MHC: I haven't written anything poetic like this in my whole entire life!

Roxas: Right…

Sora: Enjoy!!


Everything is

Spinning, spinning, spinning

The thoughts through his head are like a tornado that's

Spinning, spinning, spinning

And even though he tells himself hundreds of thousand of millions of times "This is wrong," his emotions keep on

Spinning, spinning and replying: "But you still want it."

And he does… ohhh, yes he does. Who wouldn't want someone touching, kissing, licking, biting and FUCKING them like that? Roxas of course! But wait… he does want that? Or maybe not? Who knows; because his answers won't stop

Spinning, spinning, spinning…

Every time the Keyblade master would enter his body was the greatest feeling to him… and yet… it never seemed to satisfy—he wanted more… oh, so full of lust and greed…

Spinning, spinning, spinning


He would moan his lover's name in such a tone with so much need it made the brunette go faster, faster, faster and


Roxas would cry as Sora gave him the sweetest kisses on the blonde's neck. Oh, I'm sorry! Did I say sweetest? I meant roughest.

And everything thing keeps spinning, spinning and…

Turning—switching—revolving… SPINNING. And it may never stop.

Then, a wave of pleasure washed over Roxas when Sora finally hit his prostate and the blonde screamed out the other's name so loud, they could've sworn the windows cracked a bit. And now, his stomach acid is

Spinning, spinning, spinning

Both boy's finally had their sweet, sweet release: Sora inside Roxas and Roxas over the sheets and his stomach. That ecstatic feeling mixed with the aroma of love-making filling their senses to the brim with relief. And finnaly, Sora spoke into the others ear.

"I love you."

Roxas says the same back and suddenly, his entire world starts

Spinning, spinning, spinning

The blonde suddenly awoke with a start, sweat slicking his sking and breath coming out in ragged pants.

"It was just… a dream?"

But then he takes note to the fact his clothes were removed from his body and that sweet stench of sex lingered though his room. But oh, Roxas knew… that the only proof of reality was the pain he felt in his lower extremities and the fact that

Everything keeps on

Spinning, spinning, spinning




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