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We were a bit worried certainly, wondering what was going on. Before any of us got around to checking for any news on the radio or the TV however, we received a phone-call from Firedrake. While not learning about it until a bit later, she and Stream had somehow linked up to the phone network, sending out a warning to everyone in Norway at once.

Having quietly gathered their forces for years, probably remaining hidden in the Oort Cloud, a large force of decepticons had descended on Earth. Normally, perhaps they would not have bothered much with a backwater planet like ours. With so many of their enemies there, the temptation to wipe them out was probably irresistible.

In some ways though, Norway was among the luckier countries. The decepticons focusing their main efforts on wiping out the larger communities of autobots first, giving time for large populations of humans time to evacuate and prepare. Helped by autobots who managed to remain hidden, we began our greatest project yet.

For the first hours, I most likely was in a bit of a denial, especially when more information became available. Certainly I was not particularly keen over the idea of that we might need to evacuate. It's just something about leaving the house where one has lived for years, due to an invasion of alien killer robots that gets to a person I guess.

In the end though, having something to do helps a lot in such situations. My family packed and ready, about to go to one of the many busses set up for the evacuation, I went to the University. Leaving my family wasn't easy though, even if it wasn't mean to be for longer than a few hours. With so many invaluable books and other things at the University, I was determined to help getting out as much of it as possible.

Besides, traveling time is considerably shortened when one has friends willing to give a ride in a helicopter during a crisis. Sure it was risky, especially when one couldn't know when a hostile robotic alien might show up, but saving anything meant that being able to move around quickly was important.

Arriving at the University, it was with some surprise that we found Stream there as well. It turned out however, that he was much of the same mind as us. With no knowing exactly how things would end, helping to save at least some of the science and works created by humans was rather important. So while downloading what he could off Norwegian databases as well as those at the University, he also helped to load things into the few trucks we had been able to get.

Probably he hadn't meant to stay long, though his help did save us a lot of time, he did have more important matters to tend to after all. Unfortunately his presence did also attract attention of the unwelcome kind.

Being inside at the time, helping to put books into boxes, I wasn't around to see their arrival. Once the shooting started though, even the dimmest among us had to realize that something was up. To a degree we were fortunate, in that the three that showed up weren't among the truly big hitters from what I have learned later. I did manage to get a glimpse of one as we were running for a safer location though.

One was a rather nasty-looking black one. Its alternate form most likely being some kind of car, judging by the white doors sprouting from its back. Not that I took the time to get a really good look though. Rather irrationally, a part of me later hating having just ran like I did, leaving Stream to deal with the decepticons. Knowing that I couldn't have done much else than being squashed like a bug doesn't always help either.

Fleeing, most of us scattered, going in whatever direction that seemed the safest at the time. In my own case, I and a few others ended up at Akershus Fortress, hoping that the old fortification might offer a bit of protection. As I would find later though, it wasn't as far as I would have wished.

Even in hiding, we could still hear the fighting quite clearly, and it certainly went on for quite a bit longer than I would have expected. Stream always seemed to be more a scientist than a fighter, but he sure as hell kept them busy for quite some time.

Perhaps decades has passed since then, but I still wish that I had been far away when they finally took him down. The span of relative silence that following as the fight ended, was in some ways even more nerve wrecking though. Those very few of us who dared to have a look outside didn't bring back much in the terms of news either. Sure, there was still people out there, heading out of the city. There was a couple of copters as well, and larger planes even further up in the sky.

But then we came to realize that Stream wasn't quite dead yet. Not that we understood what it was right away, a shrill and electronic sound reaching out to where we were hiding. I still remember the chill when we realized that what we heard was a robot screaming. Just the memory of sitting there, hearing what we heard...

They took their time killing him too, though I do not know how long. Nor do I wish to either. Building up our courage somehow, we left our hiding place after about an hour, heading away as quickly as we could. At first, we followed the major roads, if keeping out of sight in whatever cover we could find. During that, several more groups of people joined us, as we hoped to make our way to one of the areas where people had been evacuated to.

