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-panda signs-




--Chapter 1--

Wolf Ranma

Ranma had just been pulled out of the pit filled with cats.

"Jeeze Pops, what'd you do that for!" Ranma cried with exasperation.

"I will make you invincible if it's the last thing I do! You will learn the Neko-Ken no matter what!" Genma replied he then balled his fist, "As your father I would happily do whatever it takes to make my son the best there is!" as tears of joy streamed down his cheeks. With Ranma in tatters they continued their journey to Jusenkyo. After walking endlessly they reached their destination.

"Jeeze Pops, you sure this is the "Legendary" training grounds?" Ranma asked.

"Of course it is!" Genma replied with pride, "Why a martial artist like me should know!"

"Oh, I see we have travelers from far away, yes?" A Chinese guide said as he got up from his seat, "You come see the Legendary training grounds?"

"That's right! We're going to train till we drop, Ranma follow my lead!"

Genma then jumped onto one of the bamboo shoots.

"Alright Pops, here I come!"

"Oh no Sirs! Very bad if fall in springs" the man called out in panic, "Very tragic tale! Sirs please listen!"

Ranma casually looked down to the shouting man, wonder what he was saying. He was then caught off guard as his father thrusted a fist towards him.

"I've got you now boy!"

Ranma then jumped out of the way and landed gracefully onto another bamboo shoot, but one of the injuries he got from the cats caused him to fall over.

"Aaahh!" Ranma cried out while falling head first. He was then banged off to the side a bit by a young girl, Ranma's age, with aqua blue hair. The 2 then landed into 2 different springs that were side by side.

"Oh no, is very bad to fall in cursed spring. Travelers fall into the springs of spring of "Lang Zhong Di Yu" and "Xue Mao" The guide explained (sorry if my Chinese sucks, btw it means Wolf from hell and snow cat, it may not be accurate but I just googled it, sorry for those Chinese people out there I'm a disgrace to Asians)

"Is tragic tale, 2,500 year ago a wolf known for bad doings and got scar from bad, bad cats. Now has a scar on face (Right in between his eyes). Wolf no like cat, but have life saved by one. Wolf become confused and drowned in spring. Now anyone who fall in spring take form and mind of the Wolf and become aggressive around most cats, possibly not the one that saved wolf. Person who fall in wolf spring will be aggressive against cats from then on. Except cat who save life, of course. Not to mention the Xue Mao, tragic tale of cat who drown 2,500 year ago. Cat on the bridge of freezing to death because of snow. Cat fell and drown in spring. Now who ever fall in spring turn into white cat and is afraid of snow. It no matter if human or cursed, both get characteristics of those animals."

Ranma popped his head out of the spring. He had black fur with a silver line going straight down to his tail. His eyes were a beady black color. He also had a cross scar between his eyes. He had more fur, which is puffier and lighter, around his scruff and lessened as it went down his back. The girl was franticly waving her paws around, trying not to drown. Ranma got a good look at the girl as a cat. He saw a picture flash through his head.

'What in the world was that?' he asked himself.

He saw a picture of a white cat with purple fur at certain spots. It showed a great resemblance of the girl's cursed form. He had a sudden urge to protect her and lifted her by her scruff. Genma was watching the whole scene from above and was in disbelief. He then lost his balance and fell into a spring.

"Oh you fall into spring of Shan Mao Ni Quan, very tragic story of panda who drown there 2,000 year ago." The guide informed.

Genma jumped out of the spring, in cursed form of course, and approached his son. He reached out a paw, trying to grab him. Ranma's eyes then flickered to life as he jumped back with the cat still being held by the scruff. Ranma let out a low growl with his tail curled and teeth bared.

'What am I doing? That's my dad, I shouldn't be doing this! No… no… He wants to hurt this cat! I won't let him!' Ranma concluded in his head. Everything was unclear to him though.

Genma looked at his son with confusion. He had no intention of harming anyone; he just wanted to check his son. He then turned to the guide and held up a sign.

