So this is my first Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction. Of course, it is angst-filled, bloody and dramatic, as all my other fanfictions usually are. However, for this I managed to fit in dashes of sarcasm and humor, to keep up with the tone that the actual show sets. Yes this is from the Animeverse. Also, I am starting a new fanfiction category with the arrival of my new pen name, Meganekko.

So enjoy! Pairing: Roy/Ed Category:Crime/Angst


Roy Mustang had never been the type of military man to be put on a patrol. As he strolled down the damp, dark alley, he contemplated the paperwork he could be completing instead of walking about with no real purpose with a very grouchy expression. He sighed, reminding himself that yes, there was a purpose for his nighttime patrolling; he had to keep the streets safe and blah blah blah.

The sound of rain dripping onto aluminium echoed through the alley, an annoying beat to which the Colonel marched forward to, casting his eyes carelessly left and right, taking in the view of overloaded dumpsters and neglected buildings.

Sighing once again, he shoved his hands in his pockets and turned on his heel, walking back down the alley, a cloud of disdain and boredom accompanying him.

A new sound punctured the mundane sounds of a wet night; the clomping of heavy boots hitting the pavement, with the brushing sound of cloth rubbing against cloth. Roy looked ahead, noticing a rather short person coming down the alley.

"Excellent," he thought, "Some entertainment at last. Nothing like heckling Fullmetal to brighten someone's day."

Edward was carrying a large stack of books, one open on top, which he appeared to be completely absorbed in as he walked. He looked different for some reason; Roy supposed it to be the odd articles of clothing the teen had chosen. His bright golden hair was done up differently, in a high ponytail, tied with a red ribbon. A pair of round spectacles perched on his nose, with simple silver frames. He had neglected to wear his trademark red overcoat, instead adorning an ebony raincoat, which had a high collar that almost reached the bottom of the frames of his glasses. He was extremely attractive in this outfit, Roy registered, suddenly feeling rather plain in his ordinary military uniform.

The teen continued on, completely oblivious to the presence of the Flame Alchemist. Roy watched him walk past for a moment, then leapt in front of him. With a shout of surprise in the form of an "Oh!" Edward fell to the wet pavement. His large stack of books fell to the ground, creating yet another divergent sound other than the dripping rain.

The blonde cursed, hastily reaching for his books to save them from the damp.

"Damn it, who-?" Edward looked over to where the last book lay, noticing a pair of very familiar military boots. He looked up, taking in the smug features of Roy Mustang.

"Good grief Fullmetal. Aren't you close enough to the ground without tripping and falling on it?"

"Stick it Colonel Stupid, you knocked into me." Edward made to grab the last book, but Roy snatched it up before he could reach it.

"Abstinence, Fullmetal? You're reading a book on abstinence?"

"Yeah you should read it, I'm sure it'll be educational for you. And the only reason I'm reading that is because there's nothing else I haven't read in the Second Branch." Edward stood up, taking the book back from the Colonel, "What are you doing here anyway?"

"As a responsible dog of the military, I am out performing my duties."

"You got stuck with patrol this week? Who'd you piss off to make that happen?"

"I didn't 'piss off' anyone, Fullmetal. More security is needed right now because of that case…"

"What case?" asked Edward, sounding genuinely interested.

"There's a murederer on the loose right now." Roy said, in a hushed voice. "There's already been eight girls killed all over the city."

"So they're so worried they stuck you on patrol on this end of town?"

"This end is as dangerous as any. And anyway, what are you doing out so late? Shouldn't you be in the dorms with Al?" Roy looked around, half expecting to see the familiar suit of armor that was Edward's little brother come running down the alley, scolding Edward for being alone in such a dangerous time.

"I'm only going to the Public Library on Kite Street. It's only twenty minutes from the dorms, okay?"

The teen looked at the older man, "Why are you scowling at me? I'm fine by myself."

Roy smiled, authentically, which was rare. "Whatever, just don't get killed on my watch. That could give me a bad reputation."

"In your dreams." Edward scoffed, striding past the Colonel, and swiftly walking down the alley, cracking open the book he was previously reading and resuming his page, a blush creeping over his cheeks.

