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Inside the Lennox's estate, Marilyn approached Molly Weasley, shame etched across her face.

"A word?" she asked, indicating a nearby sitting room. Mrs. Weasley gave a reassuring smile to her husband and followed the other witch, Marilyn shutting the door behind them.

"I.." Marilyn started, cutting off and biting onto her lower lip. Sighing, she tried again. "I'm sorry for the way I behaved," she said, not meeting Mrs. Weasley's eyes. "It was horrible of me, I know that."

"It's a shock," Molly said, kindness and understanding in her voice. "It was a shock for all of us," she said, thinking back to the morning before.

Alexandria had been crying a great deal, and her eyes were puffy and her voice was thick with emotion.

"Goodness, dear, come in," Molly said, shuffling the young woman into the kitchen and putting on a pot of tea. Alexandria didn't say anything for a long time, drinking her tea cautiously.

"Is everything okay?" Mrs. Weasley asked her, after Alexandria had finished her first cup and moved onto her second.

Immediately, Alexandria began to cry, sobbing into her cloak. "I'm so sorry, Mrs. Weasley. I never meant…" her voice choked off into a sob.

"Whatever do you mean?" Mrs. Weasley asked the young woman, even more confused. Alexandria didn't answer her right away, but handed her something. It was a Wizarding pregnancy detector, and it had the unmistakable picture of a crying baby in the space where the results of the test were.

Back in the present, Mrs. Weasley looked at Marilyn, who looked a bit like her daughter had the day before.

"I just, I don't understand," Marilyn said, meeting Mrs. Weasley's eyes for the first time that day. "Why did she go to you and not to me, her own mother? Or Annette?"

Mrs. Weasley smiled a little. "Alexandria is terrified of disappointing you. She would never admit it, but she does her best to make you proud. And Annette is her idol, and I doubt she could have bore the shame of telling her by herself."

"But she barely knows you!" Marilyn exclaimed. "And not only that, but you're the mother of the boy that…" Marilyn cut off her sentence seeing the severity of Mrs. Weasley's face.

"She came to me because she knew that she could trust me," Mrs. Weasley said, defensively.

Without warning, the younger woman hugged Mrs. Weasley.

"Thank you for taking care of her," Marilyn said sobbing anew. The door to the sitting room opened, and Scrimgeour entered, causing Marilyn to spring away from Mrs. Weasley.

"We're leaving now, Mary," he said gruffly.

"Right, yes," Marilyn said, dabbing her eyes on her cloak and leaving without a backward glance.

George arrived back at his apartment later that evening, still hurt and confused by Alexandria's dismissal. Fred sat in the sitting room, idly prodding an oversized watering can with his wand.

"So?" He asked, jumping to his feet when he spotted his twin brother. "How did it go?"

George recounted the day's events, right down to Alexandria's slight.

"It's the hormones, mate," Fred said, nodding gravely. "You can only expect them to get crazier."

"Yeah, I… wait," he said, looking at Fred, a little confused. "How do you know all this?" Fred colored a little and walked over to the sofa, pulling a bright yellow book from under the cushions. George took it from him and read the title, Your New Bundle of Joy, The Witch's and Wizard's Guide for Expecting Parents. George couldn't help himself, and began to laugh.

"What's this?" He asked, gasping for air.

"Well, I figured what with you being a father, and me becoming an uncle and all we'd do well to be prepared," said Fred, frowning slightly, his ears coloring.

George saw the seriousness in his twin's face and stopped laughing, touched by his brother's acceptance.

"Thanks, Fred," he said uncertainly. "So, you've been reading this?"

"Well, yeah, that and a couple others," Fred said sheepishly, Summoning around six other books from various places in the room. George spotted a couple Muggle books within the pile. "You never can be too prepared," Fred said, shrugging.

George clapped his brother on the back and they both moved to the kitchen Fred opening each book to pages he had dog-eared, explaining all the important points that he had underlined with a quill.

"Wow, Fred," he said, surprised at his brother.

"Yeah, I know, gross, isn't it?" Fred said, looking at the pictures of a crowning baby in one of the Muggle books, his face turning a bit green.

"No, I mean, all this," George said, gesturing to the books and the freshly laundered baby clothes that Fred had dug out of the Burrow. "I mean, she's only around three weeks along…"

"Well, yes, but that's one of the most rapid times for fetal development," Fred recited, pointing to one of the books.

George simply shook his head, looking at his twin in disbelief.

"Truth is, I'm excited," Fred said, looking down. "I mean, it's not every day that your twin brother is going to have a baby."

"Thanks, Fred," George said, also not able to meet his brother's eyes, relieved and reassured at his brother's reaction, eccentric as it was.

"Don't mention it," Fred said, finally looking up. "Ever." George laughed and agreed, turning to the moving photos of a woman giving birth in one of the Wizarding books.

Both men turned a little green around the gills and Fred slammed the book shut.

"You won't mind if I'm not in the delivery room, will you?" Fred said, still disgusted. George shook his head, not sure if he would be able to handle it either.

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