. Jodie was standing a few feet away, ill-at-ease.

''Hi...'' she said with a slight movement of the hand. She then crossed her arms, looking down.

''Hi...'' Miley replied. ''How are you?''

Jodie looked up. ''Good... better...'' she smiled. Her eyes slid on Lilly, who was looking at her suspiciously. Lilly had grabbed miley's arm unconsciously.

''Lilly...'' Jodie saluted her.

''Jodie...'' Lilly replied on the same tone. Miley looked at her two best friends, annoyed that didn't get along anymore. She slightly shoved Lilly. Lilly looked at her questioning. Miley gave her the look that meant ''Come on, do something. Be nice.''

Lilly groaned. She was going to say something, but Jodie opened her mouth first.

''Listen, Lilly. I want to apologize. I didn't mean to hurt you... well, no that's a lie, I did...''

Lilly frowned. That's a way to make an apology...

''I mean...I didnt' think, I just wanted Miley to be mine. I totally lost it. I know now that you're the only one for Miley. She told me that, and I accepted it. I am really really sorry.''

''I can forgive you, but I won't forget...'' Lilly said simply.

''I know...'' Jodie said, looking down.

''So, I guess we're in love with the same girl, huh?'' Lilly asked slightly.

Jodie looked up ''I don't know anymore. I don't know what I'm feeling... I'm lost to tell you the truth.''

Lilly nodded. ''Yeah, I know the feeling. But I'm sure you'll find someone great one day. You're a cool girl when you don't try to steal my girlfriend...'' Lilly joked. Jodie let out a laugh, relaxing.

Lilly and Jodie stared at each other silently.

''So, Jodie, do you wanna hang out with us for a while?'' Miley asked.

''No thanks, I have to get Emma to my parents.'' Jodie said, taking Emma in her arms. ''I'll see you guys later... maybe!''

''Kay!'' Miley smiled. Jodie left with Emma in her arms.

Miley put an arm around Lilly. ''Thanks'' she whispered to her ear.

''For what?'' Lilly frowned, biting in her hot dog.

''For being the bigger person.''

''oh, no problem.'' Lilly shrugged, her mouth full.

Miley giggled and kissed her on the head.

The barbecue was still going on, but it was time for Hannah to go get ready. Miley grabbed Lilly's head softly in her hands and kissed her. She always kissed her before anything. She was her good luck charm.

''Love you'' She said to Lilly.

''Love you too.'' Lilly replied. She kissed her again quickly and ran away with her dad, disappearing behind the stage.

Lilly looked at her, a loving expression on her face. She didn't notice when Jodie arrived next to her.

Soon Hannah appeared on stage under the public's cheers. The barbecue in Nashville, the amazing sun, this cool breeze, the fans and especially the two girls standing a few inches away, were making this concert special for Hannah/Miley. The first chords of ''Nobody's perfect'' began, and Hannah enlighted even more the day. She continued with ''Make some noise'' and ''If we were a movie.''

In the crowd, Jodie and Lilly were captivated by Hannah's performance. She was radiant and beaming. It was the first time Lilly got to see Hannah in her hometown and in a very intimate concert. Hannah looked different. In fact, Lilly could almost see Miley on stage, not the popstar icon.

''She's awesome.'' Jodie let out.

Lilly gave her a glance, and smiled. ''Yeah, she is...''

''Listen Lilly, I'm sorry if I caused you guys any trouble...'' Jodie said. ''But it's all good now, really. My moment of insanity has passed, I swear.''

''Don't worry about it. If anything, you made our relationship stronger.'' Lilly grinned.

Jodie grimaced a little, but shrugged. Miley didn't love her, it was okay... she guessed...f. Besides she was seeing this connection the two had and nobody could compete with that.

''Can we start all over?'' Jodie asked.

''Sure. It's all forgotten. Your Miley's bestfriend, it's all I need to know for you to be my friend too.'' Lilly smiled.

Jodie smiled. ''Thanks.''

''I'd like to dedicate this next song to my two bestfriends, and to all the person lucky enough to have a person to share and live everything with.'' Hannah screamed in the micro. Jodie and Lilly glanced at each other, grinning. Hannah winked at them just before the music started to play.

I see your face, I look in your eyes
What you feel is no surprise
Everyone needs something to believe in
Tell me your dreams, I'll tell you mine
In our hearts we'll look inside
And see all of the colors of the rainbow
I know!

Lilly frowned. She had never heard that song. She smiled to herself. Once again, Hannah/Miley was sending powerful messages. How does she do that?

''What?'' Jodie asked, confused.

''Nothing.'' Lilly beamed. ''Just listen to the song. It's for us.''

We all want to believe in love
We all want to believe in something
Bigger than just us
We all want to be a part
Of the greater picture
That's hangin' in our hearts
Yeah it's bigger than us!
I want to see beyond my own little world
Grab your hands so we can twirl around the galaxy
see the world with clarity
We all have a long way to go
But I know
We're getting closer everyday

The concert went on. Jodie and Lilly even danced together on ''Life's what you make it.'' As soon as her performance was over, Hannah got off stage and was immediatly surrounded by the reporters for her documentary.

''This is the last sequence of the film Hannah. We got a lot of rush of view on stage with your public. But we have one last question: who were these bestfriends you were talking about?''

