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Ranma was struggling to escape Shampoo embrace. He felt the blood in his right arm stop flowing and turn numb. His father merrily watched with amusement and Colonge merely watched with a smile upon her wrinkly face. Ranma had finally escaped Shampoo's grasp and ran 10 feet away.

"Stop sticking to me like glue, would ya?" Ranma trying to control his anger, but still had an edge in his voice. "I mean I'm a guy! I need my personal space."

"Oh stop your babbling boy," Ranma's father cut in, "let's just get the ingredients and get it over with!" Genma slung the backpack over his shoulder and threw one to Ranma.

Ranma pulled out a map from his pack and examined it. The nearest spot to find silk worms were at a tropical forest 25 miles away. There was a town in between so they could stay at the town and camp afterwards.

"Come on now Son-in-law, I'm not getting any younger" Colonge called. They had already started down the trail without Ranma.

"No arguing in that..." Ranma muttered, earning him a whack in the head.

"Hey ya old Ghoul, do you even know where you're goin'!?" Ranma shouted.

"Of course I do, I've been here longer than these tree's have!" Colonge laughed, "Like the back of my hand!"

Ranma let out a sigh of defeat and followed then toward the trail. With Genma and Colonge upfront Ranma and Shampoo followed. She stuck very closely to him, which made him uncomfortable. He couldn't help but take quick glances several times. As they walked deeper into woods it grew dimmer and dimmer. As Ranma stole another quick glance at Shampoo the tree's branches kept cutting through the sun's rays. Her face was disappearing into the darkness and reappearing. Something triggered in Ranma's brain when Shampoo's figure was lost in the darkness for a little longer then a second because of the leafy branches above their heads. He got closer in so he could see her again.

"Is Ai-ren ok?" Shampoo asked puzzled. She didn't expect Ranma to be moving in close after he tried to get away before.

"Eh? Oh! Nothing- nothing!" Ranma quickly turned his face as a blush started to appear as he scratched his cheek with his finger. Lucky for him it was too dark for anyone to see it. "So Geezer, where are we going?"

"You better to be talking to her" Genma said as he shot a glare at Ranma.

"Now, now boys, no need to fight," Cologne said hopping on her stick, "We're heading to a small village a few miles from here." Ranma looked away from Cologne and gave a small grunt.

'An old lady doesn't need to tell me what to do' Ranma felt ticked, and Shampoo just giggled at his attitude. "Would you just tell us where we're going, Grandma?" Ranma grumbled.

"I'll tell once we get closer," Cologne explained, "That way it'll be easier to explain what you have to do."

"What?" Ranma was puzzled, "What do you mean?"

Shampoo then cut in.

"Ai-Ren is so silly!" Shampoo said with a giggle, "You not know China well."

Ranma could feel his temper rising, "So what? I bet you don't know Japan so well!"

Shampoo gave Ranma a big glomp, "Ai-ren too too cute!"

Ranma started wiggling out of her grasp, but she was a lot stronger then she looked! "Agh! Let- go- of- me!!" he yelled between pushes. Shampoo kept snuggling closer to him.

"Come on you kids, we haven't got all day!" Cologne called back. Cologne and Genma were already standing by the opening of the forest. Ranma started marching towards them, dragging Shampoo who was still clinging to him. He covered his eyes at how bright it seemed from being in the dark too long. He saw a village that was decently big! Most of the village was made of bamboo. They were bamboo huts that were raised on a bamboo shout five feet tall. With straw put for roofing. The entire village was surrounded by a wall made of bamboo shouts and vines.

"I'm guess they like to use bamboo?" Genma commented dripping with sarcasm.

"You're hilarious, Pops…" Ranma said with just the same amount of sarcasm. Ranma sat down crossed legged in the grass. He began taking in the scenery. The grass was lush and the wind was blowing gently. The village was in a small clearing, behind was a thick forest. You could easily get lost in it.

"Come on now Son-in-law, wake up!" Cologne said smacking his head, "There's something VERY important you need to know about this village."

