As they walked into the cave, Opal felt slightly warmer. Her teeth weren't chattering a lot and she was ok. Coal looked at her every now and then to look at her. He thought: I should tell her. Maybe she likes me too. But she's a human. "Coal? Coal, are you alright?" Coal snapped back to reality to see Opal staring at him, looking concerned. Coal smiled and said, "Yeah of course." Opal smiled and said, "Good. Let's go." Coal nodded his head, and Opal led the way.

Hours later

"Flamethrower!" A burst of flames exited Coal's mouth onto Aritcuno. Articuno screamed in agony, and Coal yelled, "Now, Opal!" Opal nodded her head, held out her two front paws, and yelled, "Shock wave!" A huge ball of electricity formed in her hands, and before Articuno could get on his feet, she shot the electricity. It slammed itself into Articuno, who shrieked again, and finally, fainting. As the bird lied on the ground, Coal and Opal took the opportunity to catch their breaths. Coal yelled, "Please, Articuno, let us pass! We aren't causing this forest to melt!" Articuno stood up and he yelled, "Lies! Never has the snow melted! Never in thousands of years have the degrees risen! You then show up, and this happens! How's that?" Coal said, "Natural disasters are occurring..." "Silence!" Coal closed his mouth, but Opal yelled, "NO we won't!"

Articuno closed his beak. Opal said, "If you would listen to us, maybe we could help!" Articuno's amber eyes glared with anger. He yelled, "I will do what's best for this forest, and that is to dispose of you!" As Articuno opened his mouth, Opal turned to Coal and said, "I can't fight any more." Coal said, "Me neither." Articuno was preparing to release his attack, when a voice cried out, "STOP!" Out of the blue, came the same white creature they saw hours before. Articuno cried, "Absol?!" Absol said, "Yes, Master. These strangers speak the truth. My instincts warn me of the natural disasters and they are not just occurring here, but every where." Articuno looked at Absol eagerly, and asked, "Are you sure?" Absol nodded his head, and replied, "Yes, Master." Articuno looked at Opal and Coal, bowed, saying, "I apologize for my behavior." Opal yelled, "An apology?! That's all we get?! You nearly kill us and all we get is an-" "Opal!" Coal yelled. Articuno laughed and said, "She is right. Tell you what, I will repay you one day. Just come to me one day, tell me what you want, and it'll be granted. How's that?" Opal smiled and said, "Deal." Articuno smiled, opened his wings, and took off.

Opal turned to Absol, who stared at them. Opal said, "Thanks a lot. If it wasn't for you, we'd be goners!" Absol smiled and said, "It was nothing. I couldn't let you perish for something you did not do." Opal giggled and Absol smiled even more. Coal looked at Absol in disgust, but neither he nor Opal noticed. Opal, who tried to stand up, fell down. She used way more energy then Coal on that last attack and couldn't get up. Absol lied down, so he was face level and said, "I will join you." Opal smiled and asked, "Really?" Coal asked, non-hopefully, "Really?" Absol nodded his head. He said, "If you get on, I will carry you." Opal blushed and said, "You don't need to." Absol smiled and said, "I know. I want to." He helped Opal onto his back and stood up. He looked at Coal and asked, "Are you alright?" Coal, who was angry, yelled, "Yes, I'm fine!" He then stormed away, leaving Absol stunned and Opal to fall deeply asleep, dreaming. Gardevoir entered her dreams, and told her of Ninetales.

Many hours later, they reached a mountain. Coal asked, "So Gardevoir said in this mountain lies Ninetales, and if we meet her, we'll clear your name?" Opal nodded her head. Coal smiled and said, "Let's go then!" He and Absol walked ahead, leaving Opal to think: Coal, maybe after all of this is done, I'll tell you how I feel. "OPAL!" She looked up to see Coal and Absol staring at her from afar. Coal smiled and said, "Come on." Opal smiled and ran to them.

Three hours later

"This must be the peak," Opal said, staring at a blank room of snow. As they looked around, Coal asked, "Where's Ninetales?" Before anyone could say anything else, a voice said, "There she is!" They all turned around to see Alakazam, Charizard, and Tyranitar. Coal stepped in front of Opal and said, "Go away! We are looking for Ninetales!" Charizard said, "Ninetales doesn't exist!" "Then why do you continuously chase Opal?" asked Absol. Alakazam stepped forward before his teammate could charge. He said, "Ninetales may have existed years ago, but no more. We are here because Opal was a human in the legend, who most likely is causing these natural disasters. Therefore, we must dispose of her." Coal glared and said, "If you want her, you'll have to go through me!" Charizard smiled, lifting up a claw, and said, "With pleasure."

