Wow, my first real Zelda fanfic! I've written some before but this is the first one I felt like posting :) This details the last boss(es) of Twilight Princess. I used the first game/cartoon's idea of there being two Triforces, Power and Wisdom, cause I wasn't sure where to fit Courage in. But Link is still brave as ever ;) Lines have been changed and added to clarify things :)

It was windy atop Hyrule Castle, a chilling breeze that made Link shiver. Though, he thought, he couldn't tell if it was the wind or the darkness that lay within the castle's highest tower that chilled him.

The sky surrounding the structure was a hazy yellow-orange—a perpetual, unnatural twilight. There was lightning and thunder with no rain. Monsters roamed around and in the castle itself.

And it would only end when Ganondorf was destroyed.

Link's shadow twitched suddenly, rising up from the ground. It formed into the Princess of the Twili, Midna. Orange eyes gazed at him.

"Well? Are you going to stand here all day, or go in," she sighed, gesturing at the darkness through the open doorway.

Midna paused.

"We have to find Princess Zelda," she whispered, her tone softer.

Link nodded.

"I know…I was just making sure I had everything ready. I don't know what we'll face," he said carefully.

Link unsheathed the Master Sword with his left hand, and raised his Hylian Shield with his right.

"I'm ready."

Midna smiled, and Link strode into the darkness, the Master Sword raised.

The darkness receded, then vanished as Link stepped forward, recoiling from the sword in his hand.

The first thing that caught their eyes when they walked in was the head of a statue. It had been severed at the neck, and if it were alive, the eyes would have rolled back long ago.

"A statue of a Goddess, perhaps," Link thought with a slight shudder.

Link's gaze turned from the statue to the red carpet beneath his feet; he followed the fabric upward with his eyes, up some stairs, to a throne—

He gasped. Above the throne was a Triforce symbol—three golden triangles that formed a larger one; one on top and two on the bottom.

In the middle of the Triforce was Princess Zelda. Her eyes were closed.

She did not stir as Link and Midna approached; she didn't even breathe. All that moved was her hair, in conjunction with the wind that gusted through the room.

"Is she—" Link began, then stopped. He didn't want to say it.

"No, she's not. I can feel it… Her body is lifeless, but her soul is in me," Midna sighed, remembering how Hyrule's Princess had saved Midna's life by giving up her light-filled soul. Now Zelda was just an empty shell.

Midna floated in front of Link suddenly, putting a protective arm across his chest. Link followed her gaze down, to the throne.

A man was sitting on it where previously nothing was there, a man who could only be Ganondorf. He was holding a sheathed sword, but its glow pierced through the metal surrounding it. A similar glow radiated from his chest—a mark of failure for those that had once tried to kill him.

He gazed at the two beings before him, considering whether to kill them now and be done with it. But Ganondorf decided against it. It wouldn't do for their lives to be ended so soon…

No. He would kill them only when they were begging for mercy, pleading for him to end it all. And then they'd die slowly and painfully, as he relished their screams.

Ah, but first…introductions needed to be made.

"Welcome to my castle," he chuckled, his gaze piercing them both.

Midna was unfazed, or at least she appeared to be. Her orange eyes turned red. Link's grip on the Master Sword tightened, and he beckoned the man forward.

"So, you're... Ganondorf," Midna hissed.

Ganondorf merely nodded, then stood up from the throne, gesturing for either of them to speak.

Midna flashed him a toothy, wicked grin. "We've been dying to meet you," she said with an air of a cackle.

Ganondorf let out a chuckle at the irony, for she and the boy would soon be dead. He'd see to that.

"Your people have long amused me, Midna," he said, walking down the steps to face her.

"To defy the Goddesses themselves with such petty magic, only to be thrown aside… how very pathetic," Ganondorf continued, then laughed again.

Midna growled in anger but said nothing.

"If they were so pathetic, then why didn't you kill them," Link bit out. "I think they're stronger than you say."

