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Dreams in Extravagant Colors: Prologue

I can hear it, the panicked disorder around me, trying so desperately to save the life that's been given to them to save.

My life.

I'm trying so hard to stay focused on this disorder around me, to keep away the feeling of dieing that's slowly creeping into me. I don't want to die; I can't die, not yet. I have a promise to keep, minds to broaden.

Despite how much effort I'm putting into saving my life, it's failing horribly and the blackness slowly creeps in to destroy any thought I have left. With my last thoughts, I think of why I'm laying here, dieing. All for him…

"Shikamaru!" I feel someone desperately grabbing my hand and I mentally laugh. It's too late now. I can't be angry though, or bothered, because I died protecting him.

Finally, the world goes black around me.


"Shikamaru, you're dreaming again!"

Shikamaru cracked his eyes open and saw his comforter staring back at him. Hm, no wonder why his body was freezing.


He sighed before slowly moving the comforter from over his head, only to stare into the blue eyes of his troublesome team mate Ino Yamanaka.

"Ino, I'm only allowed one day to sleep in and here you are ruining that for me?"

Ino rolled her eyes. "If I didn't wake you up, you'd still be lying there in a cold sweat acting like you were dieing."

Shikamaru gave a small sigh as he sat up, scratching into his hair which felt kind of oily from lack of a shower. It was times like this when he actually wished he could remember his dreams, maybe then he'd know why he woke up in a cold sweat every morning. His eyes then found their way to the girl in front of him. She wasn't wearing much except for one of his shirts, and truthfully, it looked rather small on her with her breasts.

"Are you still here?" Shikamaru kind of sniped before sighing softly. He already knew the scene that was about to be played out.

"Well geez Shikamaru, if you're going to act like such an ass after I sleep with you then forget calling me again!" She growled out with that stupid attitude that reminded him so much of his mother.

Shikamaru then fell back onto his bed and reached for the cigarettes on his nightstand, putting one in his mouth and lighting it up. He didn't bother watching Ino as she got on the necessities for the public, taking his shirt with him. He gave a small sigh; he lost more shirts that way.

How many times had he woken up with that troublesome woman after a lustful night and a few drinks? He'd stopped counting at ten times. But the numbers didn't matter though, because he always ended up having the dreams that made him cry out in his sleep and sink into a cold sweat.

He then tapped the ashes off his cigarette into the nearby ash tray as he sat up, looking around his room. No matter who he slept with, or how drunk he got the night before, he had those dreams again and again. It always made his day more stressful as he wracked his brain for the dreams from the night before. Maybe he should just accept it as life and move on with it?

If only it were so easy, but then life never was.

Shikamaru sighed as he finally decided to climb out of bed, walking over to the heavy drapes that shielded his room from the sunlight. Another beautiful morning in the village of Konoha. It'd be nicer if life didn't feel so empty.

He'd been this way ever since nearly dieing three years ago, and although he never fully knew what had happened to him, he knew it resulted in what he was now, an over stressed man with a huge chunk of his life missing.

"Que sera sera." He mumbled under his breath as he turned from the window to prepare himself for another stressful day.