Hannah discretly looked over Lilly and Jodie still talking and smiled. Lilly was dressed as Lola and Jodie was Jodie.

''They're not here today, and honnestly I'd rather not say their names. Privacy thing you know. However, I can say that they're the best friends a person could ever have and I'm lucky to have them in my life.''

Hannah couldn't help but think she was especially lucky to have Lilly. If Jodie knew... but hey, it was normal! She loved Lilly in a special and very unique way. Hannah finished with her stuff with the reporters and went to change. ''Finally,'' she said as she took off her wig. Miley put on a pair of jeans and a white top and headed outside.

Jodie and Lilly were sitting on the edge of the stage, waiting for Miley.

''So how was it?'' Jodie asked Lilly.

''How was what?'' Lilly frowned.

''You and Miley... your first time. Did you like it?''

Lilly blushed. That was a very personal question. She wouldn't have been usually embarrassed to talk about it, but Jodie made her feel uncomfortable. Especially since they were outside so everyone could hear us, and also because Jodie had feelings for Miley and it felt kind of weird to talk about their sex life with her. Luckily, she saw Miley coming towards them.

''Miley!'' Lilly exclaimed, relieved.

''Hey!'' Miley laughed to Lilly over enthusiasm.

''Miley! Good you're here!'' Jodie smiled. ''I was just asking Lilly a very interesting question...''

Lilly groaned and crossed her arms.

''Oh? What was it?'' Miley asked, amused by Lilly's attitude.

''I wanted her to tell me if she liked your first time!'' Jodie grinned.

''And what did she say?'' Miley asked, not bothered by the question and visibly interested. Lilly looked up to her, confused. She never thought Miley would be okay to talk about it.

''Nothin'. You came back before she got any chance to say anything.''

Miley smiled and turned to Lilly. ''So, sweetie, what were you gonna say? Did you like it?''

Lilly grimaced at Miley, knowing she was teasing her and enjoying seeing her uncomfortable.

''Well, actually, not really.'' Lilly said to Jodie with a serious expression. ''You know, it's like all the first times... it's never what we expected. It's never good. Ours was... okay...I guess.'' Lilly shrugged, wanted to bother Miley.

''What?'' Miley exclaimed, upset by Lilly's answer. ''How can you say that?! It was the most beautiful thing we ever lived together! It was the first time we really connected! It was magical, it was unbelievable! And we were... good. I mean really really good.'' Miley was rambling. Soon Lilly's face bursted in a laugh. Miley stopped, confused. But then she saw Lilly's amused and a ''I got you'' look.

''Oh... ok, I get it.'' Miley groaned, shoving slightly Lilly.

Jodie laughed. ''So I guess it was awesome...''

''Yeah It was.'' Lilly smiled. ''It really was. We didn't really plan it though. The desire between us was becoming overwhelming. And we needed each other in another way. It was natural. It felt right.''

Miley and Lilly glanced at each other, suddenly wanted each other desperatly. Talking about it made them wanted to do it. Jodie noticed this attraction between them.

''Oh boy...'' She sighed. ''Don't mind me guys! I'll see you... after!'' she grinned.

Lilly stood up, beaming. She grabbed Miley's hand and started to drag her away.

''You're sure it's okay with you, Jodie?'' Miley cried as she was pulled by Lilly.

Jodie nodded, laughing. Miley smiled and started running with Lilly.

Lilly pushed Miley on the straws in the barn. She fell on top of her, quickly crashing her lips on Miley's. She fiercely took off Miley's top and threw it somewhere. She took her own top off herself and kissed Miley. She stopped suddenly.

''You're sure we're not gonna get caught here?''

''Don't worry, they're still at the barbecue. We still got one hour.'' Miley smiled, unzipping Lilly's jeans, and slid a hand under them. Lilly gasped as she felt Miley's hand.

''I... oh my god...I'm not sure one... hour... ah... will be enough...ah'' Lilly let out, as she started to lose herself in pleasure.

''We'll make the most of it...'' Miley breathed seductively. Lilly smiled and bended down to Miley's lips. She licked them slightly, as she went down directly to Miley's breast. As she laid on top of her, she let her hands travel to Miley's zipper. She unzipped it as she kept kissing her breast. Miley's hand were under Lilly's pants, stroking her butt.

Lilly soon connected with Miley in the most possible intimate way. Miley arched her back and grabbed Lilly even tighter. They didn't know if it was the context or something else, but they felt more turned on than any other time. Their sweating skins were stuck together, their legs were laced, their lips were linked, and their bodies were forming an harmonic whole.

A while later, Miley and Lilly were lying next to each other on the straw, half naked, sweating, their cheeks red, their eyes sparkling.

''We would have never done that in Malibu.'' Miley said, her arms behind her head, trying to catch her breath.

''Yep, there's no barn...'' Lilly laughed, panting too. It was a special memory they would have there in Tennessee. They were sure though that it wouldn't be the last. Lilly was in the family. She had passed the test.

''But...'' Lilly started. ''there's the beach...'' Lilly and Miley said together. They looked at each other, thinking the same thing. They smiled at each other.

''We're definitly made for each other...'' Miley laughed, as she rolled on Lilly's chest.

''Did you ever doubt that?'' Lilly mocked.

As an answer, Miley leaned and kissed her deeply. No she had never doubt that. And neither did Lilly.


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