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Sora is having a bad day. Kairi tries to cheer him up with icecream in the park :).

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Kairi grinned at Sora, thwarting laughter at the same time. Sora raised a brow questioning her giggles, but she soon took out her compact mirror to give an explanation. He saw nothing potentially wrong… Except for the smudges of chocolate on his nose and lips. I am such a klutz today. He sighed.

"Kairi!!" he fake whined, obviously embarrassed, "Why couldn't you tell me I had a huge smudge on my face?"

She eventually stopped her laughter and replied, "You mean smudges. Besides, I think your cute when you're messy!" She stopped to smile, "You're my cute little panda bear!"

"I am not a panda…" he answered stiffly at the same time wiping the chocolate off his face with a napkin. "And for the record, I am taller then you. Besides, what makes me so much like a 'cute-little-panda-bear'?"

"Well…" she stopped and put her hand on her chin. "For one, you eat just as much as a panda! And you eat just like one too!" She replied lightheartedly.

"Ha. Ha. Ha." Sora retorted sarcastically, giving her a roll of his eyes.

"Awww! The little panda is still cranky! I think he needs a naaaap!" she said in a mock tone. She let out a final giggle because of the look on his face and said. "Ok, Ok, I'm sorry. And you know me, I'm just poking a little fun at you! But lighten up, you really are cranky today."

It was true; he was in a bad mood. His day hadn't gone so perfect. When he went for breakfast, guess what? No food! Well, at least none that he would eat. And when he decided on just juice, he spilled it on his shirt. While he was walking into town he tripped. And not just the regular old 'whoops-I-fell!' he fell. HARD. In the mud. And guess what he tripped over! A pebble! A tiny harmless pebble. He ended up changing his shirt for the second time today. He thought hanging out with his girlfriend in the park, sharing an ice cream would be pleasant. Unfortunately his foul mood prevented that. And Kairi was having one of her 'I'll-laugh-at-practically-anything' days; which wasn't a big help.


He was so busy thinking about how his day had gone, he hadn't noticed Kairi calling him…or how close their faces were. It took a full 2 minutes for him to notice Kairi's face inches from his and her hand on his thigh.

She came close to his ear and whispered, "Neh, Sora-kun, you should calm down. Forget those bad things for now. You'll mess up this one moment…" Then she leaned in for a gentle kiss.

Sora and Kairi shared many kisses before, but Sora wasn't as…prepared for this one. Probably because he was so deep in thought. Kairi cut the kiss short before Sora could actually enjoy it. She gave him a mischievous grin and leaned back in again, but not to kiss him. She licked the tip of his nose then flashed him a toothy grin.

"Hehe, you missed a spot!" and kissed his cheek.

And he finally laughed.

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