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Your Life's A Living Hell

The one thing I miss about being a kid was that moment when, just before I closed my eyes at night, I think of the perfect life. I'd lay comfortably in my bed, looking up at my mom as she read me those memorable stories about fairies, mermaids, unicorns, dragons, demons, and witches. I'd find comfort in my dad, showing up in my room in the middle of the night, pretending to fight off the boogeyman in my closet just so I wouldn't get scared at night. As I grew a little older though, my fairy tale vanished when I realized the whole thing was just made up by people because masturbation lost its touch. Who would have known that by the time I was 15, I'd be back to square one and my childhood fears would come bite me again in the ass.

My name is PJ Mortem. I'm 16 years old and I can see the supernatural. I know that sounds all dramatic, but that's what my life is like anyway. I'm told that this is what I'm supposed to do, I'm told it's my destiny. I'm told that I have to catch the suckers who walk amongst our earth and put them back into their alternate universe or something equally astounding. I'm told a lot these days. Recently, I was told about my new assignment. It had something to do with some boarding prep school and the 'Sons of Ipswich.'. Sons of Dipshits, if you ask me. They sound like some high school boy band.

I'm a hunter and these are the days of my fucked up service. I wouldn't necessarily call it a job. I didn't sign anything, didn't shake anyone's hand, didn't agree to any of it and I sure as shit didn't get paid. Even with this new ability, it doesn't come with any cool advantages. I can't fly or make fireballs come out of my fingertips or turn invisible. I had to work with people I didn't even like, let alone some shitty service that can blow me. But ever since I killed off their recent hunter they told me it was destiny that chose me to take his place and there you have it. I became a hunter. It's fucking weird.

I awoke in my bed in the new environment I was put in by the help of Justin Moore. He is sort of my boss, I guess. He's 45 years old and spends his life on a computer. You see, as a hunter, you only have your job and like a job, you have to work yourself up. Sort of. I guess until you find some other rookie to replace you, you can't get an easier job like Justin here. The light from outside had driven me awake, but I didn't have the nerve to stand on my feet and move around. Instead, I stared at the clock on the bedside table.

It was already ten in the morning and I was late for my first day of school. Did my job honestly expect me to go to my first class as early as eight o'clock? Let alone, go to class at all. A knock came to the door, but I didn't even bother answering it. Like I had a choice. A tall boy just marched into the room shutting the door behind him and looking through my things, through my dressers and my pants pockets.

"Are you stealing my shit?" I asked him stuffing my face into my pillow. A dirty pillow might I add. Did those fuckers even wash these?

"Nah," he sighed. "There's nothing worth stealing."

His British accent annoyed the hell out of me. Every time he talked to me, it was like stabbing me slowly with a rusted nail. Anything that came out of his mouth made me want to shoot him in the foot. Which I did once, and it caused me to lose my gun privileges for two weeks.

"You're late," He observed with a questioning look.

"Looks that way."

He went over to sit on my bed. This is Seth, one of my co-workers. He's 25 and in charge of weaponry. He's the one who has to know which gun is for what demon so that when he hands me a rifle, it can kill off whatever I'm hunting. He occasionally tags along on my adventurous hunting, but only if he knows that my target isn't much of a threat. Like a mermaid or something. He agreed to come along with me on this pointless assignment just living in some cheap run down apartment somewhere in Ipswich while I had to stay in the dorms. I got my face out of the pillow and glanced over at Seth. I was giving him a disgusted look.

"What the hell are you wearing?"

"Oh this," he asked, looking down at the new getup. "This, little PG, is your school uniform."

I hated his smile just as much as I hated hearing him talk. 'PG' was Seth's little nickname for me because I was the youngest in the group. I hated it with a passion. He only does it because he knows it annoys the piss out of me and it makes me feel like a baby. As much as I wanted to slap that smug smile off his face, I decided not to give a shit.

"I was never told to wear a uniform."

"You come to a boarding school and you think you don't have to wear a uniform?"

I shrugged. "I don't see why they want us to dress the same. There goes originality."

"I know. That's what I said," he said with a smirk.

I sat up on my bed as Seth looked down at his fingerless gloves then bit his nails.

"I had a dream about kangaroos."

"Kangaroos," he paused for a moment and looked at me with his brown eyes. "I heard that in Australia, if you see a kangaroo on the road while you're driving, you're supposed to keep driving."

"Why?" I asked, picturing Seth driving in car and smacking into an animal.

"Because they jump over the car."

I rolled my eyes, "How can a Kangaroo jump over a car?"

"They have fucking legs, woman."

"I didn't know they could jump that high."

Seth smiled to himself. "So what happened in your dream?"

