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"It's just around the corner." Edward whispered

"Where are you taking me?" I whispered back just incase there was a reason he was whispering.

"To my underground castle!" He sounded creepy, and was talking the way Dracula does in all of those crony movies, but when he said it, it sounded bloodcurdling.

"No, really? Where are we going?" I whispered back. With some effort I tried to keep my voice calm. I didn't want him to know that his little Dracula comment kind of scared me.

"You'll find out, don't worry." He was now using his normal voice again.

We came to the end of the hallway where it dead ended. There was a huge, full length mirror on the wall.

Edward came to a stop a few feet away from the mirror.

"Do you notice anything different about this mirror?" He asked, obviously amused by my confused look.

I took a step toward it to look at it, but when I looked into the mirror there was no reflection. Just the hallway behind us. I looked back at Edward now noticing that Alice and Jasper were beside him. I was so consumed with looking at the weird mirror that I hadn't even heard when they had come and joined us.

"What's wrong with it?" I asked, hoping they wouldn't make me guess.

"Touch it." Jasper simply stated.

I looked around at the three vampires in front of me. They all stared from me to the mirror and then back again.

"It's not going to shock me is it?" I asked narrowing my eyes at them. They just started laughing at me.

"Now why would we have a mirror that shocks people?" Alice asked after the laughter started to quite down, thanks to Jasper sending out waves of calm.

I ignored her question afraid that I might say something stupid and make them start laughing again

"Well if it's not going to shock me, then there better not be something that reaches out and grabs me." I said, trying to making it sound like it had some authority in it.

"Go ahead, touch it. Nothing is going to grab you." Alice said, sounding a little too anxious for me to touch it.

I reached out to touch the mirror. My fingers were only a few inches away when white cold hands reached out and grabbed me. I heard all three of them gasp. My heart was pounding so loud. I was forced to go through the mirror by the strong hands that held onto my own. I came into a bright pink room. Before I could even work up a scream Edward was by my side, with one hand on my mouth to keep me from screaming.

"You know you didn't have to grab her to bring her through the mirror." Edward sounded very angry. "I wouldn't doubt that one day she's going to die from her heart pumping too fast." He was almost yelling at the vampire in front of us. It took me a moment to recognize who it was. It was Carlisle that had pulled me through the mirror.

"I am so terribly sorry Bella, I didn't mean to startle you. I was just getting a little impatient of waiting for you to come in." He said apologetically. Alice and Jasper then walked though the mirror and started laughing at me.

"See, I told you that somebody was going to grab me!" I said now realizing how funny the situation is. Everyone except Edward started laughing. He must still be mad at Carlisle. Carlisle looked apologetically at Edward but he just kept glaring,

"How is it that we can go through the mirror?" I had never heard of someone going though a mirror before, but of course, I had never heard of "Vegitarian" vampires either.

"It's a simple hologram of a mirror on a wall so it covers up the door to this room." Carlisle explained while going to sit on a big pink couch in the middle of the room.

"Impressive." I said as I looked around the room and started to laugh. The entire room was painted pink, the carpet was pink, and even the windows were pink. Everything was pink. "So," I asked, scrunching my lips together. "What's with all the pink?"

All the guys in the room looked down at the floor with shame.

"Do you like it?" Alice was way over excited. "I designed it myself!"

Typical. This has Alice written all over it. I knew the guys would never do pink for a room. I mean, the chairs have pink feathers on them!! And the carpet says princess ever two feet!

"What is this room?" I asked looking at the three plasma TVs in front of me. I went to go sit down of the pink fluffy couch.

"This, my love, is the Emmett watching room." Edward stated and sat down next to me and put is cold stone arm around my shoulders. "This is how we keep an eye on him so he doesn't destroy the house." I nodded, understanding now. Emmett could get into mischief.

"It all started when Emmett burned down the house for the sixth time." Edward began, taking in my wide eyes and made an "O" shape with my mouth. "We've had to rebuild the house many times because of Emmett."

My eyes were still wide and my mouth still hung open. I was surprised. I knew Emmett could be reckless, but really, 6 TIMES?!

"Don't be too surprised Bella," It was Jasper that spoke. "Emmett is like a child in a very big and strong body." I closed my mouth and waited for Edward to continue.

"Anyways, Carlisle, Jasper, and I decided that we were going to make a room so that we could spy on Emmett to make sure that he wasn't in any trouble, but he couldn't know about the room. So we decided a hologram was the way to go. Emmett is not smart enough to notice he has no reflection in the mirror. Besides, it's at the end of a hallway no one goes down. In the beginning it was just Carlisle, Jasper, and I. That was until Rosalie found out about it. She's always looking in mirrors to see herself so she noticed in what… about 3 hours after we built the room?" He was directing his question towards the others.

"Actually, it was about 2 ½ hours." Jasper corrected.

"Thank you. In the first 2 ½ hours." He corrected himself. "Rose told Alice and Alice told Esme, so we are all in on it." He came closer to whisper in my ear. "It was originally an electric blue before Alice invaded."

"I heard that Edward!" She shouted. Then something I had missed clicked. Vampires have super sensitive hearing so…

"Can't Emmett hear us in here?"

"Nope. We put built this room with sound proof walls. You could scream at the top of your lungs and we still wouldn't be able to hear you."

"Scary." I whispered. Then I looked at Edward with confused eyes. "But, why are we watching him now?"

Edward looked at me and a sly smile formed on his lips "Well, Emmett's a pretty crazy guy. And, well, sometimes it's just fun to watch him. You will understand once we get started."

"But won't Emmett notice that you are gone?" I asked, incredulous.

"No." Edward answered with a smile on his perfect lips. "He thinks we went grocery shopping." I burst out laughing right then and there but the rest of the family just stared at me.

"He hasn't realized that you can't eat yet? Where do you put the cars?" I was talking so fast I thought that even a vampire wouldn't be able to understand me. But, of course, they all did.

"We parked my Volvo one house over. They let us put it there because they think that we have visitors and no room in our garage." Edward explained.

I just couldn't believe that Emmett would be as dense as to not notice Edward's shiny silver Volvo sitting in the yard next to his house.

"Would you like to get started then?" Edward asked.

"Uh, exactly how are we going to see him?" I wonder to no one in particular.

"We have tiny microphones and camaras placed in every room except the bathroom. Once we turn the Television on you will be able to watch Emmett and hear everything he is saying." Jasper informed me.

"So there will a lot of little screens all over the television?" I asked

"No." Jasper responded with a smile. "Rosalie made him swallow a tracking device of sorts so that only the camera that has a clear shot of him is the only one that shows up on the screen."

"How did she get him to swallow it?" I asked carefully.

"You don't want to know." Edward said with a disgusted look on his face. Rosalie just smiled at some memory. "ROSALIE STOP REMEMBERING THAT!" He shouted. Rosalie's smile widened and was now going from ear to ear.

"Lets get started!!" Alice whined impatiently.

"Ok, ok." Carlisle sighed as he got the remote and pressed the power button for the Television. Then an image popped up on the screen that I thought I would never see.

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