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Sea Sickness

Every time an eyelash lands on your cheek you get the chance to whisk it away off the tip of your finger and make a wish. How I wanted to believe that method of getting my way rather then rubbing the lamp of a genie. The sense of magic that can come out of your own genes gives a slight hope in everyone of us. I kind of wish (if I could) that some sort of method were even possible. Sadly, there are no three wishes. I'd want the wish of reversing ever little thing I regretted spilling out of my mouth. The bridges were burning around me and the secrets were starting to pour. I felt like I was in shock as Reid started speeding down the road to no where.

"You can't go." I told him again.

"You think I'm a dumbass?" He asked me.

Was this a trick question?

I answered slowly, "Yes."

He gave me a look then went back to the road. "I won't be seen."

"This is getting a little bit stupid," I started to get a bit mad, "And this has nothing to do with you?"

"Have you forgotten about how suspicious I am of you?"

I had a feeling that Seth was going to chop me up into little pieces tonight in order to stop my body from going back into my original shape.

I leaned back in my seat crossed arms like a stubborn six year old that got rejected from going to Disney land. Instead, I was a teenager who was having boy issues with a boy who she can't distinguish the relationship. I kicked the glove compartment with my worn out covers shoes causing Reid to swerve from my sudden action.

"Fucking hell, crazy bitch." He screamed, "Treat this car with respect."

I rolled my eyes, who the hell gives a shit about a car? I would never imagine my parents going through the trouble of getting me a half ass car for my sweet 16. I see a second hand bike on the market.

"Do you even know which church it is?" I asked with an irritated tone.

Reid kept his eyes on the road tightening his hand on the wheel. I was now staring at how white his knuckles could get, yet I didn't know why Reid was acting in such a way.

"So, if he's not your brother like you said," He started snapping me out of my trance, "Then he is your boyfriend."


"Or is that a lie as well?" He stole a quick glance from me then back to the dark road, "A husband I presume?"

"Will you stop it?"

"No, I want some answers here, PG" He mocked using the nickname Seth gave me.

My mouth was gaped opened at his childish attitude.

"Bull shit you want some answers, you've just been acting like a jealous wreck."

I wish I knew by now that saying even the most simple of words could cause someone to go crazy, I would have torn out my voice box. Sadly, mistake after mistake, I don't learn. What I said really seemed to get on Reid's nerves. His eyes turned to a solid black shade as his car started to fly down the road like a bullet. The trees past by with a blur and my hand gripped tight onto my seat. I held my breath so I wouldn't scream. At this point Reid was driving like a maniac and I doubt that he would have taken me to the certain church that Seth requested me to go. To be honest, even after facing the ugliest scariest monster that my job has, this one made my heart pump faster than anything else. You think I'd be use to danger by now, but the scary shit still gets to me.

"Reid, Stop!" I blurted out.

The car screeched to a full stop as Reid foot hit hard on the break. My head, on the other hand, hit the dashboard. The back of my head then whipped back to my seat as I held my forehead from the throbbing pain.

"We're here." He said with a smug look.

I rubbed the slight bump and gave him a gruesome look. His eyes were still coal as he stared at me as though his soul were empty. I fought the urge to jump on him and rip off his limps. I just swallowed hard forgetting about the pain. In fact, the bump on the head was healing quicker than usual.

"Are you gonna wait for me?" I felt stupid for asking.

He closed his eyes then opened them up again revealing those familiar blue colors, "Just get in there."

I opened the door and slammed it shut just as he opened his door and looked over his car to yell at me, "You dealing drugs?"

"Not even close."

I just left annoyed by him. I was hoping that whatever Seth's hunting plans were would help me with the child in the car. I walked up the hill side and to the front of the rundown church. The paint chips were fallen to the ground with moss growing on the corners and spreading to the sides. At the entrance I saw a rather pissed off Seth. You would think that boys these days had their own menstrual cycle happening.

"Look who finally showed up." He said.

I sighed, "Please don't be a bitch and lets do this."

He didn't say another word and walked right up to the door. I suddenly had the feeling something bad was going to happen. Of course something bad was going to happen, but I didn't want matters to get worse then they already were. Oh god, please don't let Reid interfere. Seth turned around with sheepish smile on his face. Now there was the Seth I knew.

"There's something you gotta know before we step inside."

Oh no.

"What is it?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

"You have to promise not to get mad."

"That depends…" I knew he was hiding something, "What's behind that door?"

"You promise, right?"

"Seth." I snapped through my teeth.

"Okay, okay…You'll just have to see it for yourself."

I pushed Seth aside and pushed through the doors of the church. My body jerked to a stop before walking any further. I was faced with a broken in church with mossy old walls and dusty seats pushed against the side. There was a giant organ at the other end with its large pipes hitting the ceiling to allow the sound to ring through the building. The stained glass windows were covered in dirt making the entire place almost dark. Oh, did I forget to mention the giant whole right in the middle holding a kraken?

