Title: Doubtless
Author: Darth Claire
Beta: Ariaste

Word Count: 313

Pairing: Kirihara/Mizuki

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: PoT is not mine.

Prompt: inutakakaruki Kiri/Mizu: "Do you have any doubts?"


As Kirihara stared across the table at his date, he wondered if Mizuki were ever unsure of himself. Kirihara had turned down Mizuki's invitation five times, yet each time Mizuki only laughed and proclaimed that Kirihara would give in eventually. The next day he would be back, waiting at the gate of the school to ask again. On the 6th attempt Kirihara had finally accepted, mostly just to shut him up.

They went to a movie that Mizuki was certain Kirihara would enjoy. Kirihara had grudgingly admitted that he had been wanting to see it for weeks. Halfway through the film, Mizuki had draped his arm across Kirihara's shoulders as though it belonged there. Kirihara was up and moving to another seat the second Mizuki's hand touched his shoulder, but Mizuki followed a few minutes later and tried again. Three seats later, Kirihara decided to let the arm stay so that he could enjoy the movie.

After the movie Mizuki had taken him to an Italian restaurant a few blocks away. Twirling his hair, he declared that Kirihara would love it and recommended what he said was the best thing on the menu. When Kirihara ordered something else on principle, Mizuki ordered it himself and held out a forkful until Kirihara finally tried it. Shrugging, Kirihara handed the fork back to Mizuki, secretly impressed with Mizuki's sense of taste.

With dinner winding down, Kirihara now found himself staring across the table as Mizuki handled the bill. Smirking, he went to the other side of the table offered his hand to help Kirihara up; holding it out as though he knew it would be taken.

"Shall we do this again next Saturday?" he asked, twirling his hair.

Kirihara knocked the hand aside and walked out the door, no doubt in his mind that Mizuki would be waiting for him at the gate on Monday.

Ooo The End ooO