Before Coal could step forward, Opal pushed him back, saying, "No, Coal, this is my battle." "But, Opal…" Coal said. Alakazam too pushed Charizard back. He said, "Let me." Opal walked to the center, and Alakazam floated. Then they both stopped. Opal asked, "So it comes down to this?" Alakazam closed his eyes and said, "I deeply regret this, but it's for the faith of the world." Opal frowned and said, "But what if I'm not the human?" Alakazam lifted his hands and asked, "Honestly, how many humans do you know turn into pokemon?" Opal smirked, and then Alakazam disappeared. He teleported: Opal thought, looking around. She saw a blur by her right, and jumped away. Alakazam said, "Good job." Opal raised a paw and said, "Assist!" She then let loose a solarbeam, and Alakazam yelled, "Psybeam!" Before the moves reached each other, a voice yelled, "Desist this fighting at once!" The moves disappeared.

Out of nowhere a fox like pokemon, with nine tales, appeared. "Ninetales!" Opal said, eyes sparkling. Ninetales looked at her, saying, "Yes, Opal. I am Ninetales." Alakazam stepped forward and asked, "Ninetales, is Opal the human in your legend. Also, is your legend real?" Ninetales turned to him and said, "Whether you think my legend is real or not, I care not, but, Opal is not the human, so you will stop hunting her." Coal smiled and asked, "What did you say?" Ninetales smiled at him and said, "Opal is not the human in my legend." Before she could realize it, Coal was hugging her and Absol was smiling by her side. Coal jumped up and down, saying, "I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!"

He let go of her and looked at Alakazam's team angrily. He yelled, "Hey, you owe us an apology!" Alakazam's looked shocked, but smiled. He looked at his teammates, who bowed with him, saying, "We are sorry." Then, the ground below shook with great force. Ninetales said, "Just as I feared. Groudon is going to be awakened." "Groudon!?" Alakazam yelled. Charizard said, "We will go after him." Opal said, "We'll go too." The quake stopped and Alakazam said, "No. We will go. You three head home for a nice deserved rest. Let's go!" Alakazam and his team left the peak. Opal said, "Let's go home." Ninetales said, "Let me teleport you there." She closed her eyes, and opened them to reveal them glowing pale blue. Instantly, they were teleported out of her home.

"Kekekeke, with Opal gone, Team Meanies sure will reach their goal!" Gengar said to Ekans. Gengar looked at the pokemon in the square and asked, "Why aren't you lot out on the hunt?" Shiftry said, "They went to Mt. Blaze. I couldn't possibly go." Snubull said, "Farthest I could go was Lapis Cave." Gengar frowned and said, "Spineless lot you are." Lombre frowned and said, "You're all talk the talk, but why don't you walk the walk?" Gengar smiled and said, "I'm to stay here and hear of Opal's demise." Lombre did a 'pfft' and said, "You just appointed yourself that." "Gengar, Gengar!" Everyone looked to see Medicham heading their way. "What is it?" Gengar asked. As Medicham gasped for breath, she said, "I-it's O-o-o-Opal, she-she's…" "Oh yes, she's gone!" Gengar said, clapping his hands. Medicham shook her hands violently, saying, "No, she's back." Gengar and Ekans shouted, "What?!"

Right then, Opal, Absol, and Coal appeared in the square. Coal said, "Hi, everybody. We're back, and Opal is cleared." Gengar laughed and asked, "Really?" Opal looked at Gengar and yelled, "Yes really, you over stuff waste of air!" Gengar shocked back, while Coal, Absol, and the other pokemon, besides Medicham and Ekans, laughed. Gengar smiled and said, "Well let's see some proof." Opal, shocked, asked, "P-p-proof?" Gengar said, "Yeees proof." Opal's ears sunk. Not a word said. Gengar faked a frown and asked, "What no proof? Opal slumped back. Gengar laughed and said, "What a pity. You just got here so we could dispose of you easier." He looked at the other pokemon and said, "My fellow pokemon, let's dispose of her now!" "Wait!" Everyone turned to see Caterpie running, a newspaper in his mouth. He handed it to Lombre, and said, "Read this." Lombre read, "'Opal back. Alakazam proves Opal is innocent. Opal, Coal, and a new friend, Absol, risked their lives climbing Mt. Freeze to discover truth, which has been told is true! Gengar's so called 'hints' are proved to be malicious lies.' The End." Every pokemon looked angrily at Gengar, who ran with his teammates. Shiftry yelled, "You liar, come back here!" and they chased him off.

Opal looked at Absol and said, "We have a friend area just for you. Want to go? It's right outside the team base." Absol nodded his head and replied, "I would like that very much." He then ran off to go to sleep. Opal looked at Coal and yawned. She said, "Well I'm tired, and I'm going to bed. Night!" "Night!" Coal repeated, heading off into the opposite direction.

As Opal laid on her haystack she thought: Man its good to be home. She yawned once more, and closed her eyes. I'll tell Coal tomorrow: she thought, falling asleep.

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