I turned around with my face red all over. All I could let out was quiet little squeaks and groans. Seth only had his finger to his lips and his other hand holding on to my shoulder from exploding.

"If you scream," he whispered, "You'll piss it off."

"A Kraken? A fucking Kraken?" I whispered harshly.

I turned around looking back at the creature. "How the hell did it get in here in the first place?"

"You think I know these things? Let's just get it over with before it wakes up."

"Ipswich is just full of sea monsters."

Seth closed the doors behind him as the creature let out a rumbling moan causing the ground to shake. I held my arms out trying to keep my balance and kept my eyes on the kraken to see if it was waking up. It stirred its tentacles sliding it closer to Seth and me. I lightly tipped toed away avoiding it suction limps. The problem with every hunt I go on, was not knowing what the fuck to do. No matter how many times I've been through this, there was always some plan I had to come up with in order to save my ass.

Just as the beast settled down in its slumber, Seth and I made eye contact with each other. He started to mouth commands. I didn't get a fucking word he said. My only reply was a look of confusion and mouthing the words, "What?"

He hit his forehead and again started to mouth out his plan for me adding in some gestures with his hands, trying to help me understand. I shook my head still not processing what he wanted me to do. Right now, his plan was better than mine. Which was nothing, reminding you.

"Can you learn how to read lips?" He said.

"I'm sorry," I snorted, "It didn't come with all the other fucked up features of a hunter."

He groaned, "This is fucking ridiculous."

"Just tell me now."

"Doesn't matter," He rolled his eyes, "Give me the jar and I'll do it."

My eyes widen I shook my head, "I didn't bring it."

His expression grew grim, "Don't fuck with me."

"I thought you would have had it, I don't see you handing me a gun here."

"Well to be honest, I thought you weren't going to show up tonight. You seem to be rather busy with your boyfriend."

"Holy fucking Christ, if I hear one more person say that, I'm going to pull out their fucking intestines."

"The more you fucking deny it, the more people realize that maybe, Hey, you do like that Reid lad."

I pursed my lips gifting Seth a nasty fierce look. Why the fuck do guys have the tendency to be an asshole? It's reason like him why I have a friend like Fern. She barely ever bites back with a jackass remark.

"Go get laid, maybe you won't be bitchy." I spat at him.

"I was thinking the same thing."

Then again, I did hear my first grade teacher say, 'Treat others the way you want to be treated.' Is this just my own shit in my face?

"If you weren't fucking prepared in the first place, why the hell didn't you say something before we stepped in?"

"I tried to, but I told you not to be mad once you found out."

"I thought you were talking about the Kraken!"

"I was, sort of. Until you brought this up."

I paused for a moment trying to soak up what he just said, "That doesn't even make any fucking sense."

"Okay, well since you didn't bring the jar, what do you suppose we do now?"

My mouth was open with disbelief, "Because I forgot the fucking jar? Why are you blaming this on me?"

"Well I am the fuck up here."

"I'm the rookie, what do you want me to do?"

"Well do something."

"Oh, that's right Seth. I forgot to mention that ever since I was a hunter, I had legit abilities that came along. Like the ability to do this…" I presented him the middle finger and a smug look, "Ain't that fucking amazing? Wanna see what other cool shit I can do?"

Seth was about to open his mouth to retaliate a witty comment, until his eyes left my face and was concentrated on something with a little bit more interest. Actually, he seemed shit scared. I was almost afraid to turn around, but I did anyways. There standing in its slimy glory of 16 feet. It's yellow blood shot eyes seem to find an interest in me as it threatened to slash me with one of it's tentacles. I turned around looking at Seth as his shit scared face was still in tack.

"Go to fucking hell, I swear to god."

Those were my last words before I was smashed against the wall with one of the sticky tentacles. I shook off the dizziness rushing over my head. My vision was blurred and my back was still stuck against the wall 8 feet in the air. I didn't have time to process what was going on before my body slid off the wall and being dragged across the floor towards the creature. My thoughts started to collect again as I realized what was happening. It wanted to eat me. I twisted my body around gripping the dusty floor with my finger tips.

"Seth!" I cried out.

My vision became clearer as I searched the church for my partner.


My body was still dragging closer and closer to the monster. I peaked over my shoulder just in time to see it's mouth wide open. Drool dripping from it's yellow teeth and it's tongue stretched out in order to have a taste of a hunter.

"Seth! Where the fuck are you?"

Still no sign of him.

"Okay, Seth this isn't funny." I took another look at the Kraken.

"HELP ME!" I screamed.

It had dawned on me that perhaps my partner may have left me to my own death. My faith, which I thought couldn't have ended, was going to be sealed in the belly of a slimy Kraken. And the thought of that happening made me struggle for my fucking life. My nails dug into the floor, but it was no use. The nail on my left index finger ripped off. I jerked both my hands up from the pain. This was so bull shit.

I sighed and rested my head on my arm as the tentacle still dragged me on the floor.