Oh, we did get there certainly. But only to find that it had been found by the decepticons first. Survivors could tell us that most had been killed, a very few surviving only because they had been far enough away to flee. Some had been captured and taken away by the attacking robots, though for what purpose no-one knew.

We all left rather quickly after that. Of-course we all wanted to find our families again, praying that we would find them alive and healthy. Still, we weren't going to risk being found if we could help it.

Days, and then weeks passed as we moved from place to place, going by what information we had. Some from when the decepticons first attacked, and some we had gotten from people we met. It was just about then that the first rumors started to reach us.

Little could stand against the decepticons, not with their superior numbers, some suggesting that there was thousands of them. Some blamed the autobots certainly, for having brought their enemy to Earth by staying there. But when the war had made it to our planet, they seemed to have done what they could to help. Many had given their lives to hold back the advance of the decepticons.

And there were the rumors of that humans had escaped. Making it off the planet and into space; on spaceships previously built with the aid of the autobots, or ships that were autobots themselves. If nothing else did, that gave us hope, especially as the rumors also said that Norwegians had been among those escaping.

Having experienced what I had, and knowing that the decepticons being defeated was unlikely, there was more than once when I could have broken down into a gibbering mess. But I somehow kept going anyway, mainly because there was those in my group of refugees that were damn good at keeping up morale. Especially when rumors became facts, as we found one of the spaceship launch sites.

For a while longer, we did wander around, afraid to remain in any one place. With time though, it became an increasing demand for us to find a semi-permanent base at least. There was children and elderly among us after all, among others whose health might not be the best. And so we settled on a rather remote place, well away from any former city and the like. Not that any of us imagined that it was completely safe, but it was quite welcome after walking around for so long.

Well, we did get a few days of relative peace at least. Looking back now, I believe that they must have watched us for a while, maybe even have snuck a few spies in among us. After all, even the most decent human may go against what they believe in if the pressure is great enough.

Certainly they didn't make much of an effort to try taking us by surprise. Though, by the time any of our scouts returned to warn us of what was coming, they were already moving in rather quickly. A pair of jets circled in the sky far above, then a military helicopter came on a low approach over the trees, wind and debris creating confusion.

Frightened, and not certain about where to go, it was a simple matter for the decepticons on the ground to pick us off. I'm just relieved that I didn't see most of the killing, being among the first who were taken as I tried to get away.


Why they are keeping any of us alive, I can only guess at. Some kind of curiosity maybe, or just because they can.

Some time after the attack, I don't know how long, I woke up to find myself in what is now my home. An old town somewhere in the north judging by the climate, surrounded by fences that efficiently prevents our escape.

Perhaps a few hundred in all, we try to keep our lives going despite of being prisoners, or maybe pets would be a more suitable description. Certainly we don't really lack what we need to survive, and thrive, to a degree. Children has even been born to some of us, growing up in a world surrounded by fences, guarded by robots that may not view us as more than worms.

For the most part, they leave us alone, coming only to watch us from outside or to bring supplies a couple of times a year. At times though, they'll come to take some of us away. To experiment on, as many thinks to be the most likely. We're lower lifeforms, maggots, to them. But still, perhaps some among them finds a certain interest in studying us, understanding how we work.

Other times, that I would rather not think about, there are those among the younger ones who grow too bold. Wanting to be heroes, to make a difference, they sneak outside to attack whatever decepticon they think will be weak. Invariably, their broken bodies are found dumped inside the fences before long.

We do have some hope however, that us older ones do what we can to bring on to the younger generations. Traveling on the ships that took them away from earth, or walking on alien planets, the humans that escaped may still be out there. And so may the autobots.

Not that we really believe that they have a chance at coming back, to reclaim the planet that was once ours. However, humanity may still be out there, carrying with them the memory and knowledge of what we were and may still have.

Most important of all, they'll still be free.