Ganondorf turned to face them both now.

"I was once a mere shadow of what I am now…sealed away in a prison of burning light. It sapped my will, and I didn't even have the strength to move."

He turned again to face Midna, laughter in his eyes.

"But your people, my dear Princess, served a far greater purpose than giving you something to rule. Their fear, their agony, their hatred…it bled from the world of darkness to my prison of light…and awakened me."

The Twilight Princess was trembling with rage; Link put an arm on her shoulder to calm her.

"And I fed off these emotions, drawing strength from them…and soon, I became what you see before you…the bearer of power."

He clenched his right hand into a fist; the Triforce symbol burned across the back of his hand. The topmost triangle—Power—was lit.

Ganondorf turned away from them, and gestured to Princess Zelda; her right hand was emblazoned with the Triforce as well. The bottom left triangle was lit on her hand—Wisdom.

"The kind of power that those chosen by the Goddesses wield…"

He turned away from Zelda, then, brandishing the Triforce of Power once again.

"And mine is absolute, surpassing the Princess's by far… One who wields such power is destined to rule both light and shadow…don't you agree?"

Midna snapped.

"Hah! Such conceit," she spat.

Ganondorf frowned; his eyes now burned with rage, as if daring Midna to speak again.

"But…if you are one of the chosen wielders of power, as you claim," she hissed, fists clenched.

"Yes," Ganondorf asked, his eyes mocking them both.

"Then I will risk everything to deny you," Midna screamed; it was all Link could do to stop her from charging. He knew better than to attack recklessly.

"And you, boy? Will you stay and die with her," Ganondorf taunted.

Link brandished the Master Sword; all traces of doubt faded from his body.

"No. I'm going to stay and destroy you."

Ganondorf chuckled, then raised a hand. Patches of darkness swirled around him, rising into the air. The cold made Link and Midna shudder.

"Very well…deny and destroy me, then," he laughed.

He looked around; his gaze stopped on Princess Zelda.

"Yes…both of you… try to deny me…"

Ganondorf raised a hand towards the prone Princess, smirking.

Midna flew forward, away from Link; she stopped in front of Zelda, arms outstretched.

That didn't stop Ganondorf. He disintegrated into a large patch of darkness; it broke into smaller sections and hovered in front of the two Princesses. Midna braced herself.

The darkness shot forward, flowing neatly around Midna and into Zelda. The Princess's body shuddered with the impact, then was still.

Midna blinked, checking herself for injuries. Then she remembered Zelda; whipping around, she gazed at the Princess intently. Her skin was pale as death.

Odd, black markings had appeared on Zelda's arms, neck, and the sides of her face. A gleaming sword materialized in her right hand.

"No," Midna moaned, stroking the Princess's cheek, desperate for signs of life.

Zelda's eyes snapped open, then. They were a burning red.

An invisible wave of energy caught Midna full force, sending her flying. She hit the ground hard, then bounced through the doorway.

She moaned in pain, then was motionless.

"Midna," Link gasped, running towards her, "Are you ok—"

He was cut off as a searing wall of energy appeared, separating the two. It stretched from the floor to the top of the doorway; if Midna revived, she couldn't fly over it.

Link swung the Master Sword against it, but it didn't budge. Glancing behind him, he saw that a similar wall had formed in front of the throne.

There was no way out.

Link turned fully at the sound of footsteps. Zelda was right behind him, a smile on her face. Her skin was a sickly blue, now, and her blonde hair had taken on a greenish tint.

And when she finally spoke, it was in Ganondorf's voice.

"Both of you, faithless fools who would dare take up arms against the king of light and shadow…"

Then Zelda floated far above the floor, far beyond the reach of the Master Sword. Her arms hung loosely at her sides; it was like she was nothing more than a puppet.

She then snapped to life, brandishing her sword; Link readied his own sword. Again, the Princess spoke in Ganon's voice.

"So you choose… And so you shall feel my wrath."