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CHAPTER 3 - The First Day (part 2)

"W-we could go b-back to our room and e-eat, if y-you don't-"

"It's fine."

After their little tour around the school, Sasuke had led her to the cafeteria and get breakfast. It was much bigger than she had expected. There were many round tables scattered around, and each table had five chairs. Sasuke picked the one in the corner and she wondered why at first. But now, the reason was very clear. By the time they were eating, many people had already been up, and it wouldn't have been a problem if only those girls didn't cling around him so much. Once in a while, a few girls would drop by, give him a little "greeting" and walk away only when Sasuke snapped. Did she mention they were very pretty girls. She actually felt bad when she looked at herself. And everytime Hinata glanced around, she was faced with those murderous glares from the girls nearby. They probably think I'm his girlfriend.

"S-sasuke-san, w-we should g-go back-" She suggested once again, for both of their sakes.

"I already said it's fine."

She could only sigh and give up. Arguing with Sasuke was not a good idea. Even though Hinata had only met him this morning, she learned something about her bodyguard; he was a very stubborn guy. So, after dropping the subject, they continued eating in silence until yet another girl decided to interrupt with "Sasuke-kun!" And the tone of that voice was awfully familiar...

As she glanced up, she saw the same girl from earlier this morning. Her arms were wrapped around him once again, but this time she released it before he could say anything and smiled. "Can I sit here with you?"

"No." Was his instant reply. Really, Sasuke could be so harsh sometimes. But maybe that was one of the reasons why he was so popular. Girls liked "cool" guys. In other words, they find guys who ignore and treat them like crap attractive, for some odd reasons. Hinata was different though. She prefered nice gentlemans. Guys like Sasuke made her nervous, especially with his angry glare and rude voice. Sakura didn't seem bothered by this, however. She smiled and glanced across, only to spot the timid girl on the other side of the table.

"Oh!" It seemed like Sakura also remembered her. "Hello." Her lips curved into a friendly smile, and Hinata couldn't help but smile back.

"I'm Haruno Sakura. Nice to meet you."

"I-I'm Hyuuga H-Hinata." She timidly returned the greeting.

There was another smile before she began. "Are you Sasuke-kun's friend?"

Friend? Well, they can't really be considered "friends"...Sasuke was her bodyguard, so the relationship was somewhere along the line of...of...what was it? Oh, why did Sakura have to ask such a difficult question?!

"W-well..." So, as she pondered upon the question, not knowing how to reply, her bodyguard decided to rescue her.

"I'm done. Let's go." And for the second time that day, he dragged her away by the wrist and left Sakura behind with their trays of food. She was actually somewhat hungry, but it was okay. Sitting there was much worse than being hungry. She could tolerate it.


They were now back in their dorm, and Sasuke had decided to go over everything with her. She sat on the bed while he took a seat on the chair nearby.

"So, as you were told, I'm your bodyguard. I'll make sure you stay safe until the school year ends." She nodded in understanding. "Your father probably already told you, but stay away from strangers."

Once again, she nodded.

"Anyways, we will be having the same schedule, whether you like it or not." At this, her eyes widened a bit. So, not only will they be staying together, she'll also attend classes with him? Isn't that a little...too much?

"Whenever you go outside, I'll have to follow." Well, this sure reminded her of home. Everytime she went somewhere, someone would have to go with her. Being the heiress was such a tough job. If she could choose, she'd rather live life as a normal girl.

"That's all." He ended, and she nodded in return. Oh well, she was used to it anyways. And then, silence was back with them. Well, she could say something, but she had to be careful of not saying the wrong thing. So, she pondered...and pondered...and finally...

"C-can we go s-somewhere?"


"Um...s-shopping." She decided. She needed new clothes anyways. He didn't seem too pleased with the answer, however. "I-If you don't like it, we c-could-"

"Alright." He got onto his feet, and walked to the door. She couldn't help but feel guilty. Most guys did not like shopping, and judging from the expression he had on, Sasuke was one of them. She'll have to keep that in mind.


She learned two new things about Sasuke. One, he had a car. And two, he drove very fast. It was a miracle that he didn't get caught on the way. In less than ten minutes, they had arrived at her favorite store, "Bubblegum". She was somewhat surprised that he knew the direction. It was a store that sold many girlish items such as dresses, skirts, and jewelries. She went there several times in the past.

"Let's go in."

As they walked in the door, they were greeted with one of the girls who worked there, one that Hinata was quite familiar with.

"Hinata-chan! I haven't seen you in a while." She gave her a friendly hug. "You used to come here with Neji all the time."

"H-hi Risa-san. How are you?"

The conversation was interrupted by the boy next to her. "I'll just sit here and wait for you." She nodded and walked away with the older girl. When he was out of hearing range, Risa asked with a whisper.

"Is that your boyfriend?"

A deep blush quickly covered her cheeks, as she shook her head continuously. "H-he's just a...a f-friend." She figured it was okay to say it since Sasuke wasn't there.

"He's pretty hot. If I was a few years younger, I'd go for him." She gave a big grin, and moved on to a new subject. "So where's Neji? I was surprise when I didn't see him with you."

"O-oh, Neji-niisan's in America. B-but he called me today a-and said he's coming back in a few weeks."

"That's good. Be sure to bring him here when he comes back, 'kay?" Hinata nodded. "You must've been lonely, huh?"

She blushed once again. "I-I guess..."

Risa gave her a few pats on the head. "Well then, what would you like to buy for today?"


Really, why did girls have to like shopping so much? It was such a waste of time. The flirtatious looks from the other girls in the store was also irritating him. He was really tempted to leave the stupid girl there and just drive home.

"W-wait, Risa-san!" The voice broke away his thoughts. When he looked up, he spotted the girl from before with Hinata by her side.

"Don't you think it's cute?" She asked, and he looked at Hinata. She was wearing a pink dress, cute but simple. In truth, she didn't look that bad, and her figure was quite nice. If only she knew how to decorate herself, then he'd be sure she would look better than most girls. Not that Sasuke cared about petty stuff like that, of course.

"The color doesn't match you." He replied honestly. "Try purple."

In the end, Hinata had decided to buy a purple dress -one Sasuke had complimented- along with a few tops, and thanked him for it with a smile. Sasuke, on the other hand, was more than glad to get out of that store.


It was already 10:00 p.m. and Sasuke had went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Hinata was still admiring the purple dress he had help her choose. I guess Sasuke-san is pretty nice sometimes. She was smiling when Sasuke walked in without a shirt on, much to her horror. She blushed and quickly looked away. He made no notice of her reaction, and dropped himself on the bed - or more precisely, her bed.

Is he gonna sleep there?

"S-sasuke-san..." He looked at her. She wanted to ask him to sleep on the floor, but that would be considered rude, wouldn't it? But then again, if she didn't, she'd have to sleep with him. "I-I'm sorry, b-but...c-can you s-sleep on the f-floor?"


Why? Wasn't it obvious? "I-It makes m-me...un-uncomfortable." She ended nervously and waited for his reply.

"It's comfortable enough for me." He shrugged carelessly, and without another word, he closed his eyes, ending the conversation. Hinata could only sigh and went to grab her other set of blanket and pillow.

I guess I'll sleep on the floor tonight.

End of Chapter 3

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