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Bella PoV

Three weeks left until graduation. That's what I kept telling myself as to not go running to Edward to accept his proposal. While the thought of being with Edward forever truly made me feel happy to my core, I was not ready for marriage and would not be talked into it. It was during this process of grunting and slapping myself across the face that Charlie called me.

"Bella! Two errm…people are here for you!"

I wasn't expecting anyone last I checked Edward was in Seattle with Alice doing "Scary Vampy Things" as he so maturely dubbed it. I raced down the stairs still in my pajamas to see who was at the door. When I got down there none other then Rosalie and Jasper Hale were standing by the door, smiling.

"Oh, uhh hi guys. Charlie these are the Hale twin Jasper and Rosalie." I introduced them. Charlie was ogling at them and I snapped my fingers in front of his face to get his attention.

'What? Oh uhh yes, I'm Charlie Swan, Bella's father" He nodded to both of them. Rosalie stepped forward,

"It's nice to have met you." She said quietly. Jasper stepped forward next.

"I can say the same." The room was filled with energies of relaxation, as to ease the awkwardness. I choked back a giggle and shook my head at Jasper. He simply shrugged and grinned. Rosalie once again began to speak.

"Mr. Swan Jasper and I as you know are Edward's siblings and we were wondering if we could borrow Bella for the day. We promise to have her back at a reasonable hour." Rosalie's voice had both a sense of desperation and sincerity in it making it impossible to say no to. Charlie stared wide and nodded, quickly escaping the room. The giggle I had been choking back suddenly exploded for my chest, but I fought to contain myself.

"Sorry" I mumbled. I looked at them with questioning eyes.

"So what exactly are we going to be doing today?" These were the last two people I had expected to be knocking on my door of the Cullen clan.

"Well Bella, besides from what we have heard from Bella or Alice neither of us really know you. We both haven't been the most…accepting. We would like to make that up to you if at all possible." Jasper practically pleaded with me. How could I say no to two such beautiful and desperate creatures?

"Of course. Just let me go get dressed." They nodded and stood by the door waiting for me, both still as stone. I laughed again and tripped on the stairs. Looking back again I could see they now both had grins plastered on their hard faces. I grumbled something unintelligible under my breath and continued my way up the stairs. I threw on a pair of jeans and a simple of T-Shirt and wrapped my hair up in a messy bun. I ran down the stairs, not tripping once might I add, and announced that I was ready to go. I hugged my dad goodbye and promised not to do anything stupid. Jasper and Rosalie led the way out to the M3 which was packed with a bunch of stuff that I don't think I have ever seen before.

"Uhh...What is all of this stuff?" I asked, almost scared to know the answer.

Jasper and Rosalie both turned around to stare at me. Rosalie proudly announced.

"Today we will be going into the wilderness as to not be disturbed by the normal population. I spoke to Charlie while you were upstairs. We will be staying the night at a private camp site." Yup, I knew this wasn't going to be good. Not good at all. Jasper seemed to sense my sudden anxiety.

"There's no need to worry Bella. Our sole interest for this trip is to become closer to you, seeing as you will be spending a very long time with us. You make Edward happy and if this is what brings Edward peace then you Bella are what we are going to love and cherish forever." I was touched by Jasper's speech. I felt moisture running down my cheeks.

"No one has ever said something so nice to me before. Besides Edward… but that's different." I tried to collect all of my thoughts together and form a coherent sentence. I'm not so sure if I was successful but they both seemed to get the point. Rosalie and Jasper were still turned; smiling at me as if I was a million dollar prize, and I just realized that as they were doing this Rosalie was driving. This frightened me immensely but I didn't want to seem demanding or troublesome, so I let it go for the moment. Another though struck me though,

"Does Edward know about this? Or Alice? Or Emmet?" I questioned immediately knowing the answer by their guilty faces.

"Well not exactly but Alice had to have seen it. Then Edward would know and then everyone would know so I don't see it as much of a problem." Rosalie pointed out. Jasper once again felt my anxious emotions swirling about.

"He will think this is a great idea, stop worrying so much." He said soothingly. I nodded and tried to enjoy the view outside the window. The car came to an abrupt stop, turned and headed into the dense forest. We drove this way in comfortable silence for about ten minutes when the car came to a halt and Rosalie announced.

"We're Here!" and in less then five minutes camp was set and we sat in a circle thinking of things to do. A mischievous smile crept onto Rosalie's face and I knew right then this was going to be a very, very long night.

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