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Troy Bolton was East High's most popular superstar jock, he's also a player, pimp, mac, and whatever other names there are, in two years he had 30 something girlfriends. None of the girls he hooked up with seemed to care at all that after he was done with them he treated most of them like trash. Troy was also known for being the toughest and most of the time the meanest guy. The kids at school didn't mess with Troy, nobody called him out when he was bullying someone mostly they were just scared of him or wanted to kiss up to him so he would except them as a friend. Being the captain of the basketball team, Troy also had a body that most of the girls went crazy for. Those are the thing that most kids saw or thought when they were thinking of Troy but his best friends knew Troy better then that. Chad, Jason and Zeke were Troy's best friends since he was little They're girlfriends knew him well too, they knew Troy was nice...sometimes not alot but he was. He used to be a guy everybody loved but that was back in freshman and sophomore year when he was still dating her but then she moved away and Troy changed...ALOT!

Gabriella Montez walked through the doors of East High wearing some light washed jeans, a low cut red top the showed some clevage but not too much that she would look like a slut, red flip flops, her long curly brown locks were down and finally a white gold necklace with a 'G' on it was around her neck. She saw the office and went in to get her schedule, it was a two years since she last stepped foot in East High, sure it was good to be back but something worried her.


It was the day before Gabi was suppose to start East High again, she was unpacking the last of her things while talking on the phone with one of her bestest friends Sharpay.


"Gosh I can't wait to see again!!!" Sharpay had said that for the last couple minutes.

"Yeah I miss my friends so much and of course Troy"

"Yeah...um they'll be thrilled..."

"Sharpay whats wrong why did your voice change?"

"Its nothing..."


"Fine, Gabriella I don't know how to tell you this but Troy's changed...alot"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know if I should tell you, maybe you should see for yourself tomorrow"

"Sharpay please!! Wait Troy doesn't have a new girlfriend right?"

"Not really"

"Ok then tell me"

"Well he's gotten alot more um violent and um..."

"Come on spit it out"

"Ella I can't"

"Sharpay come on! I won't be mad or sad or whatever"

"In the past two years he's sent about ten kids to the hospital and one into a coma. And he's had um 30 something girlfriends.."


"But gabi don't listen to me you can judge him towmorrow."

"Yeah I guess, well I gotta go see you tomorrow. Bye Shar"


-End of Flashback-

He couldn't have changed that much right? And that doesn't sound like Troy at all, Gabi kept on thinking. When she reached her locker the bell had already rung and the halls were empty. Gabi made her way to Darbus' class she was about to turn the corner when she saw a familiar person, Troy. He had some kid by the shirt up against the lockers the kid looked terrified. Chad was trying to calm Troy down but saw Gabi, she placed her finger over her mouth as if to say 'don't tell Troy you saw me' Chad nodded, Gabi kept watching and Chad continued calming Troy down after a few more minutes Troy dropped the kid who ran away as fast as he could and the two headed to class, Gabriella did the same. When she walked into Darbus' class once again she saw Troy but he didn't notice actually nobody noticed she was standing at the door since there was an argument taking place.

"Bolton! I should not have to yelling at you everyday for yapping your mouth, you've been in this school four years!" Darbus yelled.

"How long have you been here? 100 years? You sure look it" Troy said coldly, Darbus was furiously but Troy didn't seem to care, Gabi rolled her eyes thinking he had changed. She cleared her throat making everyone in the class look at her including Troy whose eyes bugged out like he just saw a ghost.

"I'll deal with you later Mr. Bolton. Gabriella Montez I've been expecting you. Welcome back take an empty seat." Darbus said, Gabi nodded and headed where there was an empty seat by Sharpay. Gabriella felt everyone's eyes on her but she felt like Troy's eyes was gonna burn a hole through her, but she didn't look at him, Gabi smiled at the rest of gang not even glancing at Troy. No she wasn't mad she was just taken back at how much Troy had changed. Soon the bell rang.

"Gabster welcome back!!" Chad said and hugged her so did Zeke, Jason, Kelsi, Taylor and Sharpay but Troy didn't he actually sped out the room once he heard the bell so Darbus would say anything to him.

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