Roy watched Edward until he was out of sight, mesmerized by the golden glint of his hair catching fractional light and dancing behind him with every step he took.

"That would be the epitome of my nightmares." Roy said softly, turning and continuing down the alley, the way Edward had come.


Edward exited the library, saluting a very agitated librarian, who locked the door behind him. After using his State Alchemist certification to get her to open the library, he had taken a very long time to select the three books he now carried. The librarian was very glad to see the back of him as he descended the steps.

The ponytailed blonde stepped off the curb, hurrying across the empty road. Edward had never liked being in the city, aside from the library access. He slipped into a narrow alley, navigating his route carefully, avoiding puddles. With a crack and a boom, torrents of rain began falling from the dark gray sky, drenching the teen almost instantly. He gasped, shoving his new books into his raincoat and quickened his pace, head bowed against the pounding of the rain.


"Is that him?" a dirty finger pointed out from and alcove in the alley.


"The short blonde kid over there. He was talking to Mustang earlier."

"Yeah…" a smile played across the second man's face, "Let's get him."

"You're sure?" Another voice spoke through the darkness. "He's a guy."

"It'll hurt Mustang more than any of the other girls. Go get him."


A rock flew through the rain, soaring over Edward's head as he bent down to cover his books. He jumped, noticing the rock, dodging to the side of the alley. Two men emerged from another alley in the criss-crossing network. The blonde placed a defiant look on his face, turning and studying the approaching men. They were both a good foot and a half taller than him, with muscles hardly bound by the work shirts they were wearing.

"Oh great. Thieves in an alley, late on a stormy night. My life is so clichéd." Edward rolled his eyes, blinking quickly against the heavily pouring rain.

"Oh, we're a lot more than thieves, kid. Unless stealing your life counts."

Edward tried not to let the worry he suddenly felt cross his face. Why was it that the more tired you were, the more scared you got?

The men advanced on the teen, fists raised.

Ed steeled himself, clapping his hands and transmuting his forearm plate into a blade, dropping his books in the process.

"How cute. The little alchemist thinks he can fight us."

"Who are you calling a pint-sized miniature excuse for a dwarf??!!"

The pint-sized miniature excuse for a dwarf leapt into the air, using the wall as a step of sorts, and kicked the man to the right in the face with his boot. The man stumbled back, while the other grabbed the teen midair, and twisted his left arm until it snapped. Edward screamed, his voice lost amidst the rain thundering down around them. The man swung him around, slamming him into the cement with such force that a few screws popped right out of his automail. His glasses shattered against his face, breaking into several pieces. Edward processed the situation for a few seconds, then retaliated. He shook his left arm from the man's grasp, willing the dislocation of his elbow to stop hurting so he could concentrate. He clapped again, transmuting the remains of the silver glasses into tiny darts that flew at the man who twisted his arm.

He bolted and ran, after the second man turned to the first to see what on earth he was yelling about.

"Oh no, you're not getting away." A new voice, raspy and masculine, became apparent, accompanied by a sharp and painful tug on Edward's hair.

"Ah, hell. Three-on-one? That's hardly fair." Edward swung widely with his automail arm, slicing his captors hand so he released him.

"You little bastard!!"

Ed started forward again, his red ribbon falling to the dirty alley ground; his aurum hair hung loose, streaming behind him as he made to run the second time.

"Enough!" The man who pulled the teen's hair pulled a gun from the inside of his jacket, straightening it and taking aim.

A small dart shot out of the barrel, searing through the rain and catching the fleeing boy right in the back of the neck.

Edward stumbled, his vision blurred as the tranquilizer coursed through his system. His arm and leg, the real ones, felt almost as lifeless as his steel limbs. He was so cold, and weak, he could barely keep moving.

But I have to get… away from… them…

Even thinking became a chore, as the tranquilizer took its full effect. He collapsed, almost to the end of the alley.

"Finally! Geez, I've never seen anyone fight so hard. Persistent little bastard, struggled the most, that's for sure."

"Pick him up." Ordered the man with the sliced hand. "We're going back now."

"Yes, boss." Replied the other two, moving toward the unconscious teenager.


So, this is my first Fma fic.

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