"Weak am I

"Weak am I?" Sakura practically screams in his face, her voice high pitched and squealing so much so that Sasuke almost wants to cover his ears, afraid they'll bleed.

"Sak-" His voice is choked out by her hand on his throat. "Let me tell you something, this is not what I wanted to be." He said as he stared into her eyes, they were so full of pain and misery and he knows that he made a mistake.

"I didn't want to hurt you!" he said, her hold loosens on his throat enough so that he can speak. "When I was young, I was very angry that my brother had killed my family. I let that anger control me, I went to the Uchiha Shrine, I asked the spirits to help me defeat my brother. The spirits were angry too, they accepted me although I was a boy, the anger of the spirits made them evil and they inhabited my body, making it difficult to do anything that I really wanted to do." He said.

"I had little control over my actions. I wanted to be with you, hang out and laugh with you and Naruto. I was only able to come out a little bit when you needed me." He said, and once again she remembered those times. "I never wanted to hurt you but I grew weaker over the years, I didn't think I would ever defeat my brother and that I would be trapped forever." He said sadly.

Sakura glared angrily and lifted him higher. "You lie!" she yelled angrily, she brought her fist back to kill him but everything inside her was screaming for her to stop.

"I am not lying, but if killing me eases your pain I will gladly die." Sasuke said.

Although part of her still wanted to kill him her form began to shrink back to its original size, her skin grew pale once again and her eyes turned their magnificent green. She dropped him and he sat there breathing heavily, she also fell to the ground only a few feet away, they sat there a few moments trying to catch their breaths.

Sakura finally looked up at him, he was looking at her. "Sakura-chan." It sounded weird on his lips.

"Sasuke-kun!" she cried a sob catching in her throat. He crawled over to her and took her in his arms for the first time and she cried into his chest as his own tears wetted her hair.

"I love you Sakura-chan." He said.

"I love you Sasuke-kun."

"Please forgive me." He asked.

"I forgive you, if you'll forgive me." She said.

He gently pulled away and lifted her chin to look up at him. "There's nothing to forgive." He said looking into the eyes he had longed to stare into for so long. "Nothing." He said. He bent his head down hesitantly and their lips touched, Sakura felt her breath catch in her throat, the most perfect kiss, and it was from the man of her dreams.

He eventually pulled away but they stayed in each other's arms for awhile. Then they heard Naruto stirring and they turned their attention to him.

When he woke up they were both leaning over him smiling, Sasuke with that crooked smile of his that he only used when he though Naruto was a loser, and Sakura that caring smile that Naruto loved, but he felt differently about her now.

He had met someone new.

"Sakura-chan, Sasuke." Naruto said happily smiling wearily and tired.

"Naruto." They both said happily.

"Lets go home." Sasuke said.

Naruto smiled and sat up, with support from both Sakura and Sasuke they went home, Sasuke began bantering Naruto on how he let a girl defeat him and as they continued to walk you could hear their yelling in the distance as the sun rose.

They were a team once again.