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Chapter Seven: The Defender of the Earth.

Rose awoke to a sliver of bright white sunshine peering through an infinitesimal gap between the thick curtains hanging lifelessly at the windows, which was shining straight into her eyes. She was still curled up on the sofa in her normal attire, having cried herself to sleep again for the numerous times since the beach.

She forced herself to sit up, moving the sun from her eyes and knowing what the day would bring her. But all that did was make her want to stay where she was. But his voice echoed through her mind, full of pride and hope, and love."Rose Tyler: Defender of the Earth". Jackie was completely right when she claimed that Rose was beginning to look like him, only now it was truer than ever. Rose realised she was like her old Doctor more, she was colder, full of angst. Her old self was like her Doctor.

With a quick change of underwear, and a comb pulled swiftly through her hair, Rose left for Torchwood.

For the last time.


Chapter Eight: The Universes.

Before the Time War, it was possible to pop between a real universe and its parallel, and still be home in time for tea. But then Gallifrey burnt. Then the Timelords died. Then the walls of reality were sealed.

Then the Doctor met Rose. Then the last Timelord, the mighty Doctor was pulled back from the brink. She saved him.

And they travelled. They met plenty of Aliens, friends, enemies, allies; they visited dozens and dozens of planets in their time. But the TARDIS died. She fell from the Vortex stranding them in Earth's parallel universe. But they got home.

More travelling, more aliens, more planets. More love. The Doctor and Rose got closer, everyone, even a blind man could see their unspoken love. Everyone but the Doctor and Rose.

But then came the army of ghosts. Then came Torchwood and the War. And that's when it all ended.

That's when Rose died. That's when the Doctor died. That's when all the hope in the world; died.

A two minute goodbye was all that could be managed before the worlds resealed; forever.

Until now.

Chapter Nine: The Last of the Timelords.

The Doctor fell to his knees at the console, sobbing. His legs had given way with hope and joy and sheer disbelief. And fear. The TARDIS lurched and the ended up sprawled on the grating, hoping against hope that this wasn't the end. He'd gone from feeling dead inside, his hearts shattered, his life force evaporated, to feeling more alive than he had felt since before Torchwood.

And then she landed. Alive.

The Doctor pulled himself to the monitor and closed his eyes, his lips mumbling half forgotten words of prayer and hope. Taking a deep breath, he opened his eyes.

A zeppelin. He was there.

Chapter Ten: Parallel.

Rose dragged her feet along the road, her feet knowing the path, taking her places on autopilot. She blanked out the world. She had dreamt last night, remembered all the things her and the Doctor had done, thought of things she wished they had. She kept her head down, and made her mind wander to work, forced out of the pain of the Doctor.

She blanked out the noises around her, hearing only a faint jabber of people passing her on the street, the engines of the cars as they sped past, the sirens in the background, and the whoosh and sound of the universe.

The wind of its landing swept dust and leaves past her feet. Her hair blew back from her face, and she looked up from the floor, and saw the light.

The white light of the TARDIS faded in an out of focus as it materialised in front of her. It was ignored by the people passing by, but Rose stood stock still, eyes wide in shock.

It was there. Big, blue and incongruous, but so totally right. But still no one paid attention to the new scenery. Apart from Rose.

She closed her eyes. Lowered her head and took a deep breath, prepared to see nothing when she raised her head.

Slowly, she raised her chin from her chest and opened her eyes. It was still there. And so was he. So was the Doctor.

He walked to the door, and took a deep breath. He opened it, and took a tentative step out. She stood there in front of him, his Rose. Her chin was on her chest, her hands encased in a brown pinstripe jacket, which covered a pink top. He could tell her roots needed doing, and saw a pair of converse peeking from the bottom of her dark jeans.

Then she looked up and saw him.

He let out the breath he didn't realise he was holding, as he saw a tear drip from her eye and glide down her cheek. He took a step forward and cradled her cheek as her jaw dropped in shock, and he brushed away the tear.

Her arms wrapped around his waist as she buried her face in his chest, and hebought his arms around her.

And the two parallel worlds; became one.