Maybe being in its belly wouldn't be so bad. Let's hope it chewed its food properly.

The door was kicked open and everything that went wrong in that night, got even worse. My eyes widened, his eyes widen. I wasn't all that surprised at the fact Reid Garwin wouldn't necessarily be overjoyed looking at my body being dragged into the belly of the beast. What was I suppose to do at this point? Actually, I wasn't even sure what was worse, Reid witnessing my death or the fact that I was going to be digested. He just stood there. I guess he was still grasping the fact that there was a Kraken in the church, hell I was still questioning why it was here in the first place. I didn't know what to do and knowing me, I never really did the right things.

"You told me you were going to wait!" I hollered at him.

That was when I was launched into the Krakens mouth. I landed on it's dancing tongue just as it was about to close it's mouth, Reid started to snap out of it and force his iris to fuse into black. He drew out his arms making the Kraken stop from closing it's mouth. It seemed to make it angry as it's limps started to fly about trying to swat at Reid. I didn't waste any time and made a jump out of the mouth. My eyes spotted a steal pole with a sharp end. I picked it up and threw it as hard as I could hitting it's right eye. The creature wailed from the pain and splashed around in it's little habitat. Blood and puss gushed out from the monster as I took the opportunity to bolt for the door. I grabbed Reid's hand on the way out, trying to dodge the flying tentacles and out the door. I kept running towards the car until the cries of the monster were almost hush.

Once I reached Reid's car I was almost out of breath. My chest was heavily rising and falling. My hand left his arm and found itself clutching at my chest. My heart felt like it was going to burst through.

"Well…" I started.

I turned around, but Reid had already made the first move. He pinned me against the car hard, making my body break the passenger window. I kind of doubted that he cared at this point since he was still angry about it. That's when his eyes turned black again.

"Tell me what the fuck that was, PJ!" He demanded.

You think he would have been smart enough to realize that every time he used, I would almost over power him. I didn't respond to him through words. I kicked him off of me, which only made him more angry. He placed his hands almost a foot away from each other creating his mass energy. I realized at this point, he may have found me as a real threat. He pushed it towards me where I jumped to doge the shot.

Three more came my way as I leaped and flipped to avoid getting hit. He only seemed frustrated by my ability and decided for a hands on approach. Both his fist surrounded with blue electrical energy ready to punch me. I ducked as he tried to hit me in the face and made a low blow. His eyes went wide surprised at my strength. He gritted his teeth and let out a loud groan of pain. I didn't want to do this to him, but he did start it. Before he had time to make another swing, my leg reached underneath causing him to hit the back of his head on the solid ground. I got on top of him quickly pinning his arms down. He cried out struggling under my grip.

"Reid! Stop it! Just listen to me."

He wasn't he was still trying to attack me.

"I don't want to hurt you, Reid. Honestly. I would have killed you by now."

He wasn't convinced. His eyes turned back to the familiar blue, only something was a little different about it. It wasn't the same ice blue I was use to with Reid. It was more of like an empty pale color. This caught me off guard. He got up with ease as my hunter strength became useless again. Now I was pinned underneath the furious teenage boy, his left hand crushing my neck. It then occurred to me what his eyes were trying to tell me. They were hurt. Why? I didn't know.

"What kind of freak are you?" He lifted up his right fist, pulling it back as if ready to take a swing at my face.

I shut my eyes tight waiting for the hit, waiting for the blood to pour out of my nose and down my check and onto the earth. I slightly opened my left eye a little to see Reid's fist shake with the anger. His eyes looked at though he was about to burst out crying, but he was trying to hard to stop himself. I changed from a frighten little girl, to a concerned friend. What was wrong with him?

"Reid." I whimpered.

His grip around my neck soften as he lowered his arm to his side. He swiftly got off of me and made his way back to the car. I wobbled at my attempt to get up and go after him by calling out his name again.

"Reid," I said a little louder than before, "Reid, if you want me to tell you, you have to listen."

"Fuck off, PJ." He walked around to the other side, sliding himself in and slamming the door shut.

"Reid!" I shrieked, "Listen to me!"

The key turned in the ignition as the loud rock music blasted through his speaker and through the windows. He put the car into gear and sped off, leaving me with a trail of a dusty goodbye. I coughed out the lifted dust and rubbed my eyes as tiny dirt particles made their way into my pupils. My eyes started to tear. I wanted to blame it on the fact that it was because dirt was still trapped in my eyes. My heart started to hurt again, except with the desire need to pop out of my chest and bury itself deep in the ground.

The howls of the Kraken could still be heard as I made some mental note in my head to take care of it sometime soon. I should have also been concentrated on the fact that Seth went missing in the middle of my distress and hasn't made a come back yet. But my state of mind was occupied by fear. Not by the monster that lingered in the church, but the fact that maybe the guy I've asked so many times to buzz off, the many times I've asked him to fuck off, the one, Reid Garwin may have left me alone, for good. And it made me ill.

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