-What is he doing?-

"It appear to be that the cat he is holding resembles the one that saved the wolf." The guide explained, "He will get very protective now, only way to stop is to turn cat back to normal. Pour hot water to stop curse. Cold water activates curse"

The guide ran inside the small hut and came back with a kettle of steaming water. He poured the hot water onto Genma and the cat girl. The girl closed her eyes as the warm water rained on her. She then changed back into a regular girl with aqua blue hair, with ruby eyes, and Chinese style cloths. Ranma looked at the girl sitting before him. He was no longer holding her by the scruff, but by the collar of her shirt. He let out a whimper of sadness. He sniffed around her and found her scent to be the same. He then snuggled her with his snout. She simply petted him feeling bad as he rested on her lap.

'Hey! Hold on a sec! Who the heck is she?!' Ranma screamed to himself as his head started to clear.

He quickly jumped towards his father and the guide. As the guide poured the hot water.

"With out having the cat around anymore the boy can think straight, but he is probably still protective. Obeserve." An old voice croaked, the old lady attempted to hit the girl with her staff, but Ranma jumped in front and got hit.

She looked at the boy on the floor.

"Just as I assumed, he is still protective."

'What a handsome young fellow, maybe my great-granddaughter will like him' the old lady thought to herself "Xian Pu, what do you think of him?" The old lady asked.

"Aiya…" Shampoo was stunned by the handsome young man before her. She looked at him up and down.

Ranma stood up and brushed off some of the dirt on him, and stretched a bit. Genma went behind Ranma to see if anything happend. Maybe he still had a tail...

"Oh, where is my manners? My name is Colonge and this is my great-granddaughter, Shampoo."

"Well this has been fun and all bu-" Ranma stopped in the middle of his sentence. He couldn't think straight anymore. His head was throbbing. Ranma held his head, try to ease the pain. He glared at his father and got down onto his hands, as if he were still a wolf. He then bared his teeth. Strangely Ranma's teeth were still sharp. He still had two wolf fangs in his mouth. Ranma let out a growl from his throat (No, he's not in cursed form)

"I'm just wondering, but did you teach him the Neko-Ken?" Colonge asked

"Why yes I did!" Genma replied quite proud

"Well obviously the wolf inside the boy can sense the cat from within. They're having a conflict right now. He probably sees everyone as a cat. Until his 2 sides can settle themselves we will have to try to restrain him."

Ranma charged at his father ready to rip him to shreds. Genma then jumped out of the way. The direction that Ranma was charging at was heading straight towards Shampoo. When Ranma caught sight of her he immediately stopped and let himself slide towards her. His tongue was hanging out and if he had his tail it would be wagging. It was almost like he was a puppy!

:Just comfort him, he'll turn back to normal soon: Colonge said in Chinese.

Shampoo merely nodded and petted the sitting Ranma. Ranma's head began to straighten up as he stood.

"Hey, what's goin' on 'round here?" Ranma asked, scratching his face.

Shampoo found Ranma to be too cute and gave him a great big hug.

"Hey hey!" Ranma shouted surprised, "Quit it, please!" He tried getting out of her killer grip but that only made her hold on tighter.

"Well, this no happen for long time." The guide put in, "Last time this happen was 1,500 year ago. To cure problem you would need an elixir. You will need silk worm, dragon claw, and 2 cups of Amazon Oak Tree dew." The guide explained

"What's that elixir suppose to do?" Ranma asked with Shampoo clinging to his arm.

"Elixir was made to completely forget something, anything of choice. Was used for war."

"So I can get rid of the Neko-Ken!" Ranma exclaimed happily.

"Ranma, I can't let you take away the ability to be invincible! As your father I shall permit you to not have an attachment to this young lady. If you were too still be attached you will never be able to activate your Neko-Ken!" Genma shouted

"An old man like you can't boss me around!"

"Shampoo help Ranma, great-grandmother?" Shampoo already figured out Ranma's name and looked for her Great-grandma for approval.

"Very well, how about this boys? If we help you get together the ingredients, then Ranma will have to marry my great-granddaughter."

"We'll take that deal!" Genma replied without hesitation.

"Pops!" Ranma cried out

"Wo ai ni" Shampoo said softly and shoved her face towards Ranma's.

Everyone was just staring. Ranma was in shock with his eyes bulging out of his head.

"Anyways, as I said before I am Colonge, this is my great-granddaughter, Shampoo." Colonge introduced

"I am Genma, the boy Shampoo is currently kissing is my son Ranma. It's a pleasure… acquaintances" Genma replied extending his hand. Colonge happily shook it.

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