Barbara Gordon Babs

"Wait, so why are you here again?"

I ignored him. "Where do you want me to put my bags, Richard? It's not like I have my own dorm yet. I just got here, in case you haven't noticed," I pointed out sassily.

"You've got to be shitting me," he said under his breath. I pretended not to notice again.

The sound of a door opening crashed my train of thought. A redhead walked in, carrying a stack of books so tall that they covered her face.

"Okay, so I have all the books for the project, and all we have to do is find a page on the net, so…"

Her voice trailed off as soon as she noticed me standing an inch away from Richard. There was a small smile on her face, and she shifted her eyes from me to Richard with an expectant look.

I didn't like her. She was annoying me when I had only known her for less than a couple of minutes. Richard, who was staring dumbly at her, got out of his trance when I punched his arm.

"Err…Babs, this is Kori. Kori, Babs."

"Hi." Her smile seemed to falter as she extended her hand to me.

"Hey," I said back in a tone too good to be true. I put my hand on top of Richard's and smiled genuinely. "So how much does this boy talk about me?"

Richard hastily pulled his hand away and the redhead looked at me blankly.

"Actually, he's never mentioned you at all," she said, giving Richard a skeptical stare.

"That's because, there is no need to."

My head shot sideways towards Richard's direction. "What are you talking about?"

"I don't want you here, Babs," he said sternly. "I'm here to start fresh."

"Oh, Richard, stop being such a jerk," Kori said. She turned to me, flashing one of those annoying smiles. It was too pretty. And it got on my nerves. "You can stay here with us for tonight, since you don't have anywhere else to go."

I knew Richard and I were thinking the same thing at the end of that sentence. This girl was too nice.


"Hey, Kori?"

She turned back swiftly, maybe too eagerly, to find his nose nearly inches away from hers. I watched as she tried not to trip over herself. The sight was making me sick.


I expected him to step away from her as quickly as he could. He was Richard. The boy was afraid of emotion. He was going to move away from her any second now. I waited patiently. But he just stood there, closer to Kori than ever before, while I felt ready to throw up. His blue eyes burned through hers with so much intensity that even I couldn't blink.

"Good night," he said simply, but his warm breath blew into her face, stunning her.

She turned around. I could feel his eyes following her as she walked back to her room, and before she closed the door, she stuck my head out through a little crack.

"Night." Kori tried to say it as dully as she could, without having the hints of excitement or giddiness burst out. I saw past it. Her little half-smile ruined it.

She finally closed her door, and I watched him walk away to the couch with a lovesick grin. I turned away and crawled into my bed.

How could this happen? I felt like crying. He never smiled at me with that crooked grin, or spoke to me in that firm, gentle voice. He was falling for her. I could see it.

Suddenly I didn't feel so sick anymore. The tears behind my eyes were gone in seconds and were replaced with something else. I was seeing red.

She was a threat to me now. I wasn't going to have some redhead princess take Richard away from me. I would do whatever it took. If I had to ruin her friends, I would ruin her friends. Her family. Her country. Her, Kori Anders. I was capable of anything.

In time, Princess Kori Anders of Tameran would be reduced to nothing.

It was a job I was looking forward to…

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