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June 2006

An island can be seen in the distance. Approaching it is a small boat with one passenger standing at the front of the boat. She looks at the island with lonely gray eyes. Her long raven hair is blowing behind her, free of any restraints. "It's been eight months since anybody's come around this place," An old man, the captain, says to her, "I don't know what you're business here is, but I don't envy you."

"You shouldn't," she replies, "I don't why I even bothered." "Kid, what's you're name?" Captain asks. "Daniella," she replies, "but you can call me Dani if you want too." "Well, Dani, you should be careful, going to that island by yourself, " Captain says. "You shouldn't be so concerned," Dani says, "I take care of myself!" Captain starts laughing. "What's so funny?!" "It's just that you remind me of a young woman that came here a few months ago." Dani glared at him. "Sorry," He laughed.

Dani stepped off the ship. "Be careful, kid," Captain said, "and take these with you." Handing her some candy. "Neat! I love candy!" Dani exclaimed. Captain chuckled. "You be careful now, I'll come back for this time tomorrow morning." "Okay," Dani said to Captain, waving. She walked off the dock and toward the drawbridge.

As Dani walked, she remembers the letter she received in the mail.

Dear Daniella,

I'm sorry for not contacting you in over ten years. I want to make it up to you by spending time with you now that my project is complete. Please come see my at Blood Edward Island. I'll be waiting.

Your Father,


What troubled Dani was a memory that haunted her in the back of her mind, one that she could remember perfectly if she wanted to, but she feared it and kept it at the back of her mind, pretending she had partly forgotten.

A small child, about three years old, is hiding under a table. She peeks out from under the table cloth that reaches the floor. A man and a woman stand face to face, the woman shouting at the man. "This is too much William! I can't take it any more!" she screams. "I'm sorry, Helena, I really am, "the man, William replies. The little girls then hears a loud sound and hides her eyes. When she looks up… 'No! stop remembering!' Dani yells at herself. She quickens her pace.

As she reaches the drawbridge, Dani sees that it has been drawn up. She groaned. "What am I gonna do?" she asked herself. Then she sees a small machine with a handle. "I can use this to raise the drawbridge!" Dani exclaimed.


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