"It gave me a Christmas present." I paused a moment trying to remember the rest of my strange dream. "It was snowing, but every time the snow touched the ground it would melt. It was summer outside."

Seth chuckled at my weird dream and got up from my uncomfortable bed.

"I wouldn't recommend the food in this place; it's like a cat has gone and cooked it," he said with disgust.

"I'm hungry," I told him, rolling off the covers and walking towards the bathroom.

"Don't say I didn't warn you."

That was the last I heard from Seth as he left the room, finally leaving me alone. How I wanted to be alone. Unfortunately, I had to live in this dorm with a roommate who couldn't get any messier. What a shit hole it was. I didn't like her very much. Her name was Kira. At least I think it is. She didn't speak to me the first time we met, which was alright. I just wish she kept her shit off my side of the room.

Before I knew it, I was out and wondering into the hallway with the Spenser uniform on. I had a wedgy from my skirt, but the clicking from my shoes hitting the marble floor gave me this weird sense of comfort. It was like I was my own stalker watching over me, wanting to know everything about myself. Weird though, huh? Going back to school gave me this weird feeling. It's been a year since I had a normal life, if you could call it normal. A year since I stepped into a classroom.

I never liked school, I didn't like the people at school and I had the feeling that it was just going to be the same as always. Big surprise.

The cafeteria looked decent. There was a courtyard in the back with picnic tables and inside were more tables with a bunch of chairs. The walls couldn't have been any uglier. The room was completely empty, aside from all the cooks preparing for lunch. I made my move walking up to the counter and the old lady was giving me this dull look. The kind of look where she didn't know she could kick my ass. She scared the shit out of me.

"Can I get some orange juice please," I asked politely as possible, "And some waffles."

She didn't say anything. She just left for a moment giving me the plate of waffles and my orange juice.

"$4.50," she demanded, holding out her hand.

I gave her the money as quickly as possible and sat down at the table farthest away from her. My first day and already I was making new friends around here. The waffles made me want to vomit in my mouth. So much for this prep school, they make you pay a shit load of money and you get fucked up the ass. I can't wait till I get to class.

"PJ?" That cherry voice made my spin twist with annoyance.

I didn't have time to leave by the time Miss-I'm-Your-Councillor showed up. Her name was Heather Ellenberger and she pissed me off. She just gave me this concerned look in her blue eyes. She has short curly blonde hair and was fat as hell. I didn't want to rub her the wrong way in case she threatened to sit on me.

"Shouldn't you be in class?" she asked, eyeing me.

Of course she was going to ask me why I wasn't in class. "I know it's just…" I paused, looking at her with self-pity painted on my face. "It's just I wasn't feeling too well."

She sort of gasped at my lie. I knew she was trying to feel sympathy for me which was a good thing at this point, but getting sympathy made me feel selfish.

"Yeah, I've been on the shitter for an hour or so…" I was only aware of the words after they left my mouth.

She placed her hand on my shoulder gingerly, with that look of concern still on her face. "How rough! And on your first day, too. How are you feeling now?"

"Okay now, I guess."

"Well that's good." She dumped the pile of paper she was holding on the table next to me. "Did Mr. Manson give you your schedule?"

I shook my head.

"I asked him six times to give it to you, I told him 'Mr. Manson, this girl is going to need her schedule for tomorrow or she's going to be in quite a pickle!'" Miss Ellenberger laughed at her own joke.

I joined in with her out of pity, placing that stupid fake smile on my face. God, I felt dirty.

"I'm so sorry to hear that your first day hasn't been the greatest. I want you to come into my office next week so we can see how well you're doing."

She gave me a card telling me the date and time of the appointment.

"Okay, I'll see you then." Like hell I was going to her office.

"Here's your schedule," She handed me the piece of paper with my whole school life planned out, "Your next class is with Mr. Foster, he teachers AP English."

"Whoa, AP English? Isn't that some advanced class?"

"Yes, you signed up for it."

I sure as hell didn't sign up for some advanced subject that I could barely understand. I blamed it on Justin again. He was in charge of this whole project. I had to keep reminding myself why this was so pointless again.

Miss. Ellenberger stood up placing her hand on my shoulder once again and said, "I hope your day goes better, PJ."

She stopped just before taking her first step. Oh god, what did she want now?

"You should try their fries at lunch, I just think they're super."

Jesus Christ, did she just say 'super?' I smiled and then finally, the blob left. I think she sighed before she left me alone. I didn't want that much pity out of her. I put out my watch and noticed the time had been a little after 10:45. I took this time to see what my schedule had in store.

Honours Chemistry

AP English


Physical Education

US History

Fuck me. This had to be the worst schedule I've ever seen. This school worked in a weird way. You get four classes first semester then four different classes the next semester. Nothing left to do but go to class. Did I want to go to class? Like I have a choice? I sort of had to. Before I knew it, I found myself in front of a classroom. So the paper does help a little. I caught the teacher in the middle of his lecture, and he stopped. I could actually hear the movements of everyone looking at the door. The door I happen to be standing at.

