Chapter 23: The Future

Chapter 23: The Future

Michael Potter sat among his fellow Slytherins as he watched the latest first years being sorted. He smirked at the looks he still got for being a Slytherin. His parents, however, told him to take pride in his house. It had surprised him that his father, the famous Harry Potter, was almost placed there. It had made Michael feel so much better after his father had told him that. He looked around and saw his brothers James and Sirius seated at the Gryffindor table. He swore that they should have followed him into Slythern. Lily, their sister, was seated at the Ravenclaw table. All of them were waiting for the youngest, Remus, to be sorted. Michael had bet that he would go into Hufflepuff so that all the Houses would be represented in their family. James and Sirius said that he would go into Slytherin because he was close to the twin Weasleys, who were Head of Slytherin house. Remus had helped with the execution of some of their later pranks. Mum said that he would go into Ravenclaw, because out of all of them he had started reading, writing, and using his wand far earlier than any of the rest of them. This included Michael, who used wandless magic except for in class. Dad had said nothing but had a smile on his face as if he already knew the answer.

"Potter, Remus Theodore."

The Potter family watched as Remus sat on the stool and placed the sorting hat on his head. Not even a minute went by when the hat yelled out "Gryffindor!" None of the other Potter children had even considered their parents old house for their youngest brother. Michael saw Remus smirk at James and Sirius. The twins paled as they thought of the pranks that their brother could now play on them. Michael then turned his attention to his parents. He saw his mother hand a stack of coins to his father, who had a smirk on his face for finally winning one of their bets. Dad usually lost. He then saw his father rub his mother's stomach. He only did that if Mum was pregnant, which meant that in a few months the latest Potter would arrive. Michael rolled his eyes and wondered if his parents would ever stop. Knowing them the answer would be 'no'. He wondered if they would still have kids after he married and started a family of his own.

Probably not.

A/N: This is the end of the story. I might write a sequel later but not at this time. I have enjoyed writing this almost as much as you have reading it. As for the character Michael. He was named after my brother and is modeled after him and his son, my nephew DJ. The chocolate frog incident was something that my niece tried at Easter one year when she was about two. She ate several peanut butter eggs and then placed the wrappers back into the can that I had hid them in. They are my inspiration. Someone had suggested that I name the child that Harry and Hermione were having after my father, which I did, since Harry's father and mine have the same first name, so together they are remembered.