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Stained Glass Windows

Chapter 1


The scenery was speeding past, Edward took my hand from the drivers side. I looked over to him smiling brightly. I was suddenly nervous. "Edward, I have something to tell you." I said never taking my eyes off him. "You know you can tell me anything" I took a deep breath before continuing. "Edward, I'm pregnant." He turned to look at me in his seat, taking his eyes off the road. I was hoping for joy, happiness to lite his eyes, Instead they grew dark, shaded. His jaw was set in a hard line. He looked away from me back at the road. As if I had never spoken.

I jolted awake instantly. Thunder clapped loudly overhead, the sound of the raindrops hitting the windows the only sound in the house. I turned to Edward, only to find the bed empty.

"Edward?" I called out, my voice barely above a whisper but I knew he could hear it.


I swung my feet over the bed and, clutching the sheet around myself, walked out into the hallway. The candles that had lined the hallway had long ago burned out, leaving the wax pooling around their bases. Thunder clapped and lightning struck, illuminating the hallway for a brief second.

It was empty.

"EDWARD!!!!" I screamed, my voice echoing throughout the house. I felt my way to the stairs and I ascended. When I hit the bottom I yelled for him again.


He left me. A part of me screamed and I could feel the nearly forgotten hole in my chest ripple at the thought. But another part of me repeated him saying that he would stay with me forever. That our love would last forever. But then again, they say that nothing lasts forever, what makes love the exception? I walked around the ground floor, only to find nothing, no sign of Edward.

Why would he leave me. Did he regret what we did? Maybe he realized that I was just an ordinary human, one of a million, and that I was nothing short of average.

Maybe he realized that he didn't love me.

Maybe he never did love me in the first place.

Maybe it was all a lie.

I opened the door and stepped out onto the porch. The hole in my chest tearing me apart at the seams. Rain the size on quarters was hitting the ground. I didn't know weather it was night or day, the clouds were covering the sky like a large grey blanket. I had no idea how long I hado slept. For all I know Edward could be in another country by now, secretly laughing to himself at the thought of leaving me here defenseless.

I closed the door on the rain and walked blindly into the living room. I froze when I saw the piano. Memories of the previous night flooding back to me. Edward spilling his heart out on that very bench, the way he looked when he turned to me. Lost, vulnerable. I collapsed in sobs leaning against the wall by the entrance, my knees drawn up with my arms around my torso, keeping myself from being ripped apart.

The silence that once blanketed the house was now torn apart by both the storm and the sobs that were racking my body.

"Bella?" a voice called from somewhere near the entryway.

"Bella!" the voice sounded once again, panicked, and within moments I was being picked up by a pair of cold marble arms and placed back into bed. I found myself suddenly tired. And within moments I was slipping back into unconsciousness once again.

Well there you have it the first Chapter of Stained Glass Windows, the sequel to The Seduction of Edward. I know that this chapter was short but I felt like it needed to end there. Just incase you're agitated by the shortness of it that's why I am posting two chapters instead of one. Well what did you think? Like it or Hate it tell me in a review!

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