"And that'd be…?" Genma said picking at his teeth out of boredom.

"Well…" Colonge began, "They think men dishonor our planet."

Ranma immediately jumped up from where he sat.

"What?! Are you joking, how will this ever work out?" Ranma said flailing his arms.

"Calm down boys, honestly, just stay in your animal forms! Avoid hot water at all costs!"

"What about showering?" Ranma inquired, "Can we bathe in hot water?"

"Shampoo will help Ai-Ren shower..." Shampoo purred, she inched closer and Ranma felt chills go through his spine.

"Sorry boys, you cannot," Cologne glared at the village, "These women aren't who they seem, they are highly trained in the arts and could be lurking anywhere."

"Fine, OK, we get it!" Genma burst out, "Can we just go already?!"

They searched the area for a bit for some cold water. At last Shampoo found a small pond not too far into the forest. Ranma and Genma quickly jumped in and out popped the head of a wolf and panda. Instinctively the wolf took a step towards Shampoo, recognizing her scent immediately.

"Lai lai," Shampoo called pulling her arms in a coming motion.

Ranma obediently sat next to Shampoo. As soon as he reached her side, he began to shake off all the water that stuck to this thick fur. Shampoo was soon soaked and a cat…

"Awoooooh!" Ranma let out an excited howl to see the cat standing before him.

"Enough lolly gagging boys, we're burning too much daylight." Colonge turned towards to forest opening, the sun was setting, "There's hardly any daylight left!"

They all hurried to the village. Once there, they saw many many amazon women. Some were pretty, some... Not so pretty... Ranma began getting excited seeing the amazon women. Then was attacked by Shampoo cat. Colongle then inter veined by grabbing Shampoo by her neck. She presented Shampoo to the Amazon ladies and had them bring hot water. All Amazonians knew about the cursed springs, but that doesn't mean they know who fellinto them. After Shampoo had turned back to her human form, everyone but Cologne went into a guest hut. Colonge went to talk to the council to get permission to gather the Oak tree dew. At the hut Panda Genma and Ranma were sparring in their animal forms. Some Amazon women gathered by the window.

"Aiyah! De gou hen ke ai!" (Aiyah, that dog's cute!) Many of the Amazonians squealed. Shampoo shot a icy glare at them. Most of them shut up. Some might be screaming girly girls, but there are those who are a little more of a worry.

"Wah! Zhi men hen cong ming, ma?" (Wow! They're smart, right?)

"Yes, too smart..." Muttered one Amazonian.

:We must gather the Oak dew! It is of the utmost importance!: Colonge strongly voiced.

:Impossible! You'll just get yourself killed!: A council member shot back.

:How can that be, that time I was here there were no threats in that forest!:

:First off, things change, second, our oaks are ancient and take time to collect dew from them. The beast will most likely have killed you by that time, and lastly, the last time you were here was when Dinosaurs roamed this land!:

:...: Conlonge thought for a little bit, :If we were to rid you of the beast, would you permit us to gather the dew?:

The council members exchanged quick glances and looked back at Cologne. :Very well. IF you can defeat the monster you can collect the dew, but only after you kill the monster. We also need proof that you've slayed it.:

Cologne smirked and hopped away to the hut.

Back at the hut Ranma and Genma had just finished their sparring. Shampoo was petting Ranma was Genma was being petted by the amazonians by the window. One girl walked in with vivid lavender hair and icy cold eyes, dressed in the tribes' tradition clothing, a silk dress. (And it comes in 7 different accessible colors! )

:Nice pets you got there, where'd you find them?: She crossed her arms.

:It's none of your business!: Shampoo glared at her while grabbing Ranma into a hug.

:I guess you're right, since your pet isn't a guy. Otherwise we'd have to kill him.: (By guy I mean as a human) The Amazon girl smirked and strided away as Cologne entered. Cologne watch curiously as she was the strange lady walk away. She shrugged it off and grabbed Genma.

"Pack your bags, we're going big game hunting!"

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