Title: Eavesdropping Benefits

Author: Vix

Email: M&M/ funny/foof/romance

Ratings: PG-13

Summary: 0) g I'm not telling

Disclaimers: I own nothing

Spoilers: Everything up to and including End of the World

Author's note: You all asked for a sequel to The Benefits of Eavesdropping, well here is it's counter part instead. Enjoy and as always-FEED ME! I'm running out of caffeine other than that, you're feed is the only thing that keeps me writing (If you don't

include my need for Michael and Maria to be together and for Courtney to die)

"Max, are you OK?" Maria asked looking up at him from the corner of his bed.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." Max said eyes still glazed over.

"Sure, and I'm an alien." Maria said scooting up closer to him.

"I will be, eventually." Max said.

"Max…" She was cut off by a knock at the window.

Maria looked from the closed curtain to Max. Max nodded his head towards the hall.

She walked out of the room and shut the door. She leaned against it enough so she could hear what was going on inside.

Max turned off his CD player so Maria could hear what was going on. He walked across his room and opened the window.

Michael crawled through the window and stormed across Max's bedroom angrily.

"Where'd you get the bruise?" Max asked as he went back to his bed.

"Alex." Michael grumbled as he began to pace.

"Alex hit you?" Max choked out between laughs.

"Shut up!" Michael said not finding this one bit amusing.

'Serves you right!' Maria thought trying to hide her laughter.

"Why'd he hit you?" Max asked gaining a little control over him self.

"Cause Maria thinks I cheated on her." Michael said still deep in pacing.

"You did cheat on her." Max said all traces of his laughter gone.

"No I didn't!" Michael said stopping his feet right in front of Max's bed.

"You kissed Courtney and kissing is cheating therefore you cheated on her, and the whole towel thing." Max said

"I didn't kiss her! She kissed me. I didn't even move my lips for crying out loud." Michael said sitting on the edge of Max's bed.

Maria's mouth dropped to the floor. How dare he deny it! She saw her in a towel!

"Why did you let her kiss you?" Max asked trying to get all sides of the story.

"Because I was trying to find out if she was government or a skin." Michael said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"And you thought kissing her would explain everything?" Max asked.

"No, I was searching her place to find out what she was doing here in Roswell." Michael explained.

"So you searched her house while she kissed you?" Max asked only further irritating his friend.

"I drove her home so I would know where she lived so I could find it later so I could snoop. She invited me in, and I went inside. She kissed me and I told her I was germ-a-phobic and that a clean girl is a sexy girl. That's why she was in a towel!" Michael said standing back up and starting to pace again.

"What happened? What'd you find?" Max asked interested.

'Germ-a-phobic? Yeah right. I wouldn't even fall for that one!' Maria stifled her laughter.

"She's a skin." Michael said sullenly.

Both Max and Maria stopped breathing.

' I knew it! I knew that slut just screamed 'I'm a freak!' Maria thought angrily.

"What happened?" Max asked as he sat up and swung his feet to the ground.

"I left when Maria showed up. And later right before Alex punched me she showed up. When I discovered she was a skin she ran off and I blew up my TV trying to use my powers on her." Michael said lying back on the bed.

"Michael it was dangerous for you to go to her place alone! Why didn't you tell us? Why'd you go there alone?" Max asked standing up and leaning against his dresser.

"I don't know! I just thought that if I could find out then I could protect her…" Michael trailed off.

"Who?" Max asked.

"Maria. If I knew what was up with Courtney I could keep Maria away from her, so she couldn't hurt her." Michael said sitting up.

"You're willing to die for her?" Max asked his voice not quiet steady.

"Yeah. I am." Michael said running a hand through his hair.

Maria's eyes misted over and she searched for her keys.

She ran quietly down stairs and out the front door.

Michael walked tiredly down the hall. It had been one hell of a week. He pulled out his keys and unlocked the door. As soon as he was inside he went straight for his bed. He laid down and suddenly something jumped on him.

He tried to scream but found it difficult considering someone's tongue was in his mouth.

He'd know that taste anywhere. Maria's tongue was tracing his mouth inside and out running it over his teeth and caressing his own lovingly.

He started to kiss back. He grabbed for her. His arms wrapped around her small waist bring them closer together, one of them trailing up into her hair running his skilled finger through it. All the while his tongue fought with hers in a never-ending battle.

He loved the feel of her in his arms. He loved the feel of her period.

She was all around him, the sweet smell of her perfume was intoxicating, but better was the smell of her hair. It smelled of apples and of just Maria. He loved her scent.

Her soft hands were everywhere. They were behind his neck trying to bring his mouth closer. He rolled over and pinned her underneath him.

One of her hands traveled up into his own hair twisting it around her fingers and running her hands through it to just feel the texture.

Her hands traveled down to his shoulders and to the nape of his neck playing seductively with the hair that rested there.

He moaned into her mouth and she started down his jawbone, her lips brushing very lightly to the place where his bruise was and continued down to the hollow of his neck.

She could feel his neck vibrate as he whispered her name gently letting it rest out in the open.

"Did you really blow up your TV for me?" She asked looking up at him in the dark.

Michael rolled his eyes with a soft laugh and started to assault her lips once more.

The End