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A/N - This story takes place after 'All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2.' And yes, there are serious spoilers for many of the episodes from both Season 1 and Season 2. I will try to give you warnings at the beginning of each chapter.

Also, this story is set up like an episode: teaser, enter Sam & Dean, ass whumping, ass whumping, and yes, more ass whumping, climax, wrap up.

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The Coven

Chapter 1

"I really gotta lay off the Oreos," C.J. Jamieson muttered to herself. She sagged against one of the towering oak trees, squinting in the near blackness that enveloped the woods, only her harsh gasps breaking the stillness. Above her, barely visible through the thick canopy of leaves, a small sliver of moon hung in the sky, its light weak and fragile. Her eyes burned as she sought out her prey, but the dark was all-encompassing; every shape and shadow seemed to blend together. Pushing herself away from the tree, C.J. paused a moment longer, her head tilted as she listened intently.

Nothing. Complete and utter silence surrounded her. Not even the lonesome chirps of crickets could be heard. It was eerie and ominous. Stifling the urge to swear, she took a few steps, wishing to hell she had enough sense to bring a flashlight.

"Aaaghh!" A scream rent the night, and C.J. immediately began to run towards the sound. She shoved some low-hanging pine branches out of her path, ignoring the minor scrapes the sharp needles left on her bare arms. Cursing as she stumbled over fallen trees, she forced her way through the thick undergrowth, knowing that time was most definitely not on her side. Finally, with one last push at a branch, C.J. emerged into an open field.

There. Not fifty feet ahead was her quarry, striding confidently across the meadow, the child flung over one shoulder.

"STOP!" C.J. yelled. Her voice echoed in the night and the woman – at least, it looked like a woman – slowly turned. She was clad in jeans and a tank top, her long blonde hair pulled into a knot on her head.

"You dare to interfere?" The low voice was little more than snarl, and a shiver of revulsion crawled up C.J.'s spine. She shook it off as the child whimpered, and, tightening her hands into fists, she walked towards the woman.

"Of course I 'dare to interfere,'" C.J. replied. "It is my job, after all. Let the child go, and maybe you'll get to live." Cautiously, she approached the two, her eyes never leaving the woman's face.

The woman snorted, shaking her head. "You are of my kind, huntress. Join me and I will share this one. . ." she nodded at the still-sobbing child draped over one shoulder. "We will feast on this boy's flesh, and quench our thirst with his blood, and our power will increase tenfold."

C.J. paused a few feet from the woman, shaking her head. "First of all, I am not in any way like you, witch. I only use my powers for good. And second, I already had my dinner. But, thanks for the offer." She glowered at the witch, and took another step forward. "Now. Put the boy down."

The witch returned her glare, sinister blue eyes clashing with hazel, until suddenly, she began to laugh. It started out low, just a series of barely audible giggles that built in intensity until they finally burst from her throat like a shriek. C.J. stumbled back, clamping her hands to her ears as the noise reverberated around them, the pain almost unbearable. The sound was feral and inhuman, and, for a frightening moment, C.J. wondered if her ears were bleeding. Her attention was yanked back to the witch, however, as the boy was tossed to the ground.

"If you want him. . . take him," the witch sneered. C.J. slowly lowered her hands, feeling her heart pound painfully in her chest. Her ears rang from the ungodly noise the witch had emitted, and her entire body was trembling. Still, she was here to rescue the boy, and since a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. . .

Drawing a deep breath, knowing that she was so going to regret this, she took a step forward.

That was as far as she got.

Almost immediately, the witch began to transform. As C.J. watched in disbelief, the witch's body stretched and twisted, contorting into shapes no human could withstand. Her arms grew freakishly long, her hands extending into claws, her fingernails becoming as long as daggers. Her neck stretched and cracked, and her face crumpled, the features melting into a fluid-like mass. A sickening smell of rot wafted from the witch and C.J. coughed and gagged, stepping farther away from the half-formed creature. Suddenly, there was a ripping noise, and the witch's nose reappeared, a grotesque mass of flesh in the center of her face. Strings of rancid hair emerged from her scalp, hiding the nubs that had become her ears. Scaly gray skin covered her skeletal face, pulling tight enough to tear and bleed. Eyes reappeared in the sockets, darkening to a blood-red, and as the transformation ended, the witch swung her gaze back to C.J. Slowly, she opened her mouth into a malevolent smile, revealing fangs instead of teeth.