"Miss Mortem? PJ Mortem?" He questioned me.

I only nodded and shut the door behind me with a click. That's when I heard the whispers. I never had so much attention on me at once. I felt funny, I felt flush, and I smelt…B.O. That's when I realized how close the teacher stood beside me.

"I'm Mr. Foster and you're late," the teacher said, as if trying to intimidate me. His smell was intimidating enough.

"Yeah," I replied, "I got kind of lost." Or bored for that matter.

"Let me tell you something, PJ. Every student in my class is not allowed to be late."

Was this guy on his period or something? "Okay…"

"Mr. Danvers!" Mr. Foster called out to his class. That's when he raised his hands.

I was a fast learner. Fast enough to realize the monkey's were all in the same class that I had been placed in, the only junior to set foot in a Senior English class. Justin had to have been high during the time he filled out my course outline. Caleb Danvers, Pogue Perry, Reid Garwin and Tyler Sims were looking down at the girl that was spying on them.

"You may go sit by Mr. Danvers," Mr. Foster told me quirking back to the black board and started his ramble once again.

He did say 'may'. Didn't mean I have to sit beside him. But that was sort of trickery with teachers. He might have said 'may', but if you don't do as you're told, you're going to get bitch slapped in the face for not understanding the teacher language. When he says 'may', it means do-it-or-else-you'll-find-my-foot-in-your-ass. So I climbed the stairs, trying my best to ignore the looks from everyone.

I stood out like a sore thumb. How is that possible? You tell me. I was dressed the same and I didn't think I looked any different. I stumbled taking my seat and quickly slouching to make myself tiny. I wanted to avoid any more attention on me.

"Caleb Danvers," the boy beside me introduced himself, offering out his hand.

I already knew him. I knew a lot of shit about him already. His family lived in Ipswich for 200 years or whatever. They formed a covenant with five other families and have some witchy type of powers. Caleb personally has a girlfriend at the moment named Sarah Wenham. Caleb had ascended last month. Caleb was the captain of the swim team. Caleb, Caleb, Caleb. The funny thing about the knowledge I held about them was they didn't know what I knew.

"PJ Mortem," I replied, shaking his hand.

I didn't say it as politely as I would have with Miss Ellenberger, but that was because I didn't have to suck up to Caleb to push him away. For all I care, he could think I was the bitchy new girl who didn't blush the moment she saw him.

"PJ, huh?" obviously, he was interested in my name. "Is that really your name?"

"Initials," I bluntly replied, placing my arms on the desk and staring at the wall.

Guess that gave him the hint that I didn't want to talk to him, let alone be friends with him at all. Sure, I've heard he was a nice guy and all that. I still didn't like his character. It's been done before and I didn't like it one bit.

Right now you're probably wondering about this whole 'assignment' thing that I've been talking about. Well honestly, it's not that interesting. Like I said before, I'm sort of like a cop for the supernatural. If they break the law then it's jail time for them. If they break out then I have to hunt them down and throw them back in the big house. I was told by Justin who was warned by someone else that we had to keep an eye on this area, especially these boys.

Actually, I had to keep an eye on one in particular; the rest just came with the package. Reid Garwin. He's been known for using a lot. Chase Collins had also been on the list as well, but we got the notion that he was killed off by the boy sitting next to me the day he ascended. Now we were left with the 'lovable' Reid, obsessed with betting, pool and girls. My job was to watch the four of them to see if they break the law, meaning, if they use their powers to try and hurt a human or get seen by a large section of the human population; then it was off to jail for them.

Pretty dumb, I might say. I checked their profiles, nothing interesting. I found Reid, in particular, an idiot. Two hundred years of silence was going to be broken by some fucker who thinks it's fun to age faster than normal.

I was nudged in the rib by Caleb. I gave him a fierce look and he just motioned me to look at the teacher.

Mr. Foster had been talking to me the entire time I was spaced out, "Miss. Mortem, I asked if you read Macbeth at your last school."

The last book I read was when I was 10. It was about this caterpillar that had an obsession over eating then turned into a butterfly in the end. I thought it was cool.

"No," I replied, playing with my fingers.

He huffed with frustration, obviously at me, and said, "Pay attention next time."

I didn't take any warning to his threat. I sat there for awhile before I sized up at Caleb. At that moment, he looked at me as well.

"Thanks," I mumbled.

"No problem, wouldn't want you to get in trouble on your first day."

So he says. I sort of smiled at him, the best attempt to smile anyway, and went back to looking at my fingers.

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