OK, so here is the deal. Kai and I had a little fight. Alright, we had a huge fight. Well, to get to the point, we are no longer friends.

So, here is where you, my lovely readers, come in. I need a co-writer. Why you ask? Because I don't really want to write this on my own when I have another story and varsity soccer to juggle. Another story which is giving me a huge amount of trouble at the moment.

Now, you may be asking yourselves, how will I pick my co-writer? Well, I have a little idea about this challenging task. I want to have a kind of competition. I want to read the stories that you have written or are writing. I want you to send me a review saying "I'm in" and I will read them. I don't care if they are funny or if they are serious or if they are down right depressing. All I want to see is that you are a creative good writer.

For those I don't choose, it's not because you are a bad writer. It may be because I think that you could take this story in a direction that I don't really like. Or maybe because I have an idea of a certain writing style and you just don't exactly fit the mold. Or it could just be possibly, based on your authors notes, that we may not get along.

Now I really need you guys to review and tell me you want to be my co-writer. Not only will updates come faster, but they will probably be better than if I did it alone.

I hope to have a co-writer within a week, I will make an announcement to show who it will be.


~*Carly Rae*~