It was hideous.

"Well, there's something you don't see every day," C.J. offered, her voice remarkably steady

The witch merely hissed, and, with unbelievable speed, launched itself at C.J. Claws dug into her side as the witch grabbed her, and, suddenly C.J. was airborne, landing hard on the ground twenty feet away. She lay there for a moment, stunned, barely able to draw a breath. A sudden sense of icy-fear, accompanied with a rotten smell, gave her warning that the witch was approaching, and she struggled to her feet.

"You will die tonight, white witch, and I will savor your flesh," the witch spat, and, despite her fear, C.J. felt a fresh burst of anger course through her.

"Yeah, well, we'll see about that," she replied. Lifting her hands, she muttered an incantation, the words flowing like water from her lips. The darkness of the night was broken as golden light burst from her palms, streaming into the creature. The witch screamed, writhing and spinning away, and, in a swirl of blackness, disappeared into the night.

"Huh." C.J. lowered her hands, but remained still, her eyes sweeping the field. The night was unnaturally silent, the stillness broken only by the whimpers of the boy. C.J. ignored him, waiting a full minute until she relaxed.

"Well, that was easy," she said to herself. Brushing her hands on her jeans, she hurried over to the boy, kneeling down to his side. "Are you. . ."

C.J.'s question was interrupted by a fierce scream, and pain suddenly ripped into her body. She twisted away, shoving the boy to the side, and raised her hands, summoning her own power. Once more, golden light shot from her palms, colliding with the dense blackness of the witch's charm. Both spells evaporated into the night, leaving C.J. panting heavily as she struggled to her feet. The witch began to chant, and black power emitted from its claw-like hands, slamming into C.J. before she had a chance to protect herself. With a yell, she was tossed backwards, her body shuddering as agonizing pain flowed through her. Without warning, the witch loomed over her, the creature's hands reaching down to grab at C.J.'s neck.

"Your power is mine," the witch growled.

Desperately, C.J. rolled away, pushing to her knees as she began her own incantation. She closed her eyes, concentrating, summoning her power from deep inside. Golden light began to flow and ripple over her body, building in intensity until C.J. shone like a beacon in the night. As the witch moved to attack, C.J. opened her eyes, and with her hands outstretched, she sent a massive bolt of power at the witch. The light encompassed the witch, surging and pulsing as it contained her, allowing C.J. to finally get to her feet. She watched as the witch screamed and writhed, clawing at itself to shake the light free.

"Time to die," C.J. said softly. She raised her hands once more, and, taking a deep breath, began to chant. The words flew from her lips, faster and faster, until they were blending into one another. Slowly, a swirling pool of fire began to gather at the witch's feet, spinning and growing as C.J. chanted. It was accompanied by a muted hum, a sound that grew into a loud roar as the pool of flame became larger and larger. The witch became frenzied, shrieking and clawing at the light, her red eyes glowing with hate.

C.J. stared at the witch, her words growing louder and stronger with each passing second.

The fiery portal grew, both in size and volume, until it was completely surrounding the screaming witch. C.J.'s voice peaked into a final shout, and as she fell to her knees, the witch was enveloped by the maelstrom, her body bursting into flames. C.J. threw up a hand as she was blasted with a wave of heat, and she wrinkled her nose as the smell of charred flesh filled the air. The fire lasted only moments; with a whoosh, the flames spiraled to the sky, and vanished into the night.

C.J. remained on her hands and knees for a long moment, her body shaking with fatigue. Her head pounded to the rhythm of her heart, accompanied by her heavy gasps of breath. Around her, she could hear the sounds of the night begin again, as an owl hooted softly and the crickets began to sing. Finally, still trembling, she pushed herself to her feet, ruefully fingering the torn and bloody shreds of her shirt where the witch had clawed her. Shaking her head, she staggered towards the boy, stopping at the area where the fiery whirlpool had incinerated the witch. All evidence of anything supernatural had disappeared; only some charred grass and the lingering smell of burnt flesh remained.

"Well, that was fun," C.J. whispered, and, with a sigh, she went to check on the boy.