Dead Line Interlude II: The Last Dance

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"Brotherrrr!! Waaake uuup!"

Edward groaned, rolling over and much to his surprise, coming face to face with his very human younger brother. He was still unused to seeing Alphonse's round youthful face, but did not complain, it had been his wish after all. To return to his birthplace with his brother, complete and whole.

Alphonse, Edward, and Roy had journeyed to the Rockbell's house in Resembool, as it had been discussed that the wedding would be ideal in the country, with no paparazzi storming it to report the news of the famous Colonel's marriage to a lower ranking officer. The two to be married had taken up residence in Edward and Alphonse's old room, while the younger Elric opted for the oddly comfortable sofa in the living room.

"Today's important! You have to get up!!"

"What could possibly be more important than snoozing in my big warm bed on a Saturday morning?" Edward mumbled, opening one eye over the top of his blanket.

"How about your very impatient fiancé and this very exquisite breakfast he sent me up with?"

Edward considered this for several beats, his eyes dimmed with sleep.

"Yeah, that sounds like the only reasonable answer."

"Here..." Alphonse placed a tray delicately on Edward's lap, careful not to position the legs of said tray on the golden-haired teen's real leg.

"Does your body still hurt, brother?" the younger Elric questioned, knowing the toll the transmutation had taken on his brother's already fragile body. Edward had not taken into account that the gate would try to take him again, narrowly escaping with his life. Instead of taking a limb, or internal organs, the gate seemed satisfied with simply reopening all of his previously closed scars, freshening the evidence of the events that had taken place months ago.

As far as he was concerned, he really didn't care, his brother was alive, and healthy.

"Yeah, I won't be entering any dancing contests any time soon."

Alphonse smiled, his grey eyes sparkling, "At least you have your humour still."

"What about you, Al? How are you feeling?"

"I feel great!" the boy spread his arms, twirling on the spot, "I've never felt better!"

"I'm glad." Edward smiled gently, nibbling on a strawberry.

"But you have to dance with Roy tonight!"


"You have to dance at your wedding, it's like a law or something."

"Oh, right..." Edward swallowed the strawberry, not chewing it properly and feeling it move slowly down his throat.

"Did you forget?" his brother asked, tilting his head to one side.

"No... I'm just tired."

"Do you want me to tell the Colonel you're going back to sleep?"

"I'll get up in a minute..." the teen forced out a smile, "I can't ignore my breakfast, can I?"

The boy laughed in response, patting his brother on the foot as he walked out of the room, "Drink your milk, Edward."

A frown darkened the older sibling's face, he looked disparagingly at the small cup of milk beside the plate. After a few minutes of engaging in a silent struggle against the milk, Edward was interrupted by a knock on the door, looking hastily up to meet the midnight eyes of his soon-to-be husband.

"Good mor-" Roy checked himself, "-afternoon, Edward."

The teen gave a small smile in response, picking absent-mindedly at the toast that was now bordering cool.

Roy ventured closer to his lover, sinking slowly on to the bed, already sensing something was amiss with the golden teen.

"What's the matter?"

Edward cursed himself for his outward display of sadness, trying ardently to paste a smile over his expression. It did not reach his eyes, however, a dead giveaway to the older man that something was wrong.

"Ed, tell me. What's wrong?" Roy's eyes were deep and calculating, as if he were trying to see exactly what was making his lover so upset.

"I'm..." the younger of the two sighed, looking away, "It's nothing..."

Roy's eyebrows drew closer together, he placed his hand over Edward's flesh one, tightening his grip fractionally to indicate his support.

"I miss my mom, I wanted her to be here for this day."

"Oh, honey..." Roy reached forward and embraced the teen, stroking his long hair.

"She said she couldn't wait for my wedding day... that she would be so proud."

"She still will be, I know."

"But won't she be mad at me for what I did? I got Al back to normal, but that homunculus, she hated me for what I'd done. What if Mom feels the same?"

"She wouldn't, she loves you Edward."

The teen noted the current tense Roy had chosen for the word 'love', leaning further into his chest as he felt the sensation of tears forming on his eyelashes. His shoulders quivered slightly with suppressed sobs, he choked out his words, "But what if she doesn't? What if she hated me for being with you? I wish she was here, so at least I would know."

"Think, Edward. Do you really think she could? From everything you've told me, there's no way she would ever hate you. I'm sure she knows you only had the best intentions."

Edward was silent, his shaking slowing. He sighed, brushing his tears away, streaking his cheeks with a thin line of moisture.

"Y-you're right. You're always right. Why do I always try to disbelieve you?"

Roy wasn't certain what to say to this, instead clamping his mouth shut and maintaining his loose hold on his lover. A myriad of thoughts stumbled through his mind, nervousness hand in hand with delighted anticipation of the rest of the day's events.

"Are you okay, Edward?"

The teen was still, thinking deeply on this question. "Yes..."

Roy parted his lips to say another reassuring word, when Edward's fingers flew forward, shoving a large red berry in the older man's mouth.

"Have a strawberry." the blonde said, reaching for the platter to take one for himself. The raven-haired man chewed thoughtfully, shifting fully onto the bed, sprawled across it perpendicular to the teen. He looked over after a moment of sorting his thoughts, watching his lover happily devouring several strawberries with generous amounts of whipped cream.

There was a streak of whipped cream across his cheek, fluctuating teasingly as he chewed.

Tormented by this display for a few seconds, Roy sprang up and launched himself at the younger man, capturing his cream-frosted lips in a passionate kiss.

He was busily removing the whipped cream from his lover's face without the aid of any cleaning implement, when Maes Hughes burst most unceremoniously into the room.

"Good afternoon, lovebirds!!" he shouted, bounding into the air, "I have pictures of Elicia's dress for your wedding!! She's even cuter than the bride!" he paused, "Oh, hah. I mean the groom!" He stopped for another long pause, "Unless one of you is the bride?"

Roy and Ed stared dully at the exuberant father, exchanging subtle, but meaningful glances.

Is one of us the bride??

"But of course you're not! The closest one to being a bride is Roy actually."

"And how do you figure that?" the bride asked.

"You have a maid of honour and Edward has a best man." answered Hughes casually.

"I have both, you're my best man!" growled the Colonel, getting off the bed in one fluid motion. At this, Hughes let out a loud laugh, and grabbed Roy's arm and dragged him out of the room, bellowing something about a suit that needed final adjustments.

Edward merely blinked, wincing as the door was thrust open once more and Winry and Pinako came in, brandishing several articles of clothing and demanding to know why Edward had not decided on exactly what he was wearing for his wedding day.

Not long afterward, Edward had become their doll of sorts, and his disgruntled countenance was returned with a fully apologetic look from his younger brother.

"Sorry brother, I accidentally told them you were just gonna throw something on. Apparently that won't do at all."

The blonde snarled at his brother, who scurried away, looking genuinely alarmed.

After many minutes of various states of undress for the embarrassed man, Pinako stepped back, happiness glowing on her wizened face. She admired her handiwork with a smile, placing her ever-present pipe in her mouth, puffing it with a satisfied aura.

The outfit they had created for him was unlike anything he had ever dreamed of wearing; a white shirt made of thin flowing cloth rested over his slender muscular frame, covered by a sleek black vest. Below this was a pair of blacks slacks, accentuated with narrow lines of embroidery near the hem of the legs. His hair was brushed into silken perfection, left free to hang down to waist-height

Winry gave a low whistle as Edward turned uncertainly, sunshine illuminating the silver buttons on his vest.

"You look beautiful, Edward." she smiled, tears spilling over her fair eyelashes.

"Ah, Winry, don't cry!"

"But I'm happy for you! I'll cry if I want to!" She tore off, nearly knocking over Alphonse, who was just entering with a bouquet of white roses.

"I brought the Sempervirens roses, Auntie Pinako!" Alphonse announced, displaying the roses for her to see.

"Excellent Alphonse." she pointed at Edward's hair, indicating that the younger brother should get to work weaving the creamy flowers into the perfect golden strands. He hopped to immediately, arranging the flowers delicately on his brother's hair.

Edward frowned, "You guys are trying to make me look like a girl, aren't you?"

"No, brother, you look beautiful!"

"You have miraculously managed to maintain your masculinity!" Hughes strode into the room, his camera aloft, already snapping pictures.

He finished with a broad grin, tucking the roll of film safely away somewhere in the deep recesses of his suit jacket. Craning his neck slightly, he looked Edward over completely, seeming to compare him to someone hiding in the hallway.

"I think he looks even better than you, Roy." he commented, his hand stroking his beard thoughtfully. He nodded, beckoning for the other man to join the members of the room.

Tentative and nervous, which was strange for him, Roy stepped into the room, revealing his specially chosen wedding outfit.

It was a slim-fitting suit, hugging each curve of his body in stylish tailored perfection. The color of choice was primarily black, but upon closer scrutiny, a silky white shirt with accompanying white tie peeked out from under his clasped hands. A slight blush crept over his cheeks, he smiled anxiously at his fiancé, who shyly returned the gesture.

"Awww, they're nervous!" Hughes cooed, grabbing Roy around the shoulders and hugging him tightly.

"Hey guys!" Winry's voice sounded from downstairs, "You're supposed to be ready in five minutes!"

Pinako continued smiling at her adoptive son, striding out of the room. Hughes made to follow her, but was halted when Edward called out to him.

"Um, Hughes? Will you come here for a minute?" Edward clung to his lover's arm, looking up at the bespectacled man with imploring aureate eyes. "I have a favor to ask you..."

"Ask away!" Hughes replied with a winning grin.

"Would you be the one to give me away? You're the closest one to a father I have."

Hughes' smile dropped by a few molars as he processed the request, only to broaden to new lengths with his compliance. "O-of course I will," he managed eventually, reaching forward and gripping the blonde's shoulder, "Thank you for asking me."


"I believe Mr. Mustang has written his own vows. If you would...?"

Roy straightened, reaching into his pocket and retrieving a much folded paper, smoothing it out with shaky hands. He exhaled, smiling gently at his soon-to-be husband.

"I- I've tried really hard to write my vows, but, sometimes... sometimes words aren't enough. I got to thinking about before. I looked after you and that strengthened my love for you..." He paused, summoning up some composure, "It's strange how I hadn't come to terms with the simple fact that I love you, until I almost lost you. I was thinking about it when you came to stay with me, that I don't remember when I began loving you. Maybe I always did, before I even knew you. It seemed I couldn't put it into words at the time, but I could help you, and maybe my actions spoke for me. So I wanted to say to you, that I love you, Edward Elric, and I'll always be there to look after you."

There was a swelling sigh from the crowd, and more than one person reached for a a handkerchief. This included Fuery, who had to borrow one from Breda. He blew his nose loudly, causing all the people in the immediate vicinity to look round at the noise.

"Your vows, Mr. Elric?"

"I- I just wanted to say thank you." Edward said in a small voice, almost inaudible.


"I wanted to say thank you." he repeated in a stronger voice, looking up into Roy's midnight eyes. "Thank you for being there when I needed it the most. And... thank you for saving my life so I could restore my brother. You have no idea how much that means to me."

Edward took the older man's hands in his own, "Thank you for loving me, I will do the same for you, no matter what. Even if something horrible happens again, it won't be able to take away my love for you."

By this point, Fuery was bawling into Breda's well-pressed suit, and was being pat on the head by the uncertain burly man.

"May I have the rings?"

Alphonse snapped to attention, rushing forward and handing the rings to the tall leader of ceremonies. They were then transferred to the awaiting grooms.

"Do you, Roy William Mustang, take this man as your lawfully wedded husband?"

Roy gently took Edward's scarred flesh hand in his own, giving it a tiny squeeze as he slid the ring on the appropriate thin finger. "I do." he said in a strong, ringing voice.

"And do you, Edward Autumn Elric, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

The blonde held the ring clumsily within his metallic hand, trying to get a firm grip on it. He struggled for a moment, before Roy delicately moved the ring for him. Edward smiled, fitting the ring over Roy's slightly thicker finger, "I do."

"Then, in the eyes of the state, and the eyes of your friends and family, I pronounce you a married couple." the leader of ceremonies looked to Roy, nodding, "You may kiss your new husband."


"-and so I said, that's not a herring, that was my trout!" Hughes boomed, much to everyone's confusion. It was the general idea to not take anything the emerald-eyed man said seriously after a couple glasses of Tombstone Digs' Ghost Rum.

The party that followed the tearful wedding ceremony was raucous and loud, 70 percent of the noise caused by Hughes as he rambled on about anything and everything, to anyone and everyone.

Edward and Roy were immediately centralised in the party atmosphere, with guests greeting them and congratulating them endlessly.

The dancing had yet to begin, as the band had been somewhat delayed by what was reported as a runaway bassist.

Meanwhile, Edward and Roy decided on opening wedding gifts, the younger's eyes alight with childish wonder at the large stack before him.

From Hughes and his family they received a new bed set, colored, for some strange reason, a bright cheerful orange.

"It's 'cause Roy's red, like flames, and Edward's gold like... his hair, and when you mix 'em up, you get orange." Hughes thought a moment, "This is like your color-love-child set!"

Gracia then led him away from the bewildered couple.

Winry and Pinako had gone for the homey approach as well, giving the newlyweds a set of throw rugs and blankets.

Havoc had brought some odd exotic-looking orchid, which Roy was absolutely delighted with.

Fuery and Breda had chipped in together and presented their superior officers with a mailbox painted with stylized flames claiming that it symbolised their love, because it was metal with flames on it. The sexual innuendo was nervously laughed at by both parties, and the mailbox soon joined the pile with the rest of the gifts.

Riza was practical and had given them an extensive stationery set, with a multitude of differently colored pens. The small note suggesting the use of a pen on paperwork was pointedly ignored by the raven-haired man, and the couple thanked the maid of honour for her gift.

Alphonse came rushing up the the pair, holding up a box to his brother. "Here, brother, for you guys."

The blonde opened the box with apparent interest, pulling out plush versions of himself and Roy, dressed in their wedding attire, flowers and all. Roy laughed at this, greatly appreciating the present.

"Beats wedding pictures!" he commented, hugging Alphonse happily.

Among other odds and ends, the last of the gifts was a large box of chocolate fondant, from a rather nice-looking box, tied with a red ribbon. Edward pulled out the card, reading it curiously. His eyes widened and Roy bent over to read what the card said:

Congratulations. Thank you.


They grinned at each other, both thinking the exact same thing.

"Whoo, the band is here!"


"Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!" the crowd chanted, urging the couple out onto the dance floor that was transmuted out of some nearby lumber.

Edward flexed his flesh leg unsteadily, awaited by Roy, who placed his hand on his shoulder reassuringly.

"You don't have to dance if you're in pain."

"I think I would regret it in the long run..." Edward said, standing up and placing his hand in the older man's.

They walked on to the dance floor to the applause of the congregation, both blushing extravagantly. After a moment of figuring whose hands went where, they began a slow, intimate dance across the square floor.

"I love you so much," Roy whispered, his breath tickling the blonde's ear.

"The feeling's mutual." replied Edward, tightening his grip on the raven-haired man. He leaned in, resting his head on Roy's chest, a sweat breaking out on his pale skin. He opened his mouth to say something when his leg buckled underneath him, and he began to fall.

The midnight-eyed man's reflexes were quicker than Edward's gravity, however, and the Colonel lifted him up into his arms, cradling him softly.

Quiet muttering broke out among the crowd as the newlyweds left the dance floor, Roy waved at the already inebriated Hughes to commence the dancing for the others.

Hughes obeyed, yanking Elicia and Gracia onto the dance floor and began spinning them around.

Other couples followed, Riza going with Havoc, and leaving Breda and Fuery to dance with each other, earning a confused and somewhat abandoned look from Falman.

Roy set Edward down on a sturdy white chair, crouching at his side and supporting his shoulder. He grabbed a glass of water, handing it to the younger man as he rubbed his back, massaging it in small circles.

"Are you okay?"

Edward nodded slowly, drinking down large gulps of water. "I just need to sit for a bit, I'm okay," he smiled, setting the glass shakily on the table.

"Roi-kun!" A wavery voice interrupted the pair, making them both look up, meeting the narrow eyes of a short Xingese woman. "Where's the bride?"

Roy sat with his mouth open for a delayed moment, taking in the haughty form of his mother. He gaped, clearly not expecting her at all.

She craned her neck, spotting Riza. "Is that her? In the blue dress?"

Roy straightened, placing his hand on Edward's shoulder, who blushed and looked at his hands folded in his lap. "This is Edward, mother. My husband."

Roy's mother was blank for about two seconds, until a dark frown clouded her features. Color rose up in her cheeks as she fumed, but before she did anything, she turned on her heel and marched back the way she came, waving to her escort, a terrified looking Xingese teen, who followed hurriedly.

The raven-haired man made no move to stop her, only watching as she slammed her car door shut with angry ferocity, and sped away from the Rockbell's home.

"I'm sorry, Roy." Edward mumbled, still looking at his hands.

Snapping back from his distant staring, Roy looked down at the blonde, once again kneeling beside him. "Don't apologize for someone else's shortcomings. My mother has been homophobic her entire life, I didn't expect her to change for me."

"But I don't want to be the cause of trouble with your mother-"

"It's her trouble, and it is not your fault in the least. I love you, she's not going to change that."

"It was brave of you, telling her like that."

"Believe me, I was scared she was going to slap me, or worse, you. I think it went as well as it could've, actually."

"I'm glad to hear it."

"Ooh, Roy!" Hughes yelled over the music, "It's our song!! Come and dance with me! But only if Edward isn't the jealous type!!"

Sighing exasperatedly, Roy looked to his lover, who nodded toward the dance floor. "Go dance, don't let me stop you."

Placing his hands on Edward's shoulders, Roy placed a kiss gently on his forehead, whispering, "My last dance